If it is a person on the office or my computer with who has made work, Tetris will been heard. Will it be born in 1984, and this classics puzzle game that causes the sensation in the world in less than no time become Renaissance at a certain present age of the seed.

In industry segments from which a large sum of development cost Oka grider game doesn't sell at once, and the pop culture is not caught, Tetris. ――Game for player to rotate block, and to make it bond――Na Isao is continued the peel.

Computer scientist Aleksei Pagetonof at the Moscow science academy makes, and game entrepreneur's Mr. Henc Rogers has developed Tetris as a business. It sells after completing the first version on June 6, 1984 more than 100,002,500 Manmoto.

Supporters of Tetris are groping for the method of sustaining the road of the victory now.
Smart phone that expands after finding player of multitude with portable game machine and desktop computer of Game Boy etc. of Nintendo――Multimedia terminal equipped with touch screen of big Zantedeschia aethiopica K.Spreng. like iPhone of Apple――The field is paid to attention.

Mr. EA Mobile division international publishing accountable person Adam Susman of Electronic Arts(EA) says, "The difficulty for us is to keep promoting the growth of the Tetris series".
「It is expected for this business to evolve to a smart phone, to move to the mobile application program store, for people to find Tetris there, and to buy it. There might be more a lot of people who buy Tetris. 」

EA has the monopoly license of Tetris for commuting and the mobile device on which a lot of people are playing while taking a rest.
Tetris is in top 10 of the well selling application program after it appears in App Store of Apple in July, 2008.

It is far that Pagetonof thought at the Tetris development this time at this success.
This Mr. developed this game as a means to test Electronika that was the leading edge computer of the Soviet Union at that time.

- It contrasts it with a violence game.
Pagetonof looks back on the beginning of the 1980's when it came to work by using the desktop computer in Moscow recently. 「The development of the puzzle and board game was started. ――I have enjoyed it through life. Tetris was the one. 」It talked.  

This Mr. is Tetris. ――It is difficult to master it though it is easy to play. ――Isao's of ..drinking.. Na reason is said the point in the world in contrast to a game the violence it is.

「In Tetris, there is a creative psyche instead of the fracture that the player does in the shooting game etc.The player invents something. 」It solves and this Mr. talks. 「The player sets up in order and combines blocks that drop at random. It makes it ..conceit.. do very much. 」

The roil tea is obtained from Tetris now though Pagetonof made another like "Pandora's Box" "Hexic" etc. and the game afterwards. Mr. Rogers . to manage Tetris brand with Blue Planet Software

Mr. Rogers talks that there is an unlimited potential in Tetris. When he works on online gaming "Tetris Cup" of worldwide Tetris like the Olympics, this Mr. is Iu.

Tetris Cup will start next year, and the rally is held in the big city. This Mr. is planning finals, and the venue might become Hawaii on this Mr. base ground.

The profit goes out of Tetris still according to this Mr., and the cost of a lot of enterprises (This Mr. refrained from the dissemination) is much fewer than the forehead thrown out in Los Angeles this week in game exhibition E3 of holding.

「The terrible one. To develop one game, they are throwing out 10 million-20 million dollars. It prays for their good fights. 」

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