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The leakage photograph assumed to be a NEW model that had become slim appeared though PS3 that the case is large because it differed from the type of leaving untouched game machine of the other companies, and the AC adaptor was built into the main body.

It might be good when thinking to the end at the reference level because the leakage photograph with some suspicious points.

The detail : as follows.

Slim PS3 Revealed Via Chinese Factory Leak?: News from

The leakage photograph made new model PS3 parts that had become slim from the Chinese factory seems to have appeared according to this article.

Body parts and leakage new model PS3 photographs where this becomes slim. Here is the upper part.

Here is parts of the bottom.

Seemingly, upper parts from side. There is a disc insertion part in the right side.

Dorsal surfaces of bottom parts. There is a part where the power cord is put.

The fronts of bottom parts. The universal serial bus port is good at the confirmation.

Image made slide box.

The amendment is added drastic besides the leakage photograph with some suspicious points be printed the logo of "PS3" in place of the logo of "PLAYSTATION3" printed in a conventional main body of PS3 as for the design of the slide box.

This is a slide box of the model conventionally. Is the amendment of a drastic design added though the design is too different?

As for the possibility that new power system planning program and new model PS3 are put on the market at the same time, if this leakage photograph is a real thing, it is anxious about whether though the story of being announced with E3 from which "PSP Go" that becomes the new model of the power system planning program by GIGAZINE will be held next month was taken up before.

Does this have a reliability and some dealings in the photograph though page of ..putting out.. China in this photograph by the way has been deleted?
Enterprise emergence that exceeds Nintendo?Japan-U.S. pursues the Chinese online game marketplace and South Korea that leads - The South Korea paper.

The South Korea paper and Chosun Ilbo published "Japan-U.S. pursued the South Korea enterprise that led 'Lode-gold' - in the game marketplace in China" and the title lingua article, and introduced the situation of the online game marketplace being made a boom in China with Internet user's spurt on May 8, 2009. The ring ball time signal told it.

The population of the net of China increased rapidly from 59.1 million of 02 years to four time or more 298 million person in 08, pulled out 220 million person United States, and became the good in the world. Moreover, a broadband user increased suddenly from 3.3 million of 02 years with 81.88 million people in 08, and the groundwork that the net game becomes a boom had been completed.

However on the other hand, China is merely 22.5% compared with the United States of about 70%, Japan, and South Korea, etc. , and the development of the game marketplace is still initial stages.  the net availabilityIn industry segments, as for the population of the net, of China, it is predicted that it becomes 483 million people, and it reaches 80 million people and the market scale six billion dollars only by the user of a pay online gaming, and the game enterprise in each country such as the United States and Japan is planning the entry aiming at a huge promising market in 2011.

It is a South Korea enterprise that leads the net game marketplace in China now.
The game made in South Korea was 6 according to the market research report of South Korea Mirae Asset bond among frequency of use of the online gaming in May this year top 10, 3 made in China, and made in the United States occupied one. A certain analyst is analyzed, "There is no competitiveness but the game made in South Korea has the communality with a Chinese culture", and expected, "The South Korea enterprise that exceeds Nintendo might also appear within several if succeeding in Chinese market". at 06:23:19
It asks three specialists in the communications field.

The whole body establishes and the innovation at the man center establishes Nintendo in "Joystick" ....

"Why isn't there merchandise like the game machine of Nintendo in South Korea?"The topic of the the greatest in recent information technology (IT) industry segments is Nintendo. Word "Discernment heaven temple" to parody Nintendo by using the character of president name "Discernment" after President Hiroshi Li Ming (Juncus effusus var.decipiens Myombac) had said, "We will also make the game machine like Nintendo" was born. Lee (Juncus effusus var.decipiens Jeyon) lived executive director of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. headed for Japan , saying that "Let's learnt to Nintendo" last week.

"Digital BIZ" talked by E-mail with specialists in the communications field concerning the difficulty that President Lee had thrown. Specialists plan to lecture it in the autumn of this year by the Nahitoshi large interaction science subject that the educational science and technology part selected to "World level research base university (WCU)".

Professor Frank Biocca: There were a lot of controversies also in the United States over the success in Nintendo. When the success factor of Nintendo is shown in a single phrase, "Effort deficiency. " in the funny tale though might heard. Nintendo put family-use game machines "Wii" on the market in the United States in 2006. Actually, Wii was inferior on the performance side compared with the PlayStation of SONY that became a rival and XBox of Microsoft (MS). At that time, the game manufacturers were developing the competition to be able to move a more realistic screen earlier. At first, the head of the United States branch office of Nintendo said, "We go on another road though MS and SONY were developing the competition by the product-making that it was more expensive and the performance is better" the sale. Moreover, the level has half of people who enjoy playing a game two game machines or more in the family. Buying the game machine newly and wanting buy a different game machine and person's psychology. If the person who takes the medium size car buys another car, it is general to buy the light car or the recreational vehicle (vehicle for leisure). If SONY and MS are medium size cars, Nintendo is light cars.

Prof. Juncus effusus var.decipiens Kwang-Min: The success in Nintendo shows that the user hopes for a real a little more service and product. It is different from a general reality with real for which the user hopes. To provide the user with a more realistic image, SONY and MS did the investment. However, Nintendo put the whole thing in perspective. Let's think about the game of golf. The game machine of SONY and MS moves or clicks the joystick, and almost shows the scene that Tiger Woods swings as actual. On the other hand, the ball doesn't fly over the screen of the game machine of Nintendo if the user doesn't swing directly though there is awkwardness a little. view of.To make both SONY, MS, and Nintendo real games, it was loaded up on for ..enormous (tapir Dai)... It was a virtual reality that SONY and MS were the investment linguas real. However, Nintendo is an investment lingua in real of the user. As a result, the user showed interest to own real Sano person.
A Konami digital entertainment (Tokyo, port, and Fmi Tanaka president) reproduces the game lapse of the professional baseball by the real time on the screen of the baseball game, and is the start linguas as for the service delivered for the cellular phone.

