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The waist is shaken intensely before and after and the galop to walk to the habenula in nunchakus by a gradual center of gravity movement.
Scheming the Wii remote control to all places such as the pedal of the bicycle, glasses, and the inside of the body of Teddy Bear than before even if it trains : Nintendo as knowing.
The Virtual Boy route just prays not to achieve the undeletion Shite general-purpose delusion supplementation terminal with the next generation machine.

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Hard sales decreased from the previous year this moon by 37% according to NPD, and soft sales were 26% decreases.
Sales of the video game accessories are 12% setback linguas.

Sales are the setback linguas from the previous year though the hardware that sold most in July was Wii of Nintendo.
Xbox 360 of Microsoft was 2nd place.
It is at Iu that sales has increased from the previous year only in case of Xbox 360.

PlayStation 2 continues to it by PlayStation 3 of SONY.

Same month's game software sales top tells all platforms in "NCAA Football 10" of Electronic Arts and NPD is told when having sold by total of 689,000.

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of "Dragon quest" series of game software that had been put on the market on the seventh and July 11 had exceeded 350 Manmoto on the fifth this month.

This company assumes, "According to schedule in a good start". The sales numbers are already 338 Manmoto, and an additional shipment during August has been planned.

This software is for portable game machine "NINTENDO DS". Being able to make the best use of the wireless communication function of the peer, and to play by the friend and four the greatest people who are to be near are features. President Hiroshi Wada of this company is analyzing a good factor, "It became a family in communication feature's there and became one a person without going out by one".

The operating income was 500 million yen of corresponding ratio to the previous year 82.8% decrease, and the consolidation bottom line at the period on the April-June of 2009 announced on the same day the final profit and loss was 1.6 billion yen deficit (..2.8 billion yen.. ..previous term.. surplus). The factor such as languishing of the amusement facilities.

Disclosure preliminary report of * Square Enix Holdings stock price Http://

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Nintendo the new work of high "Civil wars BASARA (Basara)".
Overseas sales of popular game "Monster hunter 3(Han Mon)" developed domestically for the peer cooperate. It aims at the synergistic effect of Wii and its company soft sales that spread inside and outside the country.

In the new work of a leading game of Capcom, the majority were for game machines of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Microsoft. The total numbers of sales in the world in Setokiten was judged that the dealings strengthening was indispensable to reach about 52 million, and to sell a leading game efficiently in June of Wii.

Disclosure preliminary report of * Capcom stock price Http://

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  and the blog of the supervision blazes up from PlayStation 3(PS3) to Wii in "Transfer the register" momentarily of the announcement that the latest work of 'Metal gear solid' is Xbox360.

A present game machine marketplace exists five models (Wii, NINTENDO DS, PS3, the power system planning program, and Xbox360), and is incompatible in software. Therefore, a complete version comes out with another game machine when the game machine is bought for a certain game, and it doesn't lack the tragedy very much.

The criticism goes up from overseas Business People to such a current state. Mr. Dennis diode Ac switch who is the president of game company Shiriconnaits criticizes for it for the model of the multitude to exist and to slow down the development of the game field.
It is talked that "Universal media" (versatile game machine by which all the games can play) is necessary for not avoiding the vision to which the game machine unites into one, and becoming of the game the art following the movie.

When present game industry segments are in the state of "It tries to supply the game more than the user can consume it" oversupply, and sales are decided by the amount of the advertisement according to the contents of the game, it is Iu according to Mr. diode Ac switch. Moreover, when "Real gambling" whether to put out the game with which model has been forced, the game company is Iu because there are a lot of modalities of the game machine.

Shiriconnaits is a game manufacturer that keeps defeating at this gambling. It annuls a contract immediately before Nintendo becomes "Winner" and to Xbox360 though the game such as "Eternal darkness" is put out in the GameCube age when Nintendo was "Loser" and it receives high acclaim.

There is the bitter past of not going well, putting the huge cost after all, and having become Hame developed by itself from 0 though the game engine (fundamental portion and development environment of the game) is bought from the other companies to make development with a new game machine efficiency.

