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Software for the personal computer that was able to make the song of the desire desire sung made "Hatsune Miku" popular be able to say the social phenomenon from the loveliness etc. of a singing voice and a character near actual man. As for music and the moving image that has been contributed to "Smiling moving image" etc. up to now, the cash dispenser that collects original tunes is put on the market exceeding.

It is at July 2, 2009 that the first game of such "Hatsune Miku" was put on the market by Sega.
Soft "..first sound.. Mic-Project DIVA-" for portable game machine "PSP".
It debuts to selling 2nd place in 101,414 game sales rankings (09 June 29th - July 5ths of year) that media Create investigated.

Having taken charge of the motion of such "Mic" is idol's Mr. Kokura Tada (13).
I hear the judgment according to an up-front style that she belongs when the consultation of the motion of "Mic" is received from Sega that Mr. Kokura is fit. It was long-haired, and in conclusive, a minute body and, similarly, the height was leprosy.

When the age of "Hatsune Miku" judged that there is about 15 years old, and the dance of Mr. Kokura of 13 years old might be suitable, it is Iu. Mr. Kokura is a birth August 15, 1995. The height is 150cm. I hear the hobby to be a stroll, to karaoke, and is shopping of the pet dog, and that the special skill is a classic ballet, a jazz dance, and swim, etc.
By the way, a favorite actor is Mr. Yui of Arakaki. It performs to the song, the radio actor, the drama, and the stage, etc.

According to this game development team of Sega「I was going to ask in the dance energetically and to ask acknowledged Mr. Kokura for the motion part because it wanted to catch natural movement who the motion, and is the girl who is youthful and has vigour seem and to put it by it. Moreover, an ignorant staff of the fashion thinks there is a scene that helps considerably, too and making the best use of for acted a little gesture etc. well because it thinks about the movement of the pitter-patter etc. while collecting to Mr. Kokura. 」

Japan is good country!
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Nashi Matsumoto of the hero Satoshi post, and Pikachu and Giza ear Pitu of arrival in the TOHO Shinemaz of Tokyo and Yurakucho day play on the first day of opening to the public on the 18th ascending the platform. And, it is Shouyo Kawashima and Satoshi Kanada of the comedy duo and to have intruded into to "Pokemon World" where children's shout of joys sound. When Picatu and Kanada started Zcdanzmbngngam, the hall made a great stir. Imasaku's advance sale ticket sales are also good, and when 3 years in a row from 2007 ..exceed two million.. ..the Katashi visual...  

And the preceding crop 'Bouquet &#160 of Giratina and empty ice; Sheimi' (opened to the public in July, 2008) ran by the congratulation recognized to Guinness PLC world record as the animated film that Advance purchase sells most (2,384,198 pieces). Nakagawa in which it performs to the Pokemon movie as a guest radio actor here 3 years in a row「It ..Gine.. ripens. Giza is honored. 」Picatu was also embarrassed with following though the material was announced respectively by slip of "..Guinness PLC.. class" while had blest by a new language.  Kawashima and Kanada of 

Composition..for the first time..challenge..north..for the first time..theater..see..movie..Pokemon..counterattack..open to the public..language..show..feelings..hold..remember..memories..talk. 
The Yuyama supervision that served as the supervision from the first crop list 12 years in a row「To engage in farming rather than making the animated cartoon when you come here. It cultivates every year, it seeds, it raises, and it is a day of the harvest today. It is possible to prepare it. 」Pleasure was spoken to chew it well. Besides, guest radio actor Masanobu Takashima and temple in a mountain Koichi also ascended the stage greeting on this day.

Japan is good country!
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Other members also appear sequentially after August. Notice assignment in each country is scheduled in the future, and the game seems to achieve the domination of the world of the target.

X JAPAN : to the game field.   Provide a breath of fresh air.
"Character major operation" is an online action game where plural users can play at the same time by the Internet circuit in the background of the world of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
The user divides from couple 1 into 5:5, selects the character that I operate, and attacks other party's position in cooperation with the ally. It is the first in the world and Iu that the existing person becomes the character of the online gaming.

Another can permanently use the character of YOSHIKI of the first bounce that appears at 6:00PM of the 18th by paying 2000 yen for six near head and bodies by the thing though is 3 head and bodies.

In the anxious figure, black leather pants appearance, and the killer shot is a highspeed drum in a white shirt that reproduces clothes in the Tokyo Dome performance in May. The contents in which cymbals are brandished besides a surrounding enemy is exterminated because of the drum quake, and rage in Rito and the stage where companion's damage was recovered by a delicate piano performance is reflected splendidly.
The project is achieved by an ardent offer of the operating company of this game and SFO. When creators involved in production want to have YOSHIKI appear in the game with an ardent X JAPAN fan in the school days, it percusses it to the production administration of operations committee of X. This committee also consented this willingly as a new attempt that the all parts of the world simulataneous were able to be approached to a new group of users.

Other members also will appear sequentially besides TOSHI of vocal appears as a second step with reason HIDE for the guitar in August in the future.
Notice assignment in every country in the world is scheduled besides notice assignment in Southeast Asia has already been decided China, and various services such as not only the personal computer but also cellular phones and game machines are put in view.
X JAPAN raises it, and the game field strikes and raises a new log.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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