Because the operation that the character of the game matched to the game lapse is done, it can enjoy the sense to see the baseball relay. "Watch" of the official game all games in fiscal year 2009 is possible.

It delivers it for networking service "EZWeb" for the cellular phone of KDDI. The game screen of popular baseball game "Spot powerful professional baseball" of Konami is used. When it accesses the exclusive use site in the professional baseball game, the situation of the game is told by power professional's character's striking according to an actual game and starting. The fee is 315 yen a month.
NPD of the investigation group : according to the dissemination lingua investigation on the 14th.
The game software in the United States in April and the top line of the video game machine became the billion 30 million dollars of the this moon proportion 17% previous year decrease, and became drastic dropping serial for two months.

The top line of game software is 510.7 million dollars of the this moon proportion 23% previous year decrease, hardware is 391.6 million dollars of 8% decrease to the break-down, and the accessory is 15% decrease.

Game machine..leave untouched..type..Nintendo..continue..head of sales..previous year..proportion..decrease..become.
2nd place is 175,000 of 7% decreases in "Xbox360" of Micro Soft of U.S..
"PlayStation 2 (PS2)" of SONY continued to 3rd place.

A portable game machine sold one million or more by new model DS "NINTENDO DSi" of Nintendo released in the United States on April 5, and pulled PlayStation portable of SONY (PSP) apart greatly.
The civil wars general is captivating a young woman now. The historic site of the connection is visited, and the cartoon character merchandise is hunted. The beer and the bamboo grass boiled fish paste connected to small Juro Katakura Masamune Date and vassal even if hearts of them who are called "Rekijo ()" are gripped are sold one after another, and it is popular. The approach to which the sightseeing guide was done by Masamune's side house and the style illustration of the present age of the cat presence started for men aiming at "Bud", too.

The chance of the Rekijo breeding is a smash hit of video games "Civil wars BASARA" (Capcom) active of the civil wars general of Ikemen and "Civil wars no congruence" (CoA). Ota Nobunaga, Shingen Takeda, the Sanada product village, and Yorocotsgi Maeta besides Masamune appear in civil wars BASARA. "Ro ()" is a climate acting in remaining the conditions nature willingly as for gay that becomes popular Asatoki Nanhoku. It was popularly connected also that generals fought because of exaggerated arms that jumped over the historical investigation. Broadcasting TV animation started in April, too.

It becomes an actual general fan there, the related product is bought, and Rekijo that visits the ground of the connection has increased. Undulation from the metropolitan area has extended to the whole country.

This was put out and the business opportunity, Mite, and the Naganuma environmental development (Toyoma City) put out the BASARA version to existing beer "Masamune Date beer" in March. Same month's number of net sales swelled to 15 times the previous year this moon and went up.
It is put on the market that the Takahama food industry (salt pan city) : on the 11th this month "Civil wars BASARA Sendai special product thick-baked bamboo grass kitchen range. " and (248 yen for three pieces). Masamune who had worn the casque of Ta of the crescent (setting up one) began to line up in the supermarket in the whole country in the design that was spirited of Daitacatana.

Monster hunter 3

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Capcom announced on Saturday, August 1 the decision lingua the publication day of 'Monster hunter 3(trie)' to schedule the sale with Wii in this summer.

The wear privilege ahead and the merchandise lineup are open to the public at the same time.
Wear privilege is "Monster head figure" aheadIn monster's modality, it is the enjoyment of there are three kinds in all which monster goes out opened. As for the detail of the figure, open to the public later is scheduled.

'Monster hunter 3(trie) classic controller PRO packing' at limited time from which "Classic controller PRO" put on the market in this summer in addition to the regular version is bundled is put on the market.
The price is 8490 yen (including tax).

In addition, 'Monster hunter 3(trie)' in limited edition series "LIMITED EDITION" of official Capcom shop "e-CAPCOM"" appears. I hear that an original, bundled privilege only of e-CAPCOM was being planned to e-CAPCOM restrictive 'Monster hunter 3(trie) LIMITED EDITION' besides "The fifth monster hunter anniversary concert-hunting music festival-" +"Monster hunter 3(trie) making image collection" DVD is bundled now. The price is 9440 yen (including tax).

In monster hunter formula fan club "Part of Han Mon", free download of "Publication day countdown FLASH Mauke clock" is executed in commemoration of the publication day decision of 'Monster hunter (trie)'. The notice assignment period is May 14th - May 31th.
The publication day is the decision lingua 'Monster hunter 3(trie). ' more and moreIt seems to be better ahead of time who has made the reservation the person that it wants the wear privilege ahead though the place where it is painful which to be bought.

7340 yen (including tax), and 'Monster hunter 3(trie) classic controller PRO packing' is a sale schedule to 'Monster hunter (trie)' on August 1 for 8490 yen (including tax).
'Monster hunter (trie) LIMITED EDITION' put on the market by the e-CAPCOM restrictive is 9440 yen (including tax).


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Sceni is notice assignment for making to the game and DSi as for Kimutac starring drama "MR.BRAIN".

