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Vice president Don Matoricc of Micro Soft of U.S. did not use the controller on the 16th (the 17th in Japan standard time) and showed the game in the body and the language, and actuate new technology "Kinect" was shown and the idea of converting it to the manipulation of OS (basic software)"Windows" of the personal computer was shown in the future.
When the preparation is advanced to do the manipulation in the language of 20 or more, Iu.
The interview of Asahi Shimbun was answered in the hall of world's largest game trade fair "E3" held in this place.

Kinect is a technology that can intuitively do the manipulation by the camera's with the mike tying to game machine "Xbox360", and flying up actually as the obstacle is avoided, and the art is ordered to the animal, and the correspondence software is put on the market by Japan within the year.

Vice president Matoricc「If Kinect is used, everyone is naturally good at the manipulation of the game from the elderly person to the child. The technology that completely upsets the current ideal way that man matches to the machine. 」
「Evolution is always necessary for the manipulation of the personal computer. It will be possible to inform of news that uses Kinect besides the game in the future. 」It described. 

The development of Kinect joined also the technology formation of not only the game division of Microsoft but also technology study division "Microsoft research center" of the headquarters and was advanced. It is expected that it will expect it as a core technology of inside where "iPad" of Apple that can do various manipulations by the movement of the tip of a finger is paid attention and prospective Yasui's of more use Windows.


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Nintendo opened new game machine "NINTENDO 3DS" to the public on the 15th (United States time).
The above screen corresponds to 3D display on 3.5-inch display.
The exclusive use glasses etc. can do the view, and are good at the adjustment of the 3D effect of 3D image unnecessarily arbitrarily with the dial that has placed to the main body.
The screen in the under becomes the same touch panel as DS.

Two are prepared, and a built-in camera can be used as 3D camera.
Moreover, communication feature hardens, too the arbitrary software is received, and when playing, other communication data can be received.

President Satoshi Iwata : in the symposium held with U.S.-Russian Sanzels.
「3D standard was in our head. The character comes to be able not only to be made solid but also ..being possible to do knowledge.. to move about the depth of the space. 」It talked. 
3D version of "Nintendoccs" was clarified and it was clarified that "Ridge racer" etc. of "Metal gear solid" of "Kingdom Harts" of "Biohazard" of Capcom and Square Enix and a Konami digital entertainments and Bandainamucogamuz were under development in under development in addition.

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- Nintendo http://www.nintendo.co.jp/

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