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Introduction discussion of Ministry of Finance to "M3i Zero R4 MAJIKON" import prohibition by tariff reform in fiscal year 2011

Ministry of Finance discusses receiving movement to regulate manufacturing and sales of the access control aversion equipment known by "M3i Zero R4 MAJIKON" etc. , and making a similar equipment the importing and exporting ban goods in the customs law.
It included it in the main item of the tariff reform in Tax Commission during a day in fiscal year 2011.

Function access control to which unauthorized use is limited by encrypting contents of image and game, etc."M3i Zero R4 MAJIKON" etc. to be able to operate the pirated software by NINTENDO DS are known as an equipment that evades this access control.

The policy of bringing the institutional reform idea for tightening of regulations together by the end of fiscal year 2010 is shown over the access control aversion by "Promotion Program on the Creation, Protection and Exploitation of Intellectual Property 2010" that the government announced in May.   As the strengthening of a domestic regulation, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology are under discussions as for law revision to which the introduction of the criminal punishment was able also to come within the sweep.

It is manufactured in foreign countries including China, and when it is discussed to add the access control aversion equipment to the importing and exporting ban goods, time is Iu in the tariff reform in fiscal year 2011 in Ministry of Finance if it is early in many of "M3i Zero R4 MAJIKON" based on the result of review of both reflecting though it is undecided.

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