After "CHANGE" broadcast last May in Fuji Telecasting Co.-affiliated
Serial drama starring work of Takuya Kimura who becomes it after an interval of about one year "MR.BRAIN" (May 23 TB S system/-).
Square Enix makes this work a game as "MR. BRAIN-Brain" though post "Encephalon scientist who cannot read air" that Takuya Kimura challenges and a gorgeous regular & guest performer are works of the topic. It will deliver it for NINTENDO DSi wear on May 27. The price is 500DSi point.

"MR. BRAIN-Brain" is an encephalon tray game of an easy rule enjoys while rotating the encephalon to encephalon scientist Sana shell that is Tacyafn Kimura full.
Three horn mode of "Judgment encephalon", "Calculation encephalon", and "Correspondence encephalon" is prepared, and the encephalon level is diagnosed according to the score of each game.
Moreover, it is also possible to enjoy the score attack that aims at Haiscoa.

Ayase "MR.BRAIN" greatly besides Takuya Kimura, and regular appearance of Toatus Matsumoto, Mao Daichi, and Teruyuki Kagawa Mune ..becoming it.. , of Hilo Mizushima and Hiraizumi Shidara (Musa sapientum man) and Juhan Yamazaki, Masaljusai Kinoshita, and Yuji Tanaka (bursting out laughing problem)
Besides, Ebizo Ichikawa, Ryoko Hirosue (the first story), Gackt, light snow (the second story), and Kazuya's Kamenashi (the third story), etc. appearance is decided as a guest of every story.
Is the motion camera of Xbox 360 announced with E3, and the sale 2010?The U.S. major media : at report

The Wall Street Journal of the U.S. major media (Wall Street Journal) newly reports on a similar rumor though the rumor that Microsoft is developing the motion control device for Xbox 360 doesn't cut the back.
It is early and cutting the operation of movement of the whole body of the player and a detailed hand in the 3D space by the capture in setting up the technology of 3DV Systems that Microsoft bought out recently in the vicinity of the television with the adoption lingua camera : this device announced with E3 in June according to the story that this paper heard from "People who know circumstances". Perhaps, 3D camera is said that it will become after 2010 years though it is almost corresponding to information that has been rumored up to now the sale. Might it be possible to have taken up also with the major media and risen a little due to calositas even though the change is not in the still rumor credibility.
The new news related to the religious bag arrives though the case of the game where Hinduism Oshie's god appears has been told only a few days ago.
The voice of the protest seems to go up from the religious foundations of various places to 2D game of the flash named Faith Fighter that the group in Italy produces and has opened to the public.

Islam, the Christianity, Hinduism Oshie, and the affiliate of four horn religious foundation of the Buddhism announce according to the report, and Faith Fighter assumes that it undertakes the insult to the belief, and announces that it should delete it from the net at once the comment on the criticism about Metro UK.

That should be so, comical externals of the pantheon of all parts of the world named Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, and Ganasha and the incarnation's appearing in this work, and developing the fighting grapple of the Mortalcombat style are contents with a dangerous for a moment contrary.

However, those who produce about the game clarify not to have received the protest directly from the religious foundation to the report of Metro UK on the Web site.
It seems not to be able to conceal ...... and the Iu doubt by being become it from open to the public of Faith Fighter on the net one year or more soon why.
The other party who had fought online in the boxing game was former five-class conquest champion's weather junior of Freud Mei (United States). ?―It seems to have actually done the experience that the boy of 15 years who lived in Britain such everyone envied. British paper Sun (electronic version) told it.

When having fought against the anonymous other party by boxing game "Faitonaitoraund 3" of the third PlayStation edition, as much as three degrees in the first round are skillfully used it is and all the techniques and are Iu in Rondon suburbs Belvedere when it has been deprived as for down.  (15) ..the George guest who lives..

To strength of other party's remainder「Who are you? (Champion it conquest from Britain former two classes. )Is rickey Hatton etc.」Instinctive message and George of having sent it. It seem to have been the bottom of one's heart in the answer with "To tell the truth, it slept, and I was a Freud Mei weather (..-.. junior)" ..Odoro...

「It's hard to believe. Worldwide Canis familiaris var. domesticus and fighting red sandal tree?In. (former boxing world king)It was provoked by "Big mouse" like Muhammad Ali. 」。

George of having enjoyed conversation with Mei the weather with headphone after it fights. At first, it seems to have been convinced, "You bet it is" as the other party was heard to speak of a current game and the family though it was dubious with the Mei weather person in question.

On the other hand, George's father Biru (51) :. 「The Mei weather player was terrible and friendly. It is said that it will train aiming at the return war by Las Vegas and is. 」"Top secret" of the rumored Mei weather The active service return seems to have obtained it for information.

It seemed to have sent the photograph and the message to ..George.. appropriating ..Mei weather.. further.

Mei weather with which it is familiar from the features by pet name of "Pretty waiter". Hatton is given ten times with TKO in 2007, and it retires from the active service like complete victory (25KO) 39 wars in 2008 next year.