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  as a mobile game terminal cellular phone "iPhone" of U.S. Apple, and it chooses off as the other party of a small-scale developer who concluded successfully initial in the same city place in the forehead.

In the game publisher named Electronic Arts, Gameloft, and Glu Mobile, there is a big strong point "High rate of awareness" and "Abundant financial ability". However, ngmoco, Digital Chocolate, and Tapulous budding and spirited emerging corporations also have steadily advanced the establishment of corporation's own brand up to now on the other hand.

About 13,000 games are open to the public in application store "App Store" of Apple (The many are whats a small-scale developer developed), and it is difficulties how to do and to attract the user's attention now.
To choose playing a game referring to popularity ranking, the user decides whether it is possible to appear in the download ranking the success or failure.

Jeremie Lew who serves as a managing director with a venture capital company that invests in the social game enterprise and Lightspeed Venture Partners specifies, "The major publisher will sally forth into battle in the future though the iPhone game that the developer of the independent-system developed is a popular epistatic now".

It is this Mr. , saying that "Only one method for finding the iPhone game is provided, and the method is advantageous for abundant major publishers of financial ability under the present situation".

Moreover, joint founder Krishna Sabramanian in research company Mobclix specifies, "If it takes a measure at once, and money is invested in the advertisement, the big enterprise can accomplish the ranking improvement when the adequate straightening and the ranking begin to fall for the marketing expense".

On the other hand, it is general for a small-scale publisher to provide a lot of gratis games and the games of 99 cents and to earn the number of download.

App Store was established one year ago and complete and a new marketplace for the software developer was born by the calositas.
And, success stories of entrepreneurs that the iPhone application program was able to keep rich increase the expectation for this marketplace in addition though it had worked in the garage before.

Actually, it is iFund of 100 million dollars the financing active, too especially well-known started up so that venture capital company Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers(KPCB) may support the developer of the iPhone application program. Up to now, this venture fund has been invested in the application program developer such as ngmoco. agent..individual the background of..within the year..surplus..make..accomplish..expectation..Iu.

「There is Changsu also in the enterprise like our company. It would be better to be able to do well because we are quicker as long as the brand can be established with the sales channel. 」Burt Decrem who serves as CEO of Tapulous talks.
- Though the entry is easy ......
40 million or more is sold, and the number of download of applications has exceeded 1.5 billion. True Tarino average prices of one of the downloaded game are 79 cents a dollar and Iu according to Mobclix.

This company is boasting of a top share in the top line of the iPhone game marketplace of present, and the iPhone business of this company is a surplus and Iu according to EA that works on popular games such as "Tetris" and "Scrabl".

Mr. Adam Susman who serves as the international publishing charge vice president of the EA Mobile division says, "In the iPhone game marketplace, it is accessibility and Discabarabiriti (easiness to discover) that the low of barriers to entry is really difficult".

EA collected latest works "The Sims 3" of smash hit game "The Sims" in June this year, and simulataneous were put on the market for iPhone for PC, and topics were collected very much. It is sold with App Store by 99 cents for 9 dollars, and when it sprang up in the top, The Sims 3 is Iu of the game ranking from release according to Mr. Susman in 18 hours.

Moreover, CEO and Mr. Greg ballade of Glu Mobile of the retirement schedule shortly say, "As for a small-scale publisher, a budget so much will not be thrown out at all though our company has spent 200,000-300,000 dollars per one on the development of the game".

「The cycle from the appearance of one title to disappearing is very short. Therefore, it is insufficient only in one title to establish presence to the marketplace, and to build the brand in user's mind. 」With this Mr..

The place where it is changed by viable businesses is Iu according to this Mr. if it might be hardly though the box office hit will be born from a small-scale publisher in the future.

「There might be a success in a coincidence of hitting on an excellent by chance idea also in a small-scale publisher. However, it is not given to such a chance flashing many times so. 」This Mr. is talking solving.

