for PS3 of the popular race game series from which the sale was expected was open to the public.

What game does "Grantsurismo 5" become though the sale of power system planning program version "Grantsurismo" that has already collected 800 models or more according to the sale of new model PSP"PSP Go" has been decided?

The detail : as follows.
"gamescom" and open to the public-Grantsurismo .com of 'Grantsurismo 5' up-to-date information.

New information on PS3 soft "Grantsurismo 5" seems to have been open to the public in "GamesCom" according to the Grantsurismo official site.

The announced contents reaches 1000 models by the collection model, corresponds to the interior and the damage expression sooner or later 170 kinds of "Premium model", and the collection course is the one of becoming a layout of more than 20 courses and 60 or more appearing in the model inherited from "Grantsurismo 4" as "Standard model" to make compatible in 830 remainder modalities.

The course of variegated to which the car that reaches 1000 models of the aggregate is collected is scheduled to be collected

I hear that the physical simulation of the vehicle is completely changed, the damage expression that completely reproduces the distortion by the fall and the collision of the vehicle is added, and the behavior of the latest hybrid car and the electric car named Prius, incite, and the tesla was reproduced faithfully in addition moreover.

In addition, it is assumed that "Grand touring car mode" composed of "Arcade mode" composed of a single race and two player battle, the World map, the tuning shop, and the championship race, etc. appears, and assumes that the function that can preserve replay online and the replay power output function etc. to YouTube are mounted.

When does the sale of "Grantsurismo 5" become though PS3 that makes to the thin type and became cheap is put on the market on September 3?The deployment in the future is anxious because a popular title.

The source is Gigagen.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) (*1) is "PlayStation portable" exclusive use of PSP(R) real driving simulator I will put 'Grantsurismo' (GT) PSP(R) version on the market on Thursday, October 8, 2009.

'GT' The PSP(R) version becomes "GT" series latest work that can enjoy a beautiful graphic like the practical vehicle that made the best use of the production technology of a current "Grantsurismo" (GT) series (*2) work and real behavior anytime and anywhere.

The user who touches this series for the first time to say nothing of the "GT" series fan is a contents according to a sensorium lingua game design and various play modes that can experience the driving enjoyment that the "GT" series advocates for sports and wonderful of the car as for the characteristic and the facility of variegated cars who exceed 800 models that become most series and portable game machines, too.

Moreover, the play value extends further by bringing together with the companion of the exchange of the communication fighting that uses an ad hoc function of PSP(R) and the won car etc. and playing.
Please see the attached paper for the merchandise executive summary in this work.

SCEJ provides an attractive game work in the future, and promotes the creation of a further computer entertainment.

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