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Coratecmogamus releases social and breeding game for mobility "Monster farm of one million people" by "MOBAGE Un" as the latest work of "Monster farm" series favoured to a lot of fans. The basic play fee is free (item Cakinsei). aCoratecmogamus releases social and breeding game for mobility "Monster farm of one million people" by "MOBAGE Un" as the latest work of "Monster farm" series favoured to a lot of fans. The basic play fee is free (item Cakinsei).

In "Monster farm of one million people", the charm of a current series work is a work as it is that can play with the companion who got acquainted by "MOBAGE Un". A new monster is born by the alternating current with the friend, and the monster that raised it is prepared for various elements only of the social game that it is made to fight.

A prior receipt of the user's registration has been begun in advance of formal release in January, 2011 since today (December 15). A special item is presented by the person who finishes the enrollment at start service.
I hear the invitation to the beta test by the lottery in addition. The fan of "Monster farm" series accesses Tizarsait from QR code listed below, and will finish advanced registration.
http://www.onlineplayer.jp/modules/topics/article.php?Monster farm http://mbga.jp/game/cpn/mmf/top.html of storyid=20244 1,000,000 person

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"I want ..opening.. to associate fair with the manufacturer that can provide the game. "――
The glee received the on-the-spot inspection of Fair Trade Commission on December 8 to DeNA, and commented so. (omission)

Though the publicist of the glee assumes against the coverage of ITmedia, and the entry of Fair Trade Commission to be "It is not in the standpoint to which it comments"「If the report is true, I want to entrust it to the judgment of Fair Trade Commission. Our company wants to associate fair with the partner and to pile up a social application program to the opening. 」It makes it. 

Fair Trade Commission is pressure or a grider misdoubt in the entry social game manufacturer on the eighth on the suspicion of the anti-monopoly law breach (unfair trade) that turns the heat ..stopping.. ....(.. DeNA inspected on the spot to DeNA.. against the social game ..Fair Trade Commission.. manufacturer DeNA as for dealings with rival's glee. )

The glee is Iu , saying that "Such a story (story of turning the heat to the manufacturer so that DeNA should not provide the glee with the game) was heard, and understood from the social game manufacturer".


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「We had pride as the company that was steady for the compliance. Such a company did not surely think that they became standpoints with the doubt ....... 」

Fair Trade Commission inspected DENA (DeNA) where "MOBAGE Un" of SNS for the cellular phone was managed on the spot on the suspicion of the violation of the antitrust laws on December 8. President Tomoko of the south place did not hide one's surprise in a sudden event that had occurred when France on a business trip.

Eyes by which the people by several days from which it stayed away see the company have changed. South place president of just the homecoming broke the hush so quietly according to coverage in the conference room of headquarters small internal on the cold increase February 13 1 ..becoming empty.. because of drizzle by settled tone.

「It is not thought that there was an action that violates a statute. Fair Trade Commission is frankly neatly told the fact, tells the idea, and I would like you to judge it. It troubles you with worry and it reflects on the calositas, and however, such a doubt wants to be ..management doesn't take.. thorough and to come in the future. And, even if the company was made better at this occasion, the Iu decision was renewed. 」

- "I want to live as provisions that become true blue chip companies. "

「We are a small still players, and small and weak in a wide marketplace or global marketplace such as the games and the entertainments. Hereafter, it is necessary to become a respectable firm more strongly. In that sense, I think that it got the Yoi lesson this time. I want to live as provisions that become true blue chip companies. This is a real intention. 」

DeNA certainly lectured on the countermeasure of approaching, and intercepting "Lead" that carried a novel user to the Mobaga internal game to the development company that provided GREE with the game to the development company , saying that "To Mobaga or GREE and which do you attach?" when testimonies of the soft development company were collected. (* The first volume is seen. )

However, there are a lot of questions.  .."Enclosure by competing intensification over a portable game".. cut off simply
The Rui shoes Kano theory is assumed, "Motivation" and lacks the rationality when minutely seeing. Why was the measure that took part and rounded down development company to GREE forced?What there by you in the front of the net industry segments that caught a weasel asleep?South place president started the clarification when pressing it.

