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Entarbran that publishes the game professional journal is the 26th.
It was announced that the domestic total numbers of sales of portable game machine "NINTENDO 3DS" of Nintendo had exceeded four million.
The overlay lingua of one million from three million achievement in only two weeks.  the log last week's (19-25) number of the domestic sale as for most in 510,629 and the past
100 sales Manmoto was exceeded for year-end sales battle as the software of infusion lingua "Super Mario 3D land" and "Mariocart 7" became complete, and sales of 3DS were pushed up.

President Satoshi Iwata showed the outlook of arriving from the sale in February this year to four million within one year, and became the achievement of the front loaded for two months.
Sales of 3DS launched out into even the price cut by weak sales are recovering rapidly.

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Nintendo starts notice assignment of 3D moving image and game software at the end of May after months of three of the sale for first portable game machine "NINTENDO 3DS" in which it can enjoy 3D(solid) image.
"e shop" that treats the trial version game and 3D moving image is established on the Internet, too.
The mechanism into which 3D various materials can be incorporated by communication feature of 3DS appeals.

The results briefing that in Tokyo and president Satoshi Iwata is an assertion lingua the 28th.
Even if special glasses are not worn, being seen is features.  3D image the schedule of the sale on February 26 3DS

Nintendo starts service to which 3D image that Nippon Television Network Corporation and Fuji Telecasting Co. made is delivered for 3DS every day.
The software for the image reproduction is acquired from e shop free of charge.
In e shop, there is a plan that makes the masterpiece game software that has been marketed so far and becomes a hit 3D display specification and markets, too.

On the other hand, president Iwata : in the succession of portable game machine "PlayStation portable (PSP)" of Sony Computer Entertainment about the new model machine that can use cellular phone circuit (3G). 「It tries to appeal in a direction different from us. It becomes a chance that the portable game machine marketplace rises. 」It described. 

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Nintendo is a portable game machine of tridimensionality (3D).
It was announced that "NINTENDO 3DS" was put on the market in the United States on March 27.
The price is 249 dollars.

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Sale suggested retail price 25,000 yen of NINTENDO 3DS 2011.2.26 (Saturday) (including tax) Http:// stock price

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