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In my home though PS2 that puts on dust.

It is in March, 2000 on ten previous states of year or more that PlayStation 2 was put on the market. There is still the demand for PS2 now though PlayStation 3 that is the succession machine is a mainstream.

Very, it seems to have sold as many as 500,000 or more only even for the period of last year's year-end sales battle in the world.

Excerpt of part from press release of "PS2 is achievement stripes ....real.. sales.. lingua that records sales steady around young countries such as Eastern Europe, the Nakachika easts, and South America and Southeast Asia, and exceeds 500,000 for the period of year-end sales battle" SONY computer entertainment.

By the way, this figure of 500,000 is the same as the figure sold in about three weeks after PS Vita is put on the market in Japan. The machine of leaving untouched put on the market for ten years or more ago cannot sell only the latest, portable game machine and the same and conceal surprising.

PS2 is a moderate price to You may depend on it, and the enrichment charm of software. The game debs can call the optimal game machine in the future if it thinks.

I hear Care: the year-end sales battle period was "Japan and November 18th - December 31th in November 21th - December 31th of 2011 and Europe and PAL region in North America of 2011 in Asia on November 21, 2011 - January 5, 2012" according to SONY.

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SCE puts the new color "Jungle green" of wireless controller (DUALSHOCK 3) for PS3 on the market on February 24. The price is 5,500 yen (including tax).

In jungle green, green with different light and shade is used in the top and bottom of the controller.
As for such a two-tone DUALSHOCK 3 controller, this becomes the first. By the way, February 24 is a publication day of software 'KILLZONE3' for PS3. The goodness so design as for the title like 'KILLZONE3' to fight in the arena of warfare though it plays.
Http:// PlayStation

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on the market in Asia including Japan, Europe, and North America in September on the 18th. After the capacity of the hard disk is increased from 80 Gbyte of a present model to 120 Gbyte, it makes it to the thin type. It puts it on the market from a present model for 10,000 yen and 29,980 yen (including tax) in Yasui in Japan on September 3.

It opposes "Xbox360" of Micro Soft of U.S. that sells "Wii (Wee)" of Nintendo early with low-priced of 25,000 yen as the weapon and the reprint edition for 19,800 yen.
It aims at a drastic sales upper load by year-end sales battle.

Sale schedule of new model machine of 299 dollars in United States in Europe on September 1 in 299 euro.
A present model has already ended production, and model machine.. aims at replacing ..SCE.. sequentially.
100 dollars, and each "The direction of the market is considered" (SCE), and policy of not cutting the price of a present model in Japan and Asian market in North America and Europe though discounted by 100 euro.

As for the new model machine, the thickness of the main body is 33 Miri thinner than that of 65 Miri and present models, and weight is also lighter by 1.2 kiloes. Enjoying downloading not only the game but also music and the image and the moving image, etc. more by the enlargement of the capacity of the hard disk becomes possible. An easy manipulation of the game machine can be done as a couch commander if it connects it with the LCD TV of SONY that corresponds.

- New "PlayStation 3" put on the market in September and controller Http://

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