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U.S. Microsoft announced the price of motion controller "Kinect" for Xbox 360 and the new model of Xbox 360 on July 20.

Kinect is put on the market in North America on November 4. Game "Kinect Adventures" that can enjoy the boat rowing and the obstacle competition, etc. follows by 149.99 dollars in unit.
The bundle version that new model "Xbox 360 4GB" and "Kinect Adventures" of Kinect and Xbox 360 make a set is provided by 299.99 dollars. The reservation has been accepted on the site of Microsoft and the retail site such as since the 20th.

Xbox 360 4GB is a sale in the United States for three days August, and the price is 199.99 dollars.
、The flash memory and Wi-Fi(802.11n) in 4G byte are installed, and the main body Zantedeschia aethiopica K.Spreng. is Braque.

Kinect is an expectation of the sale in Japan for year-end sales battle.

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Japan is good country!
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Hard sales decreased from the previous year this moon by 37% according to NPD, and soft sales were 26% decreases.
Sales of the video game accessories are 12% setback linguas.

Sales are the setback linguas from the previous year though the hardware that sold most in July was Wii of Nintendo.
Xbox 360 of Microsoft was 2nd place.
It is at Iu that sales has increased from the previous year only in case of Xbox 360.

PlayStation 2 continues to it by PlayStation 3 of SONY.

Same month's game software sales top tells all platforms in "NCAA Football 10" of Electronic Arts and NPD is told when having sold by total of 689,000.

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Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
What is the reality that "Plain moment" that lurks in "Biohazard 5" graphics course (first volume) Cata character for Nishikawa Zenji's 3D game fan invents?

> The HDR(High Dynamic Range) rendering adopts the pseudoHDR rendering to each LDR(Low Dynamic Range) buffer of RGB of eight bits (RGB:888) > usual.
In > Xbox 360, RGB is shape matched to PS3 to arrange externals with > PS3 the edition though it should be able to use each 7e3 (index three bits and significand seven bits).


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