Nintendo the new work of high "Civil wars BASARA (Basara)".
Overseas sales of popular game "Monster hunter 3(Han Mon)" developed domestically for the peer cooperate. It aims at the synergistic effect of Wii and its company soft sales that spread inside and outside the country.

In the new work of a leading game of Capcom, the majority were for game machines of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Microsoft. The total numbers of sales in the world in Setokiten was judged that the dealings strengthening was indispensable to reach about 52 million, and to sell a leading game efficiently in June of Wii.

Disclosure preliminary report of * Capcom stock price Http://

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Ulshi Takeuchi whose Capcom is a producer of "Biohazard 5" of the sale schedule for Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 talked about the reason why this work is not developed for Wii.

When > we began the production of "Biohazard 5", > Wii was not the best choice to make it to the most terrible game. We feel this selection happy because we renew after > making this game though it is likely to have had to make to Wii if it sees from the angle of the business.

On the other hand, a negative comment is drawn to the producer's judgment in Go Nintendo , saying that "The manipulation of Wii version bio 4 was popular among a lot of people though I heard an especially negative opinion on the manipulation side about bio 5".
As the production side, because the alternative named Wii enters , considering the number of the spread and the manipulation, etc. , too it is not possible did suffer and to know the judgment though it becomes Xbox360 and PS3 if Sao is ..graphic side.. real pursued about biohazard 5.
However, when sales of bio 5 are not fragrant, the one might be put on the market as for "Biohazard 5 Wii edition" because Capcom variously has the precedent.
The civil wars general is captivating a young woman now. The historic site of the connection is visited, and the cartoon character merchandise is hunted. The beer and the bamboo grass boiled fish paste connected to small Juro Katakura Masamune Date and vassal even if hearts of them who are called "Rekijo ()" are gripped are sold one after another, and it is popular. The approach to which the sightseeing guide was done by Masamune's side house and the style illustration of the present age of the cat presence started for men aiming at "Bud", too.

The chance of the Rekijo breeding is a smash hit of video games "Civil wars BASARA" (Capcom) active of the civil wars general of Ikemen and "Civil wars no congruence" (CoA). Ota Nobunaga, Shingen Takeda, the Sanada product village, and Yorocotsgi Maeta besides Masamune appear in civil wars BASARA. "Ro ()" is a climate acting in remaining the conditions nature willingly as for gay that becomes popular Asatoki Nanhoku. It was popularly connected also that generals fought because of exaggerated arms that jumped over the historical investigation. Broadcasting TV animation started in April, too.

It becomes an actual general fan there, the related product is bought, and Rekijo that visits the ground of the connection has increased. Undulation from the metropolitan area has extended to the whole country.

This was put out and the business opportunity, Mite, and the Naganuma environmental development (Toyoma City) put out the BASARA version to existing beer "Masamune Date beer" in March. Same month's number of net sales swelled to 15 times the previous year this moon and went up.
It is put on the market that the Takahama food industry (salt pan city) : on the 11th this month "Civil wars BASARA Sendai special product thick-baked bamboo grass kitchen range. " and (248 yen for three pieces). Masamune who had worn the casque of Ta of the crescent (setting up one) began to line up in the supermarket in the whole country in the design that was spirited of Daitacatana.



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