To tell the truth, the boxing game is former "Strongest king" Mei weather of love. Does the day when it can fight on the Mei weather and online some time come also to you ... ?(c) Web-Tab

Resistance: Fall of Man and LittleBigPlanet seem are confronted with a new problem of related to the belief of SONY from which it suffers from a ecclesiastical trouble.
Hanuman put on the market as software for first PS2 produced in India recently: The game named Boy Warrior
The voice of the protest comes out of Hinduism Oshie's leaders because it made Hanumarn who is the incarnation of an Indian myth appear as a hero.
Hinduism Oshie's spokesperson Rajan Zed based on the United States is an assertion in the game contents of Hanuman: Boy Warrior as for regrets.
That is, "It is a calumny to operate the Hanumarn god with the controller of the game. "
It takes advantage of this voice, and the Hindu in Australia also announces the statement of the protest.
「The game is all serious blasphemies, and shameful insults to people and the Hindu that believe in Hanumarn.
(omission)SONY should discontinue sales of a thereupon game before the shake more than this is given to the Hinduism believer in all parts of the world, and apologize to people who get wounded by this insensitive game. 」
It is possible to come, against, and SCE Europe is Hanuman: It is developed based on an actual document of the Hinduism Oshie myth, and when it is a serious contents that prominent professional's opinion also took, Boy Warrior is deployment as for the rebuttal.
On the other hand, Hanuman: The gaming site in India is a reason "No religious reasons and the game contents is simply too cruel", and SONY specifies Boy Warrior that it is necessary to discontinue sales of the game.
It is told that it worries about nobody in this India.

street fighter IV

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Player Daigo Umehara in Japan known by the alias of In the world final rally of street fighter IV held in San Francisco, "beast" shone to victory and international champion's titles.
The multitude is open to the public to the photograph and the fighting moving image of the tournament hall in Kineda.
In this tournament that GameStop sponsored, the Justin Wong player wins to the final from all over the U.S. tournament of EVO Championship Series to which the preliminary contest was held for several months. The Wong player competes for the Poongko player in the Italian preliminary contest hand, player Umehara, and South Korea in Japan with international champion's seat and it fights by the round robin form. I hear that player Umehara controls the Wong player by 4-0 and the final confrontation was won the championship. Mr. Seth Killian who it was a manager of the community of Capcom and was a former champion and Mr. Ono, that is, producer seemed also to participate in the rally, and to be a serious upsurge. 
When "iPhone" of Apple Computer Inc. (Iforn)" becomes a big hit all over the world as a portable game machine, it is Iu.
It was said that it sold by 21 million or more, and the number of download of software including the game exceeded the billion to "iPhone". It shoots out to the expectation in "PSP" of "DS" and SONY of Nintendo the population's in which it plays increasing rapidly by the cellular phone though two or more, and becoming a center "iPhone" the portable game in the near future if it is called a portable game machine.

- The price of game software is about 1000 yen and Yasui.

As for "iPhone", about 3.79 million 2.2 times corresponding period of the last year sold for 09 years that the Apple Computer USA had announced on April 22, 2009 in 1-accounts for the year ending March. The top line of the "iPhone" division including soft sales etc. quadrupled. It is because the total sales of the correspondence software started in the summer of 08 years exceed the billion book. It is said that 300 million or more is sales of game software. It is "iPhone", "iPod touch" to be able to use this software, and the total numbers of sales is 37 million. "iPhone" is called 21 million or more.

I hear that not only an existing cellular phone but also the rival of "iPhone" is the portable game machines such as "DS" and "PSP" now.
Iu in case of it is because a portable game average machine can enjoy a game real because the screen is large, the image is delicate, and the engine is efficient.

The man in one's thirties white-collar worker in Kanagawa Prefecture where both "iPhone" and "DS" are owned is Iu , saying that "The game came to use only iPhone". Two is unnecessary because it plays by the diversion of mind extent. I hear that the cellular phone inevitably became "iPhone" for the game to always carry about.

An advantageous point is never only to carry about as a telephone. There is a cheapness of the price of game software. For instance, about 1000 yen for "iPhone" in the high though "DS" is 4000-5000 yen each. It is not necessary to go out to the shop, and it is possible to buy it by download. Moreover, the popularity of the cellular phone game has risen, and sales have been increased rapidly at last few years.
07 years became 84.8 billion yen and twice or more while the mobile game marketplace in Japan was 41.5 billion yen in 04 according to the survey of the mobility contents forums. Most is sales of the game for the cellular phone.

- Konami and Sega also supply software for iPhone.

The game industry segments major named Konami and Sega is beginning a soft supply for "iPhone" in Japan. "iPhone" is ..putting out.. . according to announcing to public of Sega that "A powerful marketplace has been understood" puts out. Three titles are turned on, and both "Super-monkey ball" (tax-inclusive price 900 yen) in that is high popularity, and, up to now, when it has already sold also more than 60 Manmoto, Iu.

According to Apple Japan, television CM etc. and when the cognizance degree went up rapidly because it typed out, it is Iu , saying that "The game can play by iPhone". Moreover, the chance that a popular work appears in succession in not only a powerful game manufacturer but also the approach that can develop the game at an individual level, and sell it by "App Store" of the Internet. Those who produce about the game search for the sales network of the self-made software, and number of degrees of freedom is considerably high as there is not worry that carries an inventory, and either the price is decided for myself.
The game sold and is assessed by the review that exists in "App Store".

「The cycle of having the reading interest and buying the review one after another can been done. Hereafter, a new of various ideas game will appear in succession. 」

Popularly, being likely to rise further is an expectation of announcing to public this company.

- source: Http://
The criticism has risen to the personal computer game software of made in Japan of the contents of making the pregnancy and the artificial termination of pregnancy rape, do three women including the girl, and done in foreign countries.

The citizen of the world right group started the protest activity from which the sales discontinuance in Japan was requested. As for this game, it became a problem in the Diet in Britain in February, and net sales major "Amazon" of the video and the book discontinued the treatment. However, it circulates still in Japan where the regulation of the kiddie porn etc. is loose.

