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Sega clarified that the service of new title "Fantashestaretarnalhantarz" would begin this winter in "Moba gaiter Un" that DeNA managed. As for the basic play fee, item Cakinsei is adopted free of charge.

"Fantashestaretarnalhantarz" is regional interlocking type RPG that uses the position information of the cellular phone.
The player will receive a top secret duty in the world of popular RPG "Phantasy Star".
The duty is recovery of the data that has scattered in the accident investigation and various places of the research vessel made an emergency landing in an unknown planet while experimenting. The interlocking element with RPG for the PlayStation portable released on February 24, 2011"Two Fantashestarportabl Infiniti" is scheduled to be prepared.

The acceptance of the advanced registration of "Fantashestaretarnalhantarz" has been begun since today.
I will finish the enrollment without forgetting the fan of "Phantasy Star" series.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!

Sega Sammy Holdings

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Sega Sammy Holdings announced that they recruited the tenth and recruited it about 560 of subsidiary Sega voluntary retirements. It hits about 20 percent of 3127 regular members. The voluntary retirement of 400 person dimension was raised last year.

The business of the family-use game machines business and the game center becomes the operating loss.. ..the expectation.., and the done aim in the number of men that is.  the reduction and the earnings dimension of employment costResearch and development expenditures are suppressed, and it is ..plan.. Iu in 80 percent in fiscal year 2007 of a new number of titles of game software who suppresses it.
Moreover, about 110 low shops of earnings of 347 shop game centers that are now are closed.


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