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A Konami digital entertainment (Tokyo, port, and Fmi Tanaka president) reproduces the game lapse of the professional baseball by the real time on the screen of the baseball game, and is the start linguas as for the service delivered for the cellular phone.

Because the operation that the character of the game matched to the game lapse is done, it can enjoy the sense to see the baseball relay. "Watch" of the official game all games in fiscal year 2009 is possible.

It delivers it for networking service "EZWeb" for the cellular phone of KDDI. The game screen of popular baseball game "Spot powerful professional baseball" of Konami is used. When it accesses the exclusive use site in the professional baseball game, the situation of the game is told by power professional's character's striking according to an actual game and starting. The fee is 315 yen a month.

Monster hunter 3

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Capcom announced on Saturday, August 1 the decision lingua the publication day of 'Monster hunter 3(trie)' to schedule the sale with Wii in this summer.

The wear privilege ahead and the merchandise lineup are open to the public at the same time.
Wear privilege is "Monster head figure" aheadIn monster's modality, it is the enjoyment of there are three kinds in all which monster goes out opened. As for the detail of the figure, open to the public later is scheduled.

'Monster hunter 3(trie) classic controller PRO packing' at limited time from which "Classic controller PRO" put on the market in this summer in addition to the regular version is bundled is put on the market.
The price is 8490 yen (including tax).

In addition, 'Monster hunter 3(trie)' in limited edition series "LIMITED EDITION" of official Capcom shop "e-CAPCOM"" appears. I hear that an original, bundled privilege only of e-CAPCOM was being planned to e-CAPCOM restrictive 'Monster hunter 3(trie) LIMITED EDITION' besides "The fifth monster hunter anniversary concert-hunting music festival-" +"Monster hunter 3(trie) making image collection" DVD is bundled now. The price is 9440 yen (including tax).

In monster hunter formula fan club "Part of Han Mon", free download of "Publication day countdown FLASH Mauke clock" is executed in commemoration of the publication day decision of 'Monster hunter (trie)'. The notice assignment period is May 14th - May 31th.
The publication day is the decision lingua 'Monster hunter 3(trie). ' more and moreIt seems to be better ahead of time who has made the reservation the person that it wants the wear privilege ahead though the place where it is painful which to be bought.

7340 yen (including tax), and 'Monster hunter 3(trie) classic controller PRO packing' is a sale schedule to 'Monster hunter (trie)' on August 1 for 8490 yen (including tax).
'Monster hunter (trie) LIMITED EDITION' put on the market by the e-CAPCOM restrictive is 9440 yen (including tax).
Capcom is an application program on May 12 for iPhone/iPod touch.
"Bio hazard" (800 yen) is put on the market, and the full-scale entry lingua in the iPhone application program.

The story of the virus damage of holding it off though hero's man is 3D game of which the original is the full CG movie of this name, and is an airport and is a zombi and a war.

The adoption lingua of the user interface only of iPhone as it remains is controller Osono of the game machine, the main body is inclined on the touch panel besides the manipulation can be done by reproduced "Virtual control pad", and the bullet is loaded (load).

This company plans to turn on the iPhone application program positively in the future.

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