Capcom hardens dealings with Nintendo by developing and selling leading game software. Popularity to the woman develops for type of leaving untouched game machine "Wii"

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Nintendo the new work of high "Civil wars BASARA (Basara)".
Overseas sales of popular game "Monster hunter 3(Han Mon)" developed domestically for the peer cooperate. It aims at the synergistic effect of Wii and its company soft sales that spread inside and outside the country.

In the new work of a leading game of Capcom, the majority were for game machines of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Microsoft. The total numbers of sales in the world in Setokiten was judged that the dealings strengthening was indispensable to reach about 52 million, and to sell a leading game efficiently in June of Wii.

Disclosure preliminary report of * Capcom stock price Http://

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