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Nintendo the new work of high "Civil wars BASARA (Basara)".
Overseas sales of popular game "Monster hunter 3(Han Mon)" developed domestically for the peer cooperate. It aims at the synergistic effect of Wii and its company soft sales that spread inside and outside the country.

In the new work of a leading game of Capcom, the majority were for game machines of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Microsoft. The total numbers of sales in the world in Setokiten was judged that the dealings strengthening was indispensable to reach about 52 million, and to sell a leading game efficiently in June of Wii.

Disclosure preliminary report of * Capcom stock price Http://

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"Ultimateness and video game top 100" The Britain Empire magazine announces.

・British movie magazine Empire announced the ranking of "Ultimateness and video game top 100".

It was put on the market by the summary of the voting accepted from the reader in Shi official sites as four "Super Mario Brothers" series of Nintendo crop lists, and smash hit action game "Super Mario World" that sold more than 2000 Manmoto all over the world shone to 1st place. Additionally, "Final Fantasy 7" in which the movie version is produced and "Street fighter 2" are the rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus in top 10.

It chose in "Bio shock" and 39th place, and in 100th place, it chose in "Tumuradar" and 54th place and "Guitar hero" etc. were chosen as "Silent pictures Hill" and 70th place the choice in "Metal gear solid" and 26th place the choice in 20th place.

Top 10 is as follows.

1st place "Super Mario World" 2nd place "Final Fantasy 7" 3rd place "World of war kraft" 4th place "Call Ob duty 4" 5th place "Shidomaiyarz civilization" 6th place "Street fighter 2" 7th place "Dum" 8th place "Ocarina when it is Zelda" 9th place "Super Mario 64" 10th place"Golden Polygonum tinctorium Lour. 007"
I hear that Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo said, "Do not worry at all" the motion control of SONY and Microsoft.

Mr. Miyamoto : to the interview of BBC. 「It tries to pull the game player from the sofa by both companies and the motion control and to peel off. The body is seen, and be to try to make the movement Shite game controlled, and this to see we were Wii. 」Do..same..direction..toward..honored..think..make remarks.

I hear the assessment at this point for being in "Initial stage" when the announcement is seen for the motion control technology of both companies as no arrival to produce the experience with the depth provided with Wii Motion Plus.

I hear the comment on 'New Super Mario Brothers Wii' moreover, "Quite new game no mere transplant of 'New Super Mario Brothers', and all new contents and without the same side either", and "It is thought that the one that we have not seen in adding the element of four player element of a classic game and new interest to 'Super Mario Brothers' series arises".

E3 by which all of the main game manufacturer announced approach concerning motion control.
Nintendo who is technically the originator of movement is going ahead by one step.

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