This game is a contents of virtually experiencing making the pregnancy and the artificial termination of pregnancy rape in the train after the lingua of the public nuisance and done in the image that uses the computer graphics as for two girls thought to be a minority and the mother. The game software manufacturer in Yokohamashi marketed in 2006.

It came to be put in question in the human rights group in the entering foreign countries this year, and the motion that Member of Congresses surprised to obtain this game in Amazon in Britain dissented to circulation in the same country was fil. Such movement is reported with media such as Britain, and British Amazon discontinues the handling of this game in February. The Amazon headquarters in the United States is a dissemination lingua as for the discontinuance of handling.

However, it is possible to obtain it in other mail orders now though the regulation of the kiddie porn etc. is loose, and "Amazon Japan" of Japan discontinued sales of this game in Japan recently.

Citizen of the world right group "Iku Olite now" (headquarters and New York) that starts the protest activity announces the statement with "The industry that makes the violence to the woman and the girl a theme raises the fast profit in Japan, and the child pornography marketplace of the girl who is called 'Lolita complex' is made huge, too". The criticism is turned to the response of the government , saying that "Does not the Japanese Government stop the circulation of the game like encouraging the rape why?".

This group began to call 30,000 members of 160 countries that the letter of protest was put out to the important persons of the Japanese Government such as production companies of the character violence games of the rape and the confinement, etc. including this game, marketers, and Prime Minister Aso on the sixth. The affiliate etc. of a domestic human rights group also are appealing to the marketer etc. taking the opportunity of such an activity.

The manufacturer of this game「The independent review institution that makes it from industry segments passes, and the one of this merchandise sold for domestic use. The protest of an overseas group doesn't agree, and not have the comment Noshi way. 」It speaks.  The sales number is not clarified.

- Kiddie porn
Manufacturing and sales, etc. are prohibited in Law for Punishing Acts Related to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography by the image that depicts the child of less than 18 years sexual. However, the simple possession that the individual obtains through the personal computer etc. is not prohibited. Animated and selling..prohibit.
The voice to request the strengthening of the regulation of Japan comes out.

- Source
The application program more than two Manmoto is handled now, and 'App Store' of U.S. Apple Co. that sells the application program for iPhone is crowded in Beyonce's concert hall.
However, independent-system developer's Mr. Ethan Nicholas succeeded in that situation in earnings of 600,000 dollars month in only one iPhone game.

As for Mr. Nicholas, tank bombardment game 'iShoot' that I had developed talked to 1st place about with App Store that he ran and resigned work on the day when 37,000 dollars day were earned.

This Mr. spoke by the telephone interview, "Surprise to It has to in the age though it was likely not to become a billionaire by the end of next month". " "Though it turns into a millionaire right now if there is no share of person in charge of customs of Apple

There was no realistic road where an individual programmer made a packet for oneself until recently. The majority of the software marketplace were neither being ruled by the large company a current circulation method of the independent-system developer ,in a word, the shareware is not nor the connection Yasui one to a big profit. On the other hand, the platform of marketing, sales, and notice assignment of software is provided for App Store that exists in 'iTunes' of the Apple Co., and the developer side is requested only to prepare a good idea and the code that can be used.

As for Mr. Nicholas's success story, the possibility of the killing still proves certain enough to App Store that seven months pass from appearance. Application program developer's Mr. Steve Demeter for iPhone talked in September, 2008 that 250,000 dollars had been earned by puzzle game 'Trism' in only two months (Japanese version article).
However, a lot of developers thought that it was avoided that neither increasing of the number of application programs of stores too nor the economic environment of business worsened by the average to which App Store rapidly expanded.

It was not easy for Mr. Nicholas. This Mr. who was working as an engineer in U.S. Sun Microsystems Co. worked on eight hour 'iShoot' on the day after working hours. The code was written fondling the son of one year by one hand by the other hand. The writing of the application program for iPhone was learnt in one's own style reading the Web site because there was no money to buy the book.

Sales was slack for a while though 'iShoot' had been released in October. Afterwards, Mr. Nicholas finds the free time, makes free version 'iShoot Lite' of 'iShoot', and releases it in January, 2009.
'iShoot' (3 dollars/350 yen) that was the pay, full function version in that was advertised.

The effect was preeminent. As for a free version, it was downloaded 2.4 million times, and 320,000 people who played a free version and had consented paid money to a pay version.

Mr. Nicholas's game zoomed, became 1st place, and defended the seat for 26 days. Mr. Nicholas is still waiting still for disbursement from the Apple Co. in February now. Therefore, this Mr. was not able to present the document that proved the earnings. However, reporter Bryan Barletta of '' was affirming 'iShoot Lite' in the seat in 1st place for about three weeks. Moreover, when this article is being written, 'iShoot' is applied to 6th place of a pay application program of App Store top 25.

Mr. Nicholas's success is an example of a skillful marketing strategy's leading to the success in iPhone. He did not request the Pulmonary regurgitation agent. He simply talks that it is word of mouth of people, is luck, and the qualities of the game about the reason for the success.

Mr. Nicholas was and there was the Sun company's having discontinued the bonus besides there were circumstances of taking care of the relative who had the health care cost fee of high priced necessary for the family, and trouble according to writing by this Mr. in the reader comment field ..the reason to face the game development was that life was hard...
Moreover, it is Iu when influenced from the success of Trism.

「It was not thought that it went well so much. ..obtaining of Trism in one month the twice the achievement lingua amount..」

Sega Sammy Holdings

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Sega Sammy Holdings announced that they recruited the tenth and recruited it about 560 of subsidiary Sega voluntary retirements. It hits about 20 percent of 3127 regular members. The voluntary retirement of 400 person dimension was raised last year.