- "I want preferentially to throw traffic to the reliable business. "

「Lingua of Rima platform Tona that Mobaga is globalized, and partner outside of multitude gives participation Shite. Professions of us who became a plat former are to distribute the traffic of the user who gathers in Mobaga to each company that provides the game. First of all, please understand it. 」

It is expected that 100 billion will be exceeded now though non-disclosure of DeNA is an access number after August.
It is top page of the top page of Mobaga or "Game" genre that the accesses concentrates most among these.

How is the huge traffic distributed to each company?The steer how the site is activated while what making stand out is important part of business for DeNA.

- "The process where the intimacy destination was decided was advanced. "

「Our domestic production game is terribly made well. There is know-how. It wants to provide it for a thorough partner, to promote, and there to be a desire that it wants to provide Changsu for the company that makes the good one that much. Because therefore, process of providing Mr. company who was able to put confidence of really powerful and outflow of know-how, etc. about which it did not worry intimacy ahead, and giving priority to traffic to such a place was advanced」

Naturally, dealings with the glee became inkings. The confidence level comes certainly to the surface in the indicator when coverage is advanced and it has come to the circumstantial evidence that can be received when having selected it though the tone of argument "Stepped on the loyalty test aiming at the small and weak venture to the glee" extends.

- "It is a natural commercial practice that gives preferential treatment if cooperating. "

It can be said that "Selection of the preferential treatment partner who can do confidence" is a source in the action of DeNA on which the doubt was put by Fair Trade Commission this time if south place president's insistence and some circumstantial evidences are considered. It catches so, and the development company that says the preferential treatment to Mobaga to taking is not few.

「No 'When GREE is chosen, cut it' 'Give preferential treatment if cooperating in Mobaga. 'The amount and the privilege with putting out Masuyo when it is exclusive (Exclusively). Isn't it of industry segments so?If it is not good, not putting out is a very natural commercial practice that puts out the incentive if cooperating. 」

It is urged the selection of "Is Mobaga or GREE?", and is president Tetsuya of Sanada of the company of the development of the software of the mainstay said that Mobaga was chosen and KLab (club) that asserts so. And, it testifies so. "Even Mr. glee is doing Mr. DeNA and the same thing. "――。

- Both DeNA and glee and negotiation on terms and conditions

The most important work is "It falls in love and it is Miss Cava. " of the Miss cabaret club breeding game that became the firebrand of a similar game.
Mobaga and the deployment of providing as the application program for the personal computer of SNS"mixi" that Micshi manages in the beginning for the cellular phone in December, '09 from April, '10. The GREE version is an infusion from the end of June. It became the face of GREE at once. This effect is added, and the number of users of all platforms exceeds five million people in October, '10.

However, the notice had been received from DeNA meanwhile , saying that "Please choose either of the future".
The Sanada president talks.

「Not only Mr. DeNA but also Mr. glee and negotiation on terms and conditions are done. 『Please put out the taking the place condition Makes no difference to me even if it is exclusive. One and doing Masuyo of good condition』First..clear..attitude..face..and..final..condition..prospect..various..in consideration of..select..so..November..glee..Mr...tell.

It falls in love on November 18, and then, it is Miss Cava, and it is Iu , saying that "It was cut" as for the lead to two titles of "Civil wars buster" to hold fast to top 10 of the ranking.

- The ranking is suddenly an undeletion in that day of the on-the-spot inspection.

The prominent place such as "Os Sume game" of GREE suddenly disappeared from and popularity ranking to two horn game. The order of the row is Iu , saying that "It was bundled off to the tail after the page had been turned over many times" though it did not disappear from "Category" like Mobaga.

