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Hard sales decreased from the previous year this moon by 37% according to NPD, and soft sales were 26% decreases.
Sales of the video game accessories are 12% setback linguas.

Sales are the setback linguas from the previous year though the hardware that sold most in July was Wii of Nintendo.
Xbox 360 of Microsoft was 2nd place.
It is at Iu that sales has increased from the previous year only in case of Xbox 360.

PlayStation 2 continues to it by PlayStation 3 of SONY.

Same month's game software sales top tells all platforms in "NCAA Football 10" of Electronic Arts and NPD is told when having sold by total of 689,000.

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street fighter IV

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Player Daigo Umehara in Japan known by the alias of In the world final rally of street fighter IV held in San Francisco, "beast" shone to victory and international champion's titles.
The multitude is open to the public to the photograph and the fighting moving image of the tournament hall in Kineda.
In this tournament that GameStop sponsored, the Justin Wong player wins to the final from all over the U.S. tournament of EVO Championship Series to which the preliminary contest was held for several months. The Wong player competes for the Poongko player in the Italian preliminary contest hand, player Umehara, and South Korea in Japan with international champion's seat and it fights by the round robin form. I hear that player Umehara controls the Wong player by 4-0 and the final confrontation was won the championship. Mr. Seth Killian who it was a manager of the community of Capcom and was a former champion and Mr. Ono, that is, producer seemed also to participate in the rally, and to be a serious upsurge. 


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