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Sega decided "Business pain car" that drew music software "Hatsune Miku" to be turned on to the business car that ran in Tokyo around Akihabara. The production site was open to the public on the 11th in saitama prefecture Sayamashi.


Production has been decided to "Business pain car" by the request from development and business in the part of the promotion of game for the power system planning program "Hatsune Mikuprojectodeva". The package illustration of the game was treated in reception desk part "Toyota COROLLA Fielder", and the logo of deformation character "Mic" of Hatsune Miku and "SEGA" was drawn on the side. Tokyo and Akihabara are mainly used on the 15th if it is early by actual business.


The game musical plays a game of the dance of "Hatsune Miku" of the character according to various musics.

There is a function such as obtaining clothes of Mic when the controlled condition is filled, too. It is scheduled to be put on the market for 6090 yen on July 2.


- The vehicle for business of Sega that the lapping is done to the design of "Hatsune Miku".


- Sega


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McDonald・s Co., Japan Ltd. announced that service that provided information on the campaign and the nutrition education, etc. for portable game machine "NINTENDO DS" of Nintendo free of charge in the store began on the 19th on the 14th. It is possible to use it in about 3200 nationwide stores. The collection guest who centers on the family layer is expected by the inside of a store restrictive service.

In this service "DS in Mac", when the client goes into a store, the exclusive use homepage can be inspected from the icon "NINTENDO zone" on my DS via the wireless communication network. The download of the image of the discount voucher and the popular animated cartoon character is also possible besides the nutrient balance etc. can be learnt while enjoying playing a game.

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Which is only the wave of digital download crowded, and no of the game shop?

The retail majors such as the inside, Wal-Mart Stores, Target, and GameStop that the Internet notice assignment trader keeps growing up are confronted with the problem of such dollar dimension.

In game trade fair "E3 2009" held in Los Angeles last week, each retail company such as Target displayed a big booth, and it promoted the sales of a new game of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" of Activision.

However, the game player in play and the how to buy play a game, and in particular, the appearance of the change among PC game players. The number of users who download the online gaming, and use streaming notice assignment and use the worth method has increased more than it visits the shop.

Leader Dave and Perry of the game industry segments are played, and for instance, the PC game player can buy the game by way of the Web browser, and play the game by streaming notice assignment in developed online system "Gaikai" no download of contents at all.

「Our policy that it doesn't enter the competition of SONY, Microsoft, and Nintendo. It is likely not to come to increase the number of new clients for the game publisher even if such a thing is done. Our strategy is the one of devoting from it to the ally of the publisher and the game hardware manufacturer. It aims to develop the client whom each company has not reached up to now, and to provide it. 」With Perry.

In digital download of the game, the small is still a business in fast growth in the dimension.
According to research company NPD Group, the one by digital download is 17% and Iu among the games that the PC game player bought in 2008. Microsoft and SONY think that it wants the video game player who is making obtaining music and the movie as digital data through the service such as iTunes of Netflix and Apple a custom to come to download the game.

Sales of the game downloaded online this year are the outlooks and Iu according to the analyst and Mr. Michael Pactar of Wedbush Morgan Securities who accounts for about 2%(about 400 million dollars and the entire industry segments). This Mr. doubles demand for several years from now every year, and the top line is 800 million dollars in 2010, and is expected the expansion in 2011 to 1.6 billion dollars.

It is this Mr. , saying that "Dissolution such as download and the cloud computing ..reality.. will become a increment further more in the future as the penetration of broadband advances, and the internet connection environment spreads to the living room at home".

This Mr. continued to "Download came to account for 20% of the marketplace within five years, and, perhaps, would reach about the marketplace in ten years 50% near" Tosa et al.. This outlook is the one that the growth rate of the entire marketplace of 5-10% in the annual rate was taken into consideration and Iu.

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