as a mobile game terminal cellular phone "iPhone" of U.S. Apple, and it chooses off as the other party of a small-scale developer who concluded successfully initial in the same city place in the forehead.

In the game publisher named Electronic Arts, Gameloft, and Glu Mobile, there is a big strong point "High rate of awareness" and "Abundant financial ability". However, ngmoco, Digital Chocolate, and Tapulous budding and spirited emerging corporations also have steadily advanced the establishment of corporation's own brand up to now on the other hand.

About 13,000 games are open to the public in application store "App Store" of Apple (The many are whats a small-scale developer developed), and it is difficulties how to do and to attract the user's attention now.
To choose playing a game referring to popularity ranking, the user decides whether it is possible to appear in the download ranking the success or failure.

Jeremie Lew who serves as a managing director with a venture capital company that invests in the social game enterprise and Lightspeed Venture Partners specifies, "The major publisher will sally forth into battle in the future though the iPhone game that the developer of the independent-system developed is a popular epistatic now".

It is this Mr. , saying that "Only one method for finding the iPhone game is provided, and the method is advantageous for abundant major publishers of financial ability under the present situation".

Moreover, joint founder Krishna Sabramanian in research company Mobclix specifies, "If it takes a measure at once, and money is invested in the advertisement, the big enterprise can accomplish the ranking improvement when the adequate straightening and the ranking begin to fall for the marketing expense".

On the other hand, it is general for a small-scale publisher to provide a lot of gratis games and the games of 99 cents and to earn the number of download.

App Store was established one year ago and complete and a new marketplace for the software developer was born by the calositas.
And, success stories of entrepreneurs that the iPhone application program was able to keep rich increase the expectation for this marketplace in addition though it had worked in the garage before.

Actually, it is iFund of 100 million dollars the financing active, too especially well-known started up so that venture capital company Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers(KPCB) may support the developer of the iPhone application program. Up to now, this venture fund has been invested in the application program developer such as ngmoco.

One..user..favour..popular..game..development agent..individual investor..capital contribution..in the background of..within the year..surplus..make..accomplish..expectation..Iu.

「There is Changsu also in the enterprise like our company. It would be better to be able to do well because we are quicker as long as the brand can be established with the sales channel. 」Burt Decrem who serves as CEO of Tapulous talks.
- Though the entry is easy ......
40 million or more is sold, and the number of download of applications has exceeded 1.5 billion. True Tarino average prices of one of the downloaded game are 79 cents a dollar and Iu according to Mobclix.

This company is boasting of a top share in the top line of the iPhone game marketplace of present, and the iPhone business of this company is a surplus and Iu according to EA that works on popular games such as "Tetris" and "Scrabl".

Mr. Adam Susman who serves as the international publishing charge vice president of the EA Mobile division says, "In the iPhone game marketplace, it is accessibility and Discabarabiriti (easiness to discover) that the low of barriers to entry is really difficult".

EA collected latest works "The Sims 3" of smash hit game "The Sims" in June this year, and simulataneous were put on the market for iPhone for PC, and topics were collected very much. It is sold with App Store by 99 cents for 9 dollars, and when it sprang up in the top, The Sims 3 is Iu of the game ranking from release according to Mr. Susman in 18 hours.

Moreover, CEO and Mr. Greg ballade of Glu Mobile of the retirement schedule shortly say, "As for a small-scale publisher, a budget so much will not be thrown out at all though our company has spent 200,000-300,000 dollars per one on the development of the game".

「The cycle from the appearance of one title to disappearing is very short. Therefore, it is insufficient only in one title to establish presence to the marketplace, and to build the brand in user's mind. 」With this Mr..

The place where it is changed by viable businesses is Iu according to this Mr. if it might be hardly though the box office hit will be born from a small-scale publisher in the future.

「There might be a success in a coincidence of hitting on an excellent by chance idea also in a small-scale publisher. However, it is not given to such a chance flashing many times so. 」This Mr. is talking solving.

The source

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To sustain the power of Wii, Nintendo is making efforts to increasing the Wii game by external publishers of the combat game and the sports game, etc. for the hard core game player.

The president of the this company United States corporation of Reggie fill zoo Aim talked though the proportion of the game made of the third party of the game lineups of Wii was 55% in the coverage on May 26 now that it wanted to expand this to about 70%.
And, when the proportion of the game made of the third party becomes it to the same extent as NINTENDO DS, it is Iu.

