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'Dragon quest IX' seems to show the fair start also in foreign countries.

'Those who defend in starry sky of dragon quest IX' records the top of sales in the kipper and NINTENDO DS division in rice and Britain by the place where overseas media totaled the sales data of Amazon (Amazon.co.jp,Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk) in Japan-U.S. and each country of Britain from July 22, 2010.

- Each country Amazon (Gamasutra examination) top 5 U.S. Amazon sales top 5 of NINTENDO DS
1.'Those who defend in starry sky of dragon quest IX'
2.'Mariocart DS'
3.'New Super Mario Brothers'
4.'Toy Story 3'
5.'Whistle of Zelda's legend earth'

Britain Amazon sales top 5
1.'Those who defend in starry sky of dragon quest IX'
2.『Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4』
3.'Professor Leyton and satan's boxes'
4.'New Super Mario Brothers'
5.'Toy Story 3'

Amazon sales top 5 of day
1.'Hero- of mystery - light and shadow of Faiaremubrem new and crest'
2.'Throbbing memorial Girls Side 3rd Story'
3.『Challenge SPARC to three Inazmairebn worlds』
4.'Love plus +'
5.『Challenge Bonn bar to three Inazmairebn worlds』

The top is won splendidly in the two countries on Britain July 23 the United States July 11, though 'Those who defend in starry sky of dragon quest IX' put on the market.
It seems to be able to call this consequence good news for the Japan game field though it is recent to which the logjam of made in Japan RPG is specified from foreign countries.

The source

Japan is good country!
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of "Dragon quest" series of game software that had been put on the market on the seventh and July 11 had exceeded 350 Manmoto on the fifth this month.

This company assumes, "According to schedule in a good start". The sales numbers are already 338 Manmoto, and an additional shipment during August has been planned.

This software is for portable game machine "NINTENDO DS". Being able to make the best use of the wireless communication function of the peer, and to play by the friend and four the greatest people who are to be near are features. President Hiroshi Wada of this company is analyzing a good factor, "It became a family in communication feature's there and became one a person without going out by one".

The operating income was 500 million yen of corresponding ratio to the previous year 82.8% decrease, and the consolidation bottom line at the period on the April-June of 2009 announced on the same day the final profit and loss was 1.6 billion yen deficit (..2.8 billion yen.. ..previous term.. surplus). The factor such as languishing of the amusement facilities.

Disclosure preliminary report of http://www.business-i.jp/news/ind-page/news/200908080090a.nwc * Square Enix Holdings stock price Http://www.square-enix.com/ http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=9684

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It was announced that a popular group and SMAP performed to CM of software 'Those who defended in starry sky of dragon quest IX' and (Square Enix) for NINTENDO DS of the sale by all members on July 11 the 16th.
As for CM, a story comical as Katori Shingo is enticed by the man who is fishing is progressed.

SMAP performs to CM of 'Dragon quest' series in the past.
The one advanced like the documentary by the story over Katori to which it suddenly disappeared and the member who was dying to play a game as soon as possible attracted attention by a unique contents like the setting etc. that became "Finger" why.

The sale adjournment according to the trouble of software of 'Dragon Quest IX' that becomes a numbering title latest work though the sale was scheduled on March 28 this year.
People and popular group piles up the new work of people to whom the sense of starvation of the fan culminates game software.

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