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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) (*1) is "PlayStation portable" exclusive use of PSP(R) real driving simulator I will put 'Grantsurismo' (GT) PSP(R) version on the market on Thursday, October 8, 2009.

'GT' The PSP(R) version becomes "GT" series latest work that can enjoