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Nippon Farcom that produced game software and the related product and sold it did "Fal coal oil mixture musical free declaration" that was able to use the music that this company sold at the 2 secondary on the fifth.
The music rental doesn't have the necessity of the permission motion free of charge either. The user who has already had the music of this company or the cash dispenser is bought, and the tune is bought and used on the online music distribution site.

In Nippon Farcom, the management of music is not consigned to the music copyright management group, and all musics are managed by itself. The number of music as of June is 3453. For instance, sound track etc. of game "Hero legend" and "Es". being said "Up to now, there was an inquiry that it wanted to use it from the inquiry and the TV station such as wanting to use the tune in child's symposium with BGM of VTR of the variety show"
In that case, when gratis use was admitted, it is Iu. Music
The confirmation can be done by this company site "Fal coal oil mixture label cash dispenser general catalog". The audition and purchase are also possible.

The reach is good at the confirmation by "Use example" on the site of "Fal coal oil mixture musical free declaration".
It is possible to use it in individual radio including the event and the home video, BGM of telecast and CM, etc. , broadcasting in public or the commercial facility, and store BGM, etc.It is also possible to use a part of music for the production thing (cash dispenser, DVD, software, and Internet contents, etc.) that is distributed and opened to the public free of charge.
The third party : music when using it as BGM of the web site and the blog.
Not putting into the state that can be downloaded to the liberty becomes a condition. It is prohibited to deliver it with the net like pay sales, use to the game, and a no processing, etc.

Moreover, the copyright mark of specification is needed at the music utilization time.

Fal coal oil mixture musical free declaration


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