The business of the family-use game machines business and the game center becomes the operating loss.. ..the expectation.., and the done aim in the number of men that is.  the reduction and the earnings dimension of employment costResearch and development expenditures are suppressed, and it is ..plan.. Iu in 80 percent in fiscal year 2007 of a new number of titles of game software who suppresses it.
Moreover, about 110 low shops of earnings of 347 shop game centers that are now are closed.
Capcom is an application program on May 12 for iPhone/iPod touch.
"Bio hazard" (800 yen) is put on the market, and the full-scale entry lingua in the iPhone application program.

The story of the virus damage of holding it off though hero's man is 3D game of which the original is the full CG movie of this name, and is an airport and is a zombi and a war.

The adoption lingua of the user interface only of iPhone as it remains is controller Osono of the game machine, the main body is inclined on the touch panel besides the manipulation can be done by reproduced "Virtual control pad", and the bullet is loaded (load).

This company plans to turn on the iPhone application program positively in the future.

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The Crieitiv core puts studying of NINTENDO DS English word of a specialization high-level lingua soft "TOEIC(R) TEST English word speed mastering DS" on the market to the TOEIC examinee on April 30, 2009.

The occasion that needs English has increased surely, and there might be a lot of people who are busy and give up the English conversation school expert unpleasantness self-study, too. Having been made for such people is English study software of NINTENDO DS that fills "Light-hearted" and "Learning effect" at the same time.

"Everyone's DS Zeminarlcampeki English word power" that acquired the English word of the basal level in July, '06 was put on the market, and in this company, "It was efficient" was able to study in a limited time of busy modern people for a more high-level TOEIC examinee, and the study software from which "It was early" result came out was pursued this time though the hit product that exceeded about five shipment number Manmoto after half a year.

"TOEIC(R) TEST English word speed mastering DS" is software that can assume best-selling English word collection "TOEIC(R) TEST English word speed mastering" (written by Hisashi Shigenari J and research publication) to have exceeded 300,000 now to be a source, and study 3000 English word words that happen frequently by TOEIC such as "Life term" used in daily life of "Business-related word" used in the international society and Europe and America by high pace.

"Check & answer function" that can do the confirmation of an ambiguous word is features. The weakness can be considered in changing the method "It is voluntary" selection by "It is confident" and "It is not confident" when the answer is chosen with the touch pen, and a careless mistake and the misunderstanding be decreased. Moreover, the graph function to understand my proficiency is installed.
The data updated at each study not only improves the accuracy of the following studies further but also the score will be extended by the voice's by the native speaker being collected in a short term.

The optimal software in the TOEIC examinee.

The price is 3990 yen.

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It was announced that the Pokemon put NINTENDO DS soft "Pocket monster heart Gold" and "Pocket monster Seoul Silver" on the market in the autumn of 2009.

Various functions improve from a current series in power in the Jout .."Pocket monster heart Gold Seoul Silver".. provinces that become DS debuts, and under development as latest Composition who is fully loaded of a novel element. It is put on the market in 1999, and it boasts of the sales number more than 2300 Manmoto all over the world, and newborn here through ten years from Game Boy soft "Pocket monster money and silver" that became Imasaku's origin.


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When the game manufacturer in South Korea released the online gaming "Chengjisihan" some time ago, media of China are Mitsuki, and the commotions like "A racial hero of "Our country" is". Mongol also enters this fight as for both South Korea and China manners and cultural heritages, etc. this time though "The home country is a root" and the claim have become problems since before. The discomfort feeling is shown , saying that "Chengjisihan is a hero in Mongolia". "International problem" outbreak over the game.

It is possible to insist, Mr. pole Kim of the representative of the ethnology association is "Mongolia and (clan of Tungus of red of ..hanging.. =), etc. are descendants of a Korean family, and, in that sense, Chengjisihan is Korea race", and to play a game this time in South Korea on the basis of the insistence production.

Game specialty site "Multi Moteaso play" of China : to this about this game on the seventh. 「..anger.. !South Korea uses Chengjisihan for the online gaming, and is as for a racial in China hero. 」The article "The game of South Korea always used the person and the showplace in China" was published.
It continues. 「When Confucius was South Korean, some men in South Korea announced study results of the hearty laugh. Large Korea race is not able not only to be beautified by a childish like this action but also feelings of squalid are exposed. 」The rough crocodile lingua of anger like solving.

However, manager of the travel agency and Altangerel Jabawa (35) in Mongolia Ulan Bator are resented for the anger of this China , saying that "Chinese who wrote this article doesn't understand anything either".

Every "If it is said, it is ..Chengjisihan.. true for the Mongolia people and the Mongolia race that China was a part of Mongolia though China is certainly related in case of the meaning 'Large Mongolian empire' including Mongolia when national creation is under the rule of China .."God" ... now, too.  It should be insisted the hero in not the hero in China but Mongolia and Mongolia race's hero" Hatsuiku of the Mongolia founding of a country Chengjisihan knows. Large Mongolian empire is a dismantling through year of 100tens of of postmortem of the Chengjisihan. Mongolia is divided in and out, and 80 percent or more of a present Inner Mongolia resident is Han. Dealings in an inside Ryou country seem to be historically bad, and to stimulate Mongol very much by the article on this China.

