Nintendo clarified the executive salaries forehead of five executive directors who exceeded 100 million yen by the securities report that had been fil on the 30th. Executive director Shigeru Miyamoto the information development general manager who invents "Mario" series etc. is 126 million yen. Another was 114 million executive director Shinji of * Hatano of the Genhiroshi executive director 110 million yen yen, 110 million executive director Genyo of * Taketa yen, and 110 million executive director Nobuo of * Nagai yen.

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Think Media Service that is sponsoring GDC, too brought the latest finding of "Game Developer Research" that was the established custom every year together. The questionnaire of the game developer done on magazine "Game Developer Magazine" and Web site "Gamasutra", etc. and the latest sales data and the Meracritic score, etc. are the assessments, and whats made a list as for 150 based companies.

In standing in this investigation top, Nintendo, and the blizzard and 3rd place were consequences named Yubeisoftomontoriorlstageo in 2nd place continuously last year. Hereafter, it introduces it to 50th place.

1. Nintendo  26. Game freak
2. Blizzard  27. Square Enix
3. Yubeisoftomontoriorl  28. Digital illusion
4. Roccstarnors  29. Success
5. EA Canada  30.  Ready At Dawn
6. KONAMI 31 . Atlus
7. Valve 32 . Cliterion Gamus
8. Epic Games 33 . Tose
9. EA Tiburon                    34. Mythic Entertainment
10. Treyarch                     35. Firaxis Games
11. HAL laboratory  36.  Volition
12. Capcom  37. Sega
13. Travelers tail  38.  SCE Japan studio
14. Bethesda game studio  39.  Ironclad Games
15. Insomniac Games 40 . Marberasentartament
16. Bandainamucogamus  41. Yucs
17. EA Reddouddoshoarz  42.  SCE Rondon studio
18. CoA  43. Visual concept
19. Kojima production  44. Interijentoshistemuz
20. Harmonics music systems  45.  ω-Force
21. Media Molecule 46 . Monolith Prodacshonz
22. Lion head studio  47.  Funcom
23. Vicarious Visions 48. SCE studio San Diego
24. Macshis  49. Rhea americana
25. Nebarsoft  50. Treasure

The impression that the manufacturer in Japan has been reviving comparing last year's finding.

The finding is sold directly by 2995 dollars in the detailed one that extends to 180 pages or more.

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Nintendo clarified that title "Wii Sports Resort" for Wii was put on the market in Japan in June on April 9.

Wii Sports Resort is a sequel of popular game "Wii Sports". Wii Sports played baseball by the motion sensor controller by the player, and contributed to the sales promotion of Wii in the game that was able to play tennis etc.

In Wii Sports Resort, the player can throw a Frisbee out to a virtual dog, and duel with other players and swords. It is put on the market outside the country in July.

Log Shite descending and NINTENDO DS of this company surpass the power system planning program of SONY who is the rival, and stand dominant in the portable game machine marketplace sales that exceed (PS3) Xbox 360 of Microsoft and PlayStation 3 of SONY.  Wii of Nintendo

The stock price of Nintendo hardly reacted to this news, lowered 2.8%, and became 27,940 yen. Nikkei Stock Average is 2.9% advance lingua.




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