NINTENDO zoneの最近のブログ記事

It was announced that NTT broadband platform (NTTBP) and metropolitan area new city railway (TX) developed "NINTENDO zone" service of the information notice assignment service for NINTENDO DS in cooperation with Nintendo on the 15th.

The start service day on June 19.

The information access needs of on people's life traffic lines are the highest in NTTBP, and the installation of the public wireless LAN antenna equipment of about 7000 base stations is completed in the whole country centering on the station, the airport, and the cafe, etc. , and the area enlargement is advanced drastic (at the time of of the end of March in 2009). In NTTBP and TX, as the approach for the creation of the rough rack use scene by the destination of DS, "Tsukuba express" and implementations of "NINTENDO spot" trial of the information notice assignment service for DS in cooperation with Nintendo for the period on May 27th - December 28th of last year. As a result, it is Iu when used with about 10,000 DS in a unique number that exceeds assumption for the period drastic.

This time, "NINTENDO zone" that develops "NINTENDO spot" as formal service is begun at a fast station of "Tsukuba express" (Akihabara, new Okachimachi, Asakusa, Minamisenju, Kita-Senju, Minaminagareyama, and Nagareyama crust Takano forest, Moritani, and home at each station in Tsukuba and examination of tickets front matter Kon's concourse). "Application to service. " , "ID for the connection and input of the password", "Setting of the internet connection", and "Disbursement of the charges of utilization" ..if it brings it in.. can be used in situ for the area where DS can be used at once as all is unnecessary. The passenger who has NINTENDO DS (NINTENDO DS, DS Lite, and DSi) can use the wireless LAN, and access information such as information on "Tsukuba express" and "Fortune-telling" and "Sportscast" free of charge.
It becomes Sports Nippon news and today's fortune, R25, TX information, the Wi-Fine editorial staff, the Boctits premium, and public wireless LAN information as contents for DS. The download of other DS soft trial version and the download of the application by the connection to the DSi shop, etc. are also possible.
I hear that the sticker with the logo mark of "NINTENDO zone" was pasted to the place that can be used. Contents for DS can be downloaded even if it moves to 11 stations other than in the car 2000 affiliates (alternating-current/direct-current train that connects Tsukuba Station from Akihabara Station) and a fast station in the state of starting up the screen in the NINTENDO zone and continuation Shite inspection, and DS soft a trial version be downloaded.

- Tsukuba express "NINTENDO zone" logo

- Procedure of connection

- Example of delivered contents

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