President Satoshi Iwataの最近のブログ記事

To sustain the power of Wii, Nintendo is making efforts to increasing the Wii game by external publishers of the combat game and the sports game, etc. for the hard core game player.

The president of the this company United States corporation of Reggie fill zoo Aim talked though the proportion of the game made of the third party of the game lineups of Wii was 55% in the coverage on May 26 now that it wanted to expand this to about 70%.
And, when the proportion of the game made of the third party becomes it to the same extent as NINTENDO DS, it is Iu.

This Mr. also clarified that the price cut of Wii was not scheduled. The price of Wii has not changed by 250 dollars after it puts it on the market. 「The price cut is a short-term incentive. Software that is pleased with the player is necessary in the long view. 」

After it puts it on the market of November, 2006, the world total numbers of sales exceeds 50 million as for Wii. The casual game that Nintendo had developed chiefly pulled popularity.

For instance, "Wii Play (first Wii)" by Nintendo became selling top.
This software sold by 1070 Manmoto in the United States according to the investigation of NPD Group. Three of "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock" of Activision Blizzard that sells by 290 Manmoto times or more sales

However, Nintendo is making efforts further now to the press of the development of the game for Wii to the other companies to secure the stable supply of various games. Mr. fill zoo Aim says, "The game of all genres should appear on the market to attain hard sales of the healthy trend".

The countermeasure of the exception of perceiving two sports games that use peripherals that Electronic Arts(EA) is new released as part of the approach one month or more before the sale of the signboard game of Nintendo is taken.

As for EA, "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10" that bundles Wii MotionPlus is scheduled to be put on the market in North America and Europe.
Wii MotionPlus is an attachment that improves the accuracy of a wireless controller for Wii.
Moreover, this company puts "Grand Slam Tennis" on the market in Europe.

Both of these games appear in advance of game "Wii Sports Resort" of Nintendo that uses MotionPlus in the beginning of June. The sale of Wii Sports Resort is the latter half of July. CEO John Rikkitiero of EA says, "It likes the performance of MotionPlus".

Such a countermeasure is especially important for Nintendo. The lineup of the game made of the third party had been comparatively limited until recently for this company. There is one of the reasons by most game developers and it is predominantly in a throw of the resource at the title for Xbox 360 of PlayStation 3(PS3) and Microsoft of SONY by thinking it not is with the bird clapper Wii.

Being thought that the success of Wii had brought the favor to the title of not the game made of the third party but Nintendo was a severe wound for this company. When an unfair advantage is obtained because it is possible to know Kao 1 who appears what kind of Wii peripherals ahead, and the game that can use new peripherals to its maximum can be made, Nintendo expresses dissatisfaction in the game publisher secretly.

The most much selling as the platform of the game made of the third party mentioned the data of NPD that it was Wii, and ..such perception.. objected in March ..president Satoshi Iwata of Nintendo...

President Satoshi Iwata of Nintendo talks that "A new portable game machine had already been developed" was going not to announce this.

I hear that a new portable game machine of the kipper and Nintendo was frozen though it had already been completed three years ago by the place where CNBC interviewed president Satoshi Iwata. In such an example, president Satoshi Iwata is not the first time but kipper good if not having talked about any detail for the frozen portable game machine.

New GB not put on the market of clarifying by GDC

"Whether it was possible to maintain one's momentum when new hardware was started up was important", and, apparently, the frozen portable game machine seems not to have filled this condition according to president Satoshi Iwata. The movement of NINTENDO DS is still like continuation though it is recent of the longevity of the current generation game machine being said.

President Satoshi Iwata makes remarks, "Do not plan at all" on the price cut of Wii. "Strong software" is assumed to be "It is confident to obtain power again" by the turn-on in the latter half of this year. 「The effect of the price cut is limited though it talks about the price cut as if it is almighty arms. Power falls at the level before it cuts the price continuously though sales go up in the history of the video game immediately after cutting the price. 」The effect of the price cut is doubted.

Nintendo announces the new work 'Wii Fit Plus' 'Wii Sports Resort' "Wii Vitality Sensor" 'Super Mario Galaxy 2' , 'Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again', and 'New Super Mario Brothers Wii' with E3.
Especially, the lineup where eagerness to "Strong software" looks there are a lot of 'Mario' system titles.

Such a situation has already been predicted for SONY and Microsoft's having introduced the motion control, and the assertion of the view of no blue Ocean (marketplace in whom no contender Noi) and being becoming it.
It is a still good in case of under survey kipper whether to make the game machine of a new polarity or to make a high performance version of Wii.

President Satoshi Iwata : for the difference of the marketplace in Japan-U.S..
「US market was skeptic whether to sell though was not able to know whether to challenge ('DS training of the adult that strengthened the encephalon' :). It still doubted and people in the United States were deep though they obtained the result in Japan. (They :. )The one of Japan that cannot be brought to the marketplace in the United States (Thought). 」It made remarks.  
It is said that the game field is becoming an overseas initiation the remark of president Satoshi Iwata might show the still fight even in the overseas market as long as it has the conception power though leaves for a while.


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