「I was going to fall in love for Mr. club in addition to the exposure to the preferential treatment frame such as Os Sume, to telecast Miss Cava's television CM with our Mo, and to do the capital contribution proposal. However, because there was a report from Mr. club, and I wanted to give priority to the support of Mr. development company who put it out to GREE positively, Mr. club's preferential treatment treatment was stopped , saying that 'The game will not be put out to GREE in the future'. 」(glee)

For the ranking「It seems that it came off at the same time as becoming a general treatment because the coefficient of the preferential treatment partner was reflected in the ranking consequence. December..undeletion..lingua..ranking..algorithm..at any time..amendment..Shite..descend..the..dealings..surface.(It is unrelated to the movement of Fair Trade Commission. )A coincidence at all. 」It makes it.  It was said that it would throw it at the Sanada president of the club so.

「Then, are not you because of this?Such ..drinking.. . that no one believesFrom out of the sphere to 5th place suddenly like 4th place if it revives from out of the sphere to 18th place though understoodHowever, assumption of There is no choice even if we were cut the lead and it existed. It is thought that cutting because of becoming the competition is a natural commercial transaction. 」

- "Pulled it out from the category too much. "

In the meaning of putting the difference on the preferential treatment plan according to the dealings degree with the competition, the glee also did DeNA and the same thing. However, the favorable treatment to the development company that attaches to the Mobaga side as a consequence was removed, and the glee cannot be talked about to choose either as tens of companies to same row of approached DeNA as the action.
Moreover, it doesn't drop from the category to the tail of the order of the row like DeNA even though the time lingua.

This time, why was the title name pulled out from the category in case of being because the countermeasure on which DeNA lectured was "Rating downgrade lingua as a general partner who did not give preferential treatment"?

Most of the novel user and the user who looks for the game is Iu when flowing from the frame "Noteworthy game", "Itioshigam", and "Os Sume newly arrived game" that queues up on in the top page of the game.
And, the introduction by the user brings a far higher effect according to circumstances.

Director Isao Moriyasu who serves as social media division director and COO (COO) of DeNA assumes very not significant as the lead by which the category carries a novel user to be So anxiously or it did not know really because of "" with the perceiving Tau food. The impression completely shut out of Mobaga by cutting it from the category all the more is sure to have only had to be left being given.

- "The misunderstanding might occasionally have been received. "

Might "How to tell it. " to the development company if there are problems in another one and DeNA. It was sure to have only had to tell it obediently so if the motivation "It wanted to give preferential treatment to the construction of cooperation" was the beginning.

「The talk becomes amusing because it says such a thing as cutting when putting it out there or the stop. I also would like Mr. DeNA to reflect there. I think whether there were honesty and a treat. 」。
The Sanada president of the club gives unpleasant but wholesome advice so.

This time, the development company that assumed that the lead of Mobaga had been cut responded uniformly to coverage contingent on "The name of the company is never specified". It was talked frankly that it pointed it at south place president so.

「When we had such an attitude, I want to warn it. Plat former that is.  partnerAnything cannot be done only by the platform. The misunderstanding might occasionally have been received to the process where the intimacy destination was decided by the average. It became a platinum partner to You may depend on it or it stopped it. It has become this. I think that the difficulty of communications of the site. 」

South place president : toward in-house that shakes. 「The fact of the breach is not admitted. However, in case of the platform terribly loved by the partner this. 」It is Iu when having warned.  solveA part of the obliteration lingua lead like the category etc. was returned. And, the judgment was assumed trust to Fair Trade Commission, and faced to the event on the 15th.

Http://www.nikkei.com/news/headline/article/g=96958A9C93819499E3E5E2E1918DE3E5E3E0E0E2E3E2E2E2E2E2E2E2 first volume
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Sega clarified that the service of new title "Fantashestaretarnalhantarz" would begin this winter in "Moba gaiter Un" that DeNA managed. As for the basic play fee, item Cakinsei is adopted free of charge.