Jazag Anfbat (34) who carries on the IT enterprise in Ulan Bator also「China will be negative though 'Mongolia raid' of Kamakura Period (former =) becomes Kiyoshi's act if Chengjisihan is a hero in China. To begin with, the Mongolia race has thought that the misunderstanding and contradiction of Chinese are filled with one of the minorities of China in Chengjisihan in China. 」
It speaks. 
 The calositas is controverted putting prestige (?) of three countries. I want to ask the most famous Mongol and dollar Gol indanthrene Dagwadolge (Qinglong in 28 and the grand champion sumo wrestler and the morning) in Japan the opinion.

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International animal rights group "Association of people who request animal's ethics treatment" (PETA) assumes that the circus game before it puts it on the market undertakes the maltreatment of animals, and requests the sale discontinuance.

Sale schedule to putting of PETA in question by Wii and NINTENDO DS
Game to which motif of this name was famous circus company worldwide by 'Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus'.

PETA is assumed that there is "History with a long maltreatment of animals and disregard" in this circus company, and requested that it wants Mr. Ben Feder who is CEO of this company at the same time as proposing the sale discontinuance to interactive Take2 to send the mail of the protest though is known Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus by the program where a lot of elephants appear.

Mechanism that visitor is prepared mail form of entry settlement on site of PETA, and can send mail of protest by Mr. Feder only to put my his/her name and mail address and to push "Transmission" Paeonia suffruticosa Andr..

To the mail form「I know union and am shocking with Ringling Bros so that Take2 may make the game of the circus. The circus is not pleasant for the animal though the game might be happy killing time ....... 」
The contents has already been entered, and it is possible to optionally edit it.
It is concluded, "Please choose the circus company only of the attendee of voluntary man as a partner with the game of the circus if you are making Taino".

PETA is assumed that CM of 'Triplochiton scleroxylon DE amigo' overseas edition is an animal abuse.
The job actions such as assumption that the treatment of the army dog of 'Call of Duty World at War' is cruel besides discontinuance of opening to the public is proposed to Sega and sending 'nintendogs' to Activision Blizzard are done.

Sale schedule of 'Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus' in the fourth quarter of 2009.
It will be able to be said that it is an unusual case that the protest happens to the game before it puts it on the market.


Encephalon tray net

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Recently, volunteer group "Encephalon tray net" that introduced an easy game and the hand play to the local populace started in Kyoto Prefecture Nandan City Yagicho to prevent the cognizance syndrome.

37 people such as residents who had the nursing experience of the family in Taba 2 city 1 town etc. and elder care facilit staff formed the region where the cognizance syndrome was few even if it made it.

It works on the introduction of the game that the course for the resident is held, and there is an effect in the cognizance syndrome prevention by proceeding to the salon in which the elderly persons gather. There are "Advertisement puzzle" etc. that start tearing up "Sheet gem putting" that becomes a moth cover several, pulls the perforated sheet, and puts the ball in the hole and the handbill and uniting the game as before.

Representative Yoshiko Ashida is speaking Yagicho Osakabe (62) ==, "To live happily even if aging, I want to expand the circle of the cognizance syndrome prevention".
(the rest is omitted)

Bandai NAMCO

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It has been understood to assume that the fanfare tune of the manufactured by oneself work is used with the game software of the motorboat race without permission, for music publishing company "It affects Mr. bean jam" of Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo to take two game company companies as an opponent, and to have brought a case to Tokyo District Court for the disbursement of royalty meter about 32 million yen.

The company that affected Mr. bean jam received the request of the corporate juridical person and the Japanese motorboat race federation for 91 years, and produced the fanfare tune of the 10 species according to the petition etc.Six is being used in 24 motorboat race place in the whole country now.

When this six is used respectively by "Motorboat race Worzmacl 6" of "Monkey turn V" of "Bandainamucogamus" (Shinagawa Ward) and "Entarbran" (Chiyoda Ward), it is Iu. The company that affects Mr. bean jam insists, "As for the copyright, it was in its company, and was used without permission for the game company though the original board of the tune was passed to the federation", and is requesting the disbursement of the forehead that corresponded to 6% of the total sales amount of software.

In the ring tone melody of the cellular phone, when the disbursement of the royalty is received, and use is permitted to several companies, it is Iu.

15-May 13, year jp 2009:00 of every day

Online gaming

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The housewife "Online gaming and evil. " 22 years old

・Did the send the police report of the Osaka prefectural Police Sen'nan station of housewife (22) in Osaka Prefecture Izumishi on the 17th on the suspicion of the Unauthorized Computer Access Law breach.

The suspicion of sending to the prosecutors office is a doubt of accessing this game six times by using ID of woman (29) in Osaka Prefecture Hannanshi with which it got acquainted through the online gaming of the Internet at the end on October last year.

The game is a system according to the Sen'nan station that can enjoy wearing items such as favorite hats and the dresses to attendee's one's double character. An unusual item is bought and sold by the net auction. The housewife sold the item 45 points of the woman by unlawful computer access without permission, and was earning about 50,000 yen.
It is testified, "It wanted money that was able to be spent on the liberty".
When game software that the download sales are done in addition to a conventional package software has increased by family-use game machines, it is Iu. How are this download sales and the net user using it?
The answer of 223 people to own family-use game machines from 319 men and women in their forties was totaled from one's twenties with the answer.

In the game machine that the respondent owns, a lot of "DS" is 78.9%. It continued, and neither "DSi" nor "XBOX360" came up to 10 percent with "Wii(46.6%)", "PSP(38.1%)", and "PS3(17.5%)" (multiple answer).