This Mr. also clarified that the price cut of Wii was not scheduled. The price of Wii has not changed by 250 dollars after it puts it on the market. 「The price cut is a short-term incentive. Software that is pleased with the player is necessary in the long view. 」

After it puts it on the market of November, 2006, the world total numbers of sales exceeds 50 million as for Wii. The casual game that Nintendo had developed chiefly pulled popularity.

For instance, "Wii Play (first Wii)" by Nintendo became selling top.
This software sold by 1070 Manmoto in the United States according to the investigation of NPD Group. Three of "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock" of Activision Blizzard that sells by 290 Manmoto times or more sales

However, Nintendo is making efforts further now to the press of the development of the game for Wii to the other companies to secure the stable supply of various games. Mr. fill zoo Aim says, "The game of all genres should appear on the market to attain hard sales of the healthy trend".

The countermeasure of the exception of perceiving two sports games that use peripherals that Electronic Arts(EA) is new released as part of the approach one month or more before the sale of the signboard game of Nintendo is taken.

As for EA, "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10" that bundles Wii MotionPlus is scheduled to be put on the market in North America and Europe.
Wii MotionPlus is an attachment that improves the accuracy of a wireless controller for Wii.
Moreover, this company puts "Grand Slam Tennis" on the market in Europe.

Both of these games appear in advance of game "Wii Sports Resort" of Nintendo that uses MotionPlus in the beginning of June. The sale of Wii Sports Resort is the latter half of July. CEO John Rikkitiero of EA says, "It likes the performance of MotionPlus".

Such a countermeasure is especially important for Nintendo. The lineup of the game made of the third party had been comparatively limited until recently for this company. There is one of the reasons by most game developers and it is predominantly in a throw of the resource at the title for Xbox 360 of PlayStation 3(PS3) and Microsoft of SONY by thinking it not is with the bird clapper Wii.

Being thought that the success of Wii had brought the favor to the title of not the game made of the third party but Nintendo was a severe wound for this company. When an unfair advantage is obtained because it is possible to know Kao 1 who appears what kind of Wii peripherals ahead, and the game that can use new peripherals to its maximum can be made, Nintendo expresses dissatisfaction in the game publisher secretly.

The most much selling as the platform of the game made of the third party mentioned the data of NPD that it was Wii, and ..such perception.. objected in March ..president Satoshi Iwata of Nintendo...


Nintendo announced the new color of game machine "Wii" of leaving untouched and portable game machine "NINTENDO DSi".

I hear that being put on the market was Wii of the lacquer black and crimson NINTENDO DSi, a vivid Zantedeschia aethiopica K.Spreng. both from conventional, and was provided "Monster hunter 3" Wii soft of the sale bundled packing on August 1.

Moreover, the wear privilege is clarified "Monster hunter 3" that had been notified before ahead, too.

The detail : as follows.
The new color is put on the market about "NINTENDO DSi" and "Wii". | Press release: June 4, 2009 http://www.nintendo.co.jp/corporate/release/2009/090604.html

Nintendo seems to add the Guangchi specification in portable game machine "NINTENDO DSi" newly according to this release on Saturday, July 11 and to add adoption lingua "Red". The manufacturer suggested retail price is the same conventionally 18,900 yen.

This is "Red. " of NINTENDO DSi. The Guangchi specification in conventional coloring without.

And, an additional sale of "Clo" has been newly scheduled to unredeemable type game machine "Wii" since Saturday, August 1, and the manufacturer suggested retail price is the same conventionally 25,000 yen.

Sale schedule of each controller of "Clo" version on the same day. The Wii remote control is 3800 yen.
Http://gigazine.jp/img/2009/06/04/black_wii/black_wii02.jpg nunchakus are 1800 yen.
Classic controller PRO (clo) is put on the market for 2000 yen. Sale schedule of here of "Ciro" on the same day.

Packing to which Wii of "Monster hunter 3" and "Clo" version and "Classic controller PRO (clo)" are bundled seems to be put on the market on August 1. The price is 33,000 yen.
Sale schedule of packing to which "Monster hunter 3" and "Classic controller PRO" are bundled for 8490 yen.
Here is "Clo" version.
The wear privilege http://gigazine.jp/img/2009/06/04/black_wii/black_wii07_m.jpg "Ciro" version http://gigazine.jp/img/2009/06/04/black_wii/black_wii08_m.jpg and "Monster hunter 3" ahead turns out. Either of one adheres among figures that reproduce three kinds of cephalon of Clpecco, Ragiacls, and Rioreus.
By the way, the advertisement moving image of "Monster hunter 3" has been open to the public in formula fan site for carrying "Part of Han Mon" since today.




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