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on the market in Asia including Japan, Europe, and North America in September on the 18th. After the capacity of the hard disk is increased from 80 Gbyte of a present model to 120 Gbyte, it makes it to the thin type. It puts it on the market from a present model for 10,000 yen and 29,980 yen (including tax) in Yasui in Japan on September 3.

It opposes "Xbox360" of Micro Soft of U.S. that sells "Wii (Wee)" of Nintendo early with low-priced of 25,000 yen as the weapon and the reprint edition for 19,800 yen.
It aims at a drastic sales upper load by year-end sales battle.

Sale schedule of new model machine of 299 dollars in United States in Europe on September 1 in 299 euro.
A present model has already ended production, and model machine.. aims at replacing ..SCE.. sequentially.
100 dollars, and each "The direction of the market is considered" (SCE), and policy of not cutting the price of a present model in Japan and Asian market in North America and Europe though discounted by 100 euro.

As for the new model machine, the thickness of the main body is 33 Miri thinner than that of 65 Miri and present models, and weight is also lighter by 1.2 kiloes. Enjoying downloading not only the game but also music and the image and the moving image, etc. more by the enlargement of the capacity of the hard disk becomes possible. An easy manipulation of the game machine can be done as a couch commander if it connects it with the LCD TV of SONY that corresponds.

- New "PlayStation 3" put on the market in September and controller Http://

- Source

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  for PS3 of the popular race game series from which the sale was expected was open to the public.

What game does "Grantsurismo 5" become though the sale of power system planning program version "Grantsurismo" that has already collected 800 models or more according to the sale of new model PSP"PSP Go" has been decided?

The detail : as follows.
"gamescom" and open to the public-Grantsurismo .com of 'Grantsurismo 5' up-to-date information.

New information on PS3 soft "Grantsurismo 5" seems to have been open to the public in "GamesCom" according to the Grantsurismo official site.

The announced contents reaches 1000 models by the collection model, corresponds to the interior and the damage expression sooner or later 170 kinds of "Premium model", and the collection course is the one of becoming a layout of more than 20 courses and 60 or more appearing in the model inherited from "Grantsurismo 4" as "Standard model" to make compatible in 830 remainder modalities.

The course of variegated to which the car that reaches 1000 models of the aggregate is collected is scheduled to be collected

I hear that the physical simulation of the vehicle is completely changed, the damage expression that completely reproduces the distortion by the fall and the collision of the vehicle is added, and the behavior of the latest hybrid car and the electric car named Prius, incite, and the tesla was reproduced faithfully in addition moreover.

In addition, it is assumed that "Grand touring car mode" composed of "Arcade mode" composed of a single race and two player battle, the World map, the tuning shop, and the championship race, etc. appears, and assumes that the function that can preserve replay online and the replay power output function etc. to YouTube are mounted.

When does the sale of "Grantsurismo 5" become though PS3 that makes to the thin type and became cheap is put on the market on September 3?The deployment in the future is anxious because a popular title.

The source is Gigagen.

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of which it reduces the price on the market sequentially in every country in the world on September 1. The capacity of HDD is 120GB. It puts it on the market in Japan on September 3. The price is 29,980 yen.

It is put on the market in the United States and Europe on September 1, and the United States is ..price.. 299 dollars, and Europe is 299 euro.
The sale already model also cuts the price of 80GB model to 299 dollars in the United States on August 18 and it cuts the price of 160GB to 399 dollars.
It cuts the price of 80GB model to 299 euro also in Europe.

PLAYSTATION 3(PS3) new model to attempt making to thin type drastic and lightening by completely changing improvement of key semiconductor, power system, and cooling system. The reinforcement such as installing "BRAVIA Sync" of the HDMI coordinated function newly is done with making to the thin type.

The power supply is with built-in the main body, and power consumption is about 250W. In outside dimension, 290×290×65mm(width × depth × height), and weight is 3.2kg. Fan noise decreases besides the thickness and weight are reduced to 2/3 compared with founder PS3(325×274×98mm/5kg), too. The amendment lingua and it is Iu in the one of a casual impression.  inherit the image of conventional also by the design

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