"Fantashestaretarnalhantarz" is regional interlocking type RPG that uses the position information of the cellular phone.
The player will receive a top secret duty in the world of popular RPG "Phantasy Star".
The duty is recovery of the data that has scattered in the accident investigation and various places of the research vessel made an emergency landing in an unknown planet while experimenting. The interlocking element with RPG for the PlayStation portable released on February 24, 2011"Two Fantashestarportabl Infiniti" is scheduled to be prepared.

The acceptance of the advanced registration of "Fantashestaretarnalhantarz" has been begun since today.
I will finish the enrollment without forgetting the fan of "Phantasy Star" series.


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Event of Christmas of KONAMI 'Love plus' and "Mereprasmas 2010" by ten Hano party Executive Committee sponsoring of high school Christmas were held in the Tokyo midtown on December 23, 2010.

First of all, it is establishment of "Love plus production" that the surprise was announced at the end of the event. It is near "Kojima production" and "Winning eleven production" as the location.
It is a generalization producer of 'Love plus' series, and when the educational institution and the work that makes love and communications a theme are handled here, it is Iu according to Mr. Akesato Uchida who takes leading the love plus production. You bet it is, and the title of love plus first production becomes 'Project love plus for Nintendo 3DS'.

I hear the concentration on the point "It comes to transmit the air feeling by the depth" from it though there is an expression that the character shoots out because Mr. Ishihara reason, and 3D in being.
The main body is collected to the scene where it plays sidewise by possession as another scene where it is pathognomonic in the process variable.
To this for the reasons that 3D cannot be displayed if you do not make it to the lateral. Because the Tatenomo play to You bet it is until conventional is collected, possession of the main body might divide Cawa by the scene.
There is a scene where Manaka's skirt can be turned over a little in the process variable because of the wind, and it is sounded to trigger a camera here. Something "It doesn't want you to overlook it" seem to be the Mr. Ishihara reason and here.

The function that uses the camera installed in the main body of NINTENDO 3DS is prepared in this work. This is the one that Canojo remembers the face of Careshi (player), and when the reaction "Which is?" is shown when the person who is not Careshi plays (the alias "Careshirocc"), it is Iu.

Mr. Ishihara declares, "Complete new work". When it becomes most in the past, the recording time of the voice is Iu. Moreover, it is Mr. grinding stone field who is hanging out the theme as for ""Canojo" today is the loveliest". It started being appealed to the user, "It wants you to try to fall in love with Canojo again in this work though there might be a person who was mannerism, too".

Additionally, it introduces the element of interlocking of the map and the arcade where collection of enough new work of a dream event, and "Welcome city" are drastic reformed to the concept. And, the anxious publication day also obviously : at the end of presentation.  ...... doesn't become it. However, because the message "(2011) 2.26" was screened to the screen, no Rontitaitol of NINTENDO 3DS is a positive way.

・As for the menthol candy "Horlz" of CAD ..Bally.. Japan, known Anegasaki is produce ..a throat favorite candy... It begins to sell it as "Horlzpincgrapfluts taste" on January 31, 2011. Moreover, appearance schedule also of feature lingua package version of Mr. to in June, 2011.

・VISA card of the design Coraboed with Canojo of 'Love plus' is born. The design is Mino * tallow Shiega coming, and goods of fan coveting that becomes a student certificate.
When restrictive goods that can be exchanged with the admission privilege and the point are prepared, it is Iu. Moreover, the remark that becomes a nature "Various services in the future are ......" from Mr. Ishihara also :. Annual dues at the first year are starts free of charge from this winter as for the offering receipt.

・It is a decision lingua that one original new song following 'Eternal diary' and 'Photograph with a smile' is collected besides the detail of nine horn cover tune is clarified.

・Plural new information of 'Colorfulness Clip of the love plus arcade' and 'Love plus Happy Daily Life' developed in the amusement facilities were announced.


