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It has been understood to assume that the fanfare tune of the manufactured by oneself work is used with the game software of the motorboat race without permission, for music publishing company "It affects Mr. bean jam" of Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo to take two game company companies as an opponent, and to have brought a case to Tokyo District Court for the disbursement of royalty meter about 32 million yen.

The company that affected Mr. bean jam received the request of the corporate juridical person and the Japanese motorboat race federation for 91 years, and produced the fanfare tune of the 10 species according to the petition etc.Six is being used in 24 motorboat race place in the whole country now.

When this six is used respectively by "Motorboat race Worzmacl 6" of "Monkey turn V" of "Bandainamucogamus" (Shinagawa Ward) and "Entarbran" (Chiyoda Ward), it is Iu. The company that affects Mr. bean jam insists, "As for the copyright, it was in its company, and was used without permission for the game company though the original board of the tune was passed to the federation", and is requesting the disbursement of the forehead that corresponded to 6% of the total sales amount of software.

In the ring tone melody of the cellular phone, when the disbursement of the royalty is received, and use is permitted to several companies, it is Iu.

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