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'Netoge the disabled' author and Mr. Ashizaki rule who searches for serious net game dependence

・There is a language "Netoge the disabled". It is Iu in case of the abbreviation of "Net game the disabled". The poisoned patient with such an online game dependence comes out one after another in South Korea, China, and Russia, etc. , it becomes a social issue, and also in Japan, the net game dependence is serious.

Mr. (55) Ashizaki rule of the author who published 'Netoge the disabled' (Readers note)「There were plural examples of the withdrawal of the remainder that became crazy in the game near oneself, and how it became it, the realities started covering. At that time, there was already a language 'Netoge the disabled'. 」It speaks.  

 「It might be Netoge disabled' graduates that gave according to coverage. More serious people do not go out of home to the outside. 」With Iu.
 「It was different though such people had had the image of liking animated cartoon in Shota and the shyness. There were a lot of women in her thirties on the inside. It was also unexpected that there were a lot of housewifes. 」The impression after it covers is talked about.

Mr. Ashizaki says, "It is used in discrimination in the game player , saying that' 'Because of already abolition he" though "Disabled" is shock languages.

Off-the-beaten-path for the net game dependence is a reality. The process of coverage is Iu when there is a conversation not to understand the distinction of a virtual world of the reality of real and the world of the game, and it embarrassed it. However, the world of the net game is not only necessarily bad but also "As for the world of the net game, it has been understood that there is a person who is requesting something to live for there in the world that can move to the liberty, too for a physically handicapped person. "

It will be Iu also in the country when the future when potential of becoming a bigger social issue is hidden when indication and "Cannot they be handled in a real society (It not employable?)?" are frank impressions that Mr. Ashizaki met them.


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When the game manufacturer in South Korea released the online gaming "Chengjisihan" some time ago, media of China are Mitsuki, and the commotions like "A racial hero of "Our country" is". Mongol also enters this fight as for both South Korea and China manners and cultural heritages, etc. this time though "The home country is a root" and the claim have become problems since before. The discomfort feeling is shown , saying that "Chengjisihan is a hero in Mongolia". "International problem" outbreak over the game.

It is possible to insist, Mr. pole Kim of the representative of the ethnology association is "Mongolia and (clan of Tungus of red of ..hanging.. =), etc. are descendants of a Korean family, and, in that sense, Chengjisihan is Korea race", and to play a game this time in South Korea on the basis of the insistence production.

Game specialty site "Multi Moteaso play" of China : to this about this game on the seventh. 「..anger.. !South Korea uses Chengjisihan for the online gaming, and is as for a racial in China hero. 」The article "The game of South Korea always used the person and the showplace in China" was published.
It continues. 「When Confucius was South Korean, some men in South Korea announced study results of the hearty laugh. Large Korea race is not able not only to be beautified by a childish like this action but also feelings of squalid are exposed. 」The rough crocodile lingua of anger like solving.

However, manager of the travel agency and Altangerel Jabawa (35) in Mongolia Ulan Bator are resented for the anger of this China , saying that "Chinese who wrote this article doesn't understand anything either".

Every "If it is said, it is ..Chengjisihan.. true for the Mongolia people and the Mongolia race that China was a part of Mongolia though China is certainly related in case of the meaning 'Large Mongolian empire' including Mongolia when national creation is under the rule of China .."God" ... now, too.  It should be insisted the hero in not the hero in China but Mongolia and Mongolia race's hero" Hatsuiku of the Mongolia founding of a country Chengjisihan knows. Large Mongolian empire is a dismantling through year of 100tens of of postmortem of the Chengjisihan. Mongolia is divided in and out, and 80 percent or more of a present Inner Mongolia resident is Han. Dealings in an inside Ryou country seem to be historically bad, and to stimulate Mongol very much by the article on this China.

Jazag Anfbat (34) who carries on the IT enterprise in Ulan Bator also「China will be negative though 'Mongolia raid' of Kamakura Period (former =) becomes Kiyoshi's act if Chengjisihan is a hero in China. To begin with, the Mongolia race has thought that the misunderstanding and contradiction of Chinese are filled with one of the minorities of China in Chengjisihan in China. 」
It speaks. 
 The calositas is controverted putting prestige (?) of three countries. I want to ask the most famous Mongol and dollar Gol indanthrene Dagwadolge (Qinglong in 28 and the grand champion sumo wrestler and the morning) in Japan the opinion.

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The housewife "Online gaming and evil. " 22 years old

・Did the send the police report of the Osaka prefectural Police Sen'nan station of housewife (22) in Osaka Prefecture Izumishi on the 17th on the suspicion of the Unauthorized Computer Access Law breach.

The suspicion of sending to the prosecutors office is a doubt of accessing this game six times by using ID of woman (29) in Osaka Prefecture Hannanshi with which it got acquainted through the online gaming of the Internet at the end on October last year.

The game is a system according to the Sen'nan station that can enjoy wearing items such as favorite hats and the dresses to attendee's one's double character. An unusual item is bought and sold by the net auction. The housewife sold the item 45 points of the woman by unlawful computer access without permission, and was earning about 50,000 yen.
It is testified, "It wanted money that was able to be spent on the liberty".


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