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Introduction discussion of Ministry of Finance to "M3i Zero R4 MAJIKON" import prohibition by tariff reform in fiscal year 2011

Ministry of Finance discusses receiving movement to regulate manufacturing and sales of the access control aversion equipment known by "M3i Zero R4 MAJIKON" etc. , and making a similar equipment the importing and exporting ban goods in the customs law.
It included it in the main item of the tariff reform in Tax Commission during a day in fiscal year 2011.

Function access control to which unauthorized use is limited by encrypting contents of image and game, etc."M3i Zero R4 MAJIKON" etc. to be able to operate the pirated software by NINTENDO DS are known as an equipment that evades this access control.

The policy of bringing the institutional reform idea for tightening of regulations together by the end of fiscal year 2010 is shown over the access control aversion by "Promotion Program on the Creation, Protection and Exploitation of Intellectual Property 2010" that the government announced in May.   As the strengthening of a domestic regulation, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology are under discussions as for law revision to which the introduction of the criminal punishment was able also to come within the sweep.

It is manufactured in foreign countries including China, and when it is discussed to add the access control aversion equipment to the importing and exporting ban goods, time is Iu in the tariff reform in fiscal year 2011 in Ministry of Finance if it is early in many of "M3i Zero R4 MAJIKON" based on the result of review of both reflecting though it is undecided.

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The Sankando company limited opened Tizarsait of browser game "Alive telling" to the public on December 28.

"Alive telling" is a Japanese version of the browser game served by the title of "EarthEternal" more than 2009 in North America. Adoption lingua MMORPG is features as for 3 Dimension graphics though the browser game. However, the correspondence platform is only Windows.

As for the game, a lot of animals and races named the dog, the cat, the fox, and the frog appear as a player character in the one in Europe after the human race ruins, and the story that they confront the mystery of the world is progressed.

As for a Japanese version, when the preparation is advanced for Eternal Entertainment of Hong Kong to take charge of development now, and to provide the service put together on the online of Japan game marketplace, it is Iu. The start ..2011 Toshiharu.. is scheduled service. An extra information and a detailed game contents are announced later again.

http://game.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20101228_417741.html http://game.watch.impress.co. 

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The lock work announces formal title "Sakura great war Futoshi Sanonami educational institution" of browser online game "Browser Sakura great war (temporary)". "Great emperor Japanese classical literature garden" that became the stage of a promotion site, the main visual, and this work was opened to the public.

"Sakura great war Futoshi Sanonami educational institution" schedules 2011 Toshiharu's start services by the online gaming that uses the browser based on the outlook on the world of "Sakura great war" series.

This work is story of which "Educational institution" of the first series is the stage, and the educational institution name is "Great emperor Japanese classical literature garden. "
I want to wait for the continued report though how how fusion of the outlook on the world of large number of people play only of the online gaming and "Sakura great war", and familiar characters twine round the campus life is anxious around of that.

Moreover, it put together on opening the title name and the promotion site to the public, and coming Ega Mr. Hidenori Matsubara main visual who was a familiar illustrator in "Sakura great war" series was open to the public.
This..Composition..stage..become..educational institution..image..one..illustration..become familiar with..Mamiya..temple..Sakura blossoms..including..series..color..heroine..erica..Fontaine..Gemini  II Inc...Sunrise..furthermore..school uniform..put on..two..boy..girl..draw.

Http://japan.gamespot.com/story_image/2042/20423975/AI/03.jpg Sakura great war-Futoshi Sanonami educational institution- Http://www.sakuragakuentan.com/
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Up to now, various projects have been progressed as for 'Civil wars BASARA' series that came the fifth birth anniversary in July, 2010. And, "Feast- of civil wars BASARA 5 anniversary festival-Nippon Budoukan" was colorfully held as the fifth bounce of a project the fifth anniversary in Nippon Budoukan on January 3, 2011.

