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Recently, Seta known in "Super-real mah-jong" series etc. received the decision of the special clearance start from Tokyo District Court according to Teikoku Data Bank. The business continuation was abandoned due to depression of the pachinko marketplace though the pachinko peripherals were manufacturing sold in the Aruze subsidiary.

Knowing by super-real mah-jong and "Morita Japanese chess", etc. , and shop opening of share (present JASDAQ) in 1997 to the public.
Aruze entered the capital contribution Shite subsidiary in 99. The consequence and the JASDAQ listing in which the ratio of the stock holdings was improved so that the fraudulent accounting procedure may be found, and Aruze may keep the accounts for the year ending March credit worthiness in 2007 were abolished though the integrated circuit card system etc. for the pachinko pinball-style slot machine machine were sold.

Because sales did not recover by the marketplace depression afterwards, and it was likely to fall into excess of debt, dissolution was resolved in general meetings of stockholders in February this year. Aruze was stating the special clearance procedure as "The transparency is given to the clearing procedure".

It is Iu when there is a possibility of varying drastic though the debt is about 3 billion 187 million yen at end of the period of March, '08.

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