Game software is downloaded from the Internet that ties with family-use game machines and "Know" is the entire 81.6% as for can purchase. The respondent who actually experiences the download purchase is 29.7% though the cognizance degree exceeded 80 percent high overall with the woman excluding one's thirties. A proportion in one's twenties seem to be with the man and there not be a lot of purchase experienced people about the high too much yet.  slightly

A lot of voices "There was no guarantee when data flew" and. " "Because of favor of the package version and "It is thought it was troublesome" "Purchase is put off" reason.. went up (free answer). next, when having heard it, "It is possible to play by buying it at your leisure" became the order of "Low price (36.3%) from the package" and "(14.8%) where a nostalgic game was able to play" 42.2% all game machine owners when it was on the other hand best of the download sales the thought point. "(21.1%) where a nostalgic game can play" ..separately at the age.. one's twenties.. It is in one's forties and high point is .."(52.5%) where it can play by buying it at your leisure".. more pathognomonic respectively than other ages.

In anxious most in the download sales, "Trouble of the data breakage etc." is sexuality and doesn't ask at the age and be tops by 47.5% of the whole.
"The payment side like the trouble etc. of the credit card was anxieties (18.8%)" and "(12.1%) without the package" continued, and, hereafter, "Software cannot be lent and borrowed" etc. did not come up to 10 percent. There was a trend that "Trouble of the data breakage etc." was in one's forties, and the man made "There is no package" nature or more from the woman.

The cognizance degree of the overall to the download sales of the home-use game software is high, cheap in favorite timing, and the point etc. that can be bought have understood the assessment.


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25 million total numbers of saleses or more in the country go up to 80 million or more all over the world after it puts it on the market.
"NINTENDO DS". Illegal use by the illegal copy and the protecting removing prevails by the shadow of the sunburst of popularity, and the damage aggregate amount also has the trial of passing 300 billion yen all over the world. There is no fundamental solution though devoted one's energies to the countermeasure by the game manufacturer, and the copyright group is requesting the development of legal systems as "Lead to the industrial decline".

The replication of the private use is exceptionally perceived in the copyright law, and it ..question.. regrets illegal of "Maji Kon" with the aspect of the backup function of data. Therefore, it is in the situation in which everyone can easily download popular software "Super Mario" and "Pokemon" free of charge on the net, and illegal use is not endless.

It is thought that Maji Kon's user goes up to several hundred thousand at least-person dimension only domestically according to Nintendo, and many of users have acquired illegal software through overseas site and file-swapping software "Wine" etc.

The number of defluvium lingua DS software is up to 1,857,988 according to the implementation lingua software copyright association.. investigation last August through Wine. When the software before it puts it on the market was included in the inside with all titles can downloaded at any time, it is Iu.

It becomes 5,945,560,000 considerable yen if the damage forehead of the defluvium lingua software is converted by the average unit price 3200 yen for the domestic sale, and this hits 4.5% of the year before last's domestic shipment.
Moreover, the number of cases to which illegal software is downloaded on seven sites of foreign countries such as China reaches about 112 million as of December the year before last since the DS sale, and when it becomes 300 billion yen or more, the damage forehead is a trial lingua.

It takes it in such a current state, and the game manufacturer prevails Shiga outside Maji Kon's upgrade and protecting, and is not taken the effective countermeasure in software now though deals with protecting by putting it.

In popular soft "Dragon quest V" put on the market last July, the trap that the game is not advanced to the user of the illegal copy is begun, and when the protecting was broken from release in six hours, it is Iu though generated publicity among Maji Kon users. (abbreviation of part)


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As for "iPhone", about 3.79 million 2.2 times corresponding period of the last year sold for 09 years that the Apple Computer USA had announced in 1-accounts for the year ending March.
The top line of the "iPhone" division including software etc. quadrupled. It is because the total sales of the correspondence software started in the summer of 08 years exceed the billion book. It is said that 300 million or more is sales of game software.
"iPhone" "iPod touch" The total numbers of sales is 37 million. "iPhone" is called 21 million or more.

I hear that not only an existing cellular phone but also the rival of "iPhone" is portable game machines such as "DS" and "PSP" now.
Iu in case of it is because it can enjoy a game real because the screen is large, and the engine is also efficient.
"iPhone" "DS" A white-collar worker who owns both in one's thirties is Iu , saying that "The game came to use only iPhone".
Two is unnecessary because it plays by the diversion of mind extent. I hear that the cellular phone inevitably became "iPhone" to always carry about.

An advantageous point is never only to carry about. There is a cheapness in the value of the game steps. "iPhone" : for about 1000 yen in the high though "DS" is 4000~5000 yen each. It is possible to buy it by download.

The game industry segments major named Konami and Sega is starts in Japan as for a soft supply for iPhone. "iPhone" is ..putting out.. . according to announcing to public of Sega that "A powerful marketplace has been understood" puts out. Three titles are turned on, and popularity is high, and, up to now, "Super-monkey ball" has sold also more than 60 Manmoto both.

According to Apple Japan, television CM etc. and when the cognizance degree went up rapidly because it typed out, it is Iu , saying that "The game can play by iPhone". Moreover, the chance that the game is developed at an individual level, and a popular work appears in succession in the approach that can be sold by "App Store" of the net. Those who produce about the game search for the sales network of the self-made software, and number of degrees of freedom is considerably high as there is not worry that carries an inventory, and either the price is decided for myself. The game sold and is assessed by the review that exists in "App Store".

 「The cycle of having the reading interest and buying the review one after another can been done. Hereafter, a new of various ideas game will appear in succession. 」
Popularly, being likely to rise further is an expectation of announcing to public this company.


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