After the corner of the variety of the gorgeous radio actor formation, 'Civil wars BASARA' new information by producer Kobayashi opens it to the public. First of all, it was clarified that the latest work 'Civil wars BASARA Croniclherorz' of the game following 'Civil wars BASARA3' was a sale schedule with the power system planning program in the summer of 2011. And, the announcement of the tie-up of Yamazaki Baking and 'Civil wars BASARA3' continued continuously in the seventh the fifth anniversary bounce of the project as a sale and the eighth bounce of Nubintagescajan of 'Civil wars BASARA' design, too.


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Company limited Sega announced that they would progress various projects that commemorated coming of "Sonic" series and "" series of the 20th birth anniversary in 2011.

The first crop list that "Sonic" series should commemorate is "Sonic the Hedgehog" put on the market for 16 bit game machine "Mega-drive" in 1991. Sonic was popular in the speedy movement and a cool character at the same time as putting it on the market. Afterwards, "Sonic" series has sold more than 7,000 all parts of the world total Manmoto so far as software for family-use game machines.

The other "" series puts the first crop list in MSX2 and the family computer disk system, etc. on the market in 1991. Seven works "Expert" (1994), "SUN" (1996), "-" (1999), "Fever" (2003), "Fever 2【 Chew ]" (2005), and "7" (2009) have been released as the main series at the following.


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Sega disclosed the latest image of soft 'valkyria 3 of the battlefield' for the power system planning program put on the market on January 27, 2011.

In 'valkyria 3 of the battlefield', one crop list is the latest work of actively simulation RPG from which PS3 and two crop lists are put on the market with the power system planning program. It is announced that OVA is developed by 2011 Toshiharu with the series work among which profound human drama in the battlefield and the combat system original "BLiTZ (blitz)" are popular.

It is a story introduction image that delivers this time.
Information this war occurred is packed in the image of about two minutes.
The every one of the discipline force and the name loess is images to which the expectation rises though doesn't know how to get over this battlefield. I want you to check it by all means.


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SCE puts the new color "Jungle green" of wireless controller (DUALSHOCK 3) for PS3 on the market on February 24. The price is 5,500 yen (including tax).

In jungle green, green with different light and shade is used in the top and bottom of the controller.
As for such a two-tone DUALSHOCK 3 controller, this becomes the first. By the way, February 24 is a publication day of software 'KILLZONE3' for PS3. The goodness so design as for the title like 'KILLZONE3' to fight in the arena of warfare though it plays.

Http://news.dengeki.com/elem/000/000/334/334514/c20110106_duals_01_cs1w1_640x355.jpg PlayStation http://www.jp.playstation.com/info/release/nr_20110106_ps3_ds3jg.html

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Capcom announced the hunting action for the PlayStation portable put on the market on December 1, 2010'Monster hunter portable 3rd' and it was announced to ship 400 Manmoto domestically, and to have exceeded 1,700 Manmoto the series in total.

The power system planning program 'Monster hunter portable 3rd' is popular by the further promotion of communications of the player by adding a variegated new element following the game style "It can enjoy the cooperation play by easily gathering as the voice negotiating" only of "Monster hunter portable" series.   It will arrive to the quantity sold for the power system planning program that becomes a preceding crop 'Monster hunter portable 2nd G' to require two years in only one month since of the sale.  Domestic market ..sales.. No.1 in fiscal year 2010 also has come within the sweep.

Capcom..good..sales..main..backdrop..addition..download..contents..topic..rouse..series..user..surely..appeal..lingua..in addition to..television..CM..continuous..promotion..cognizance..improvement..novel..group of users..win..succeed..assume.  It is assumed that it will aim at the enlargement of a further group of users in the future, positive media deployment in addition to holding the user participatory type event such as "Monster hunter festival '11" that the whole country develops in March, 2011 accelerates, and further "Boom of Han Mon" is brewed.


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