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As for the publication day of Tacticalaction for PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 to which the sale is postponed "Truth and Mikuni no congruence 5 Empires", company limited CoA is a decision lingua on May 28.
The price is 5,040 yen for each without the amendment. The CERO rating is B(Object by 12 years old or more).

"Empires" latest Composition of series who added simulation .."Sangokumusou 5 Empires".. element "..country.. ..theft.." in exhilaration one feels for one this millenary of "No congruence" series.
In "Competing mode" that becomes the main of this work, the general characters completely changed by "Truth and Mikuni no congruence 5" can be manipulated, and it enjoy a story different from "No congruence" series main knitting furthermore by one monarch as an Ichibu general.

Moreover, a new element such as an original general's up to 100 the greatest people come to being able to make it in the editing mode is being added by Imasaku besides a new element that moves special techniques such as "Falling rock" and "Honooha" and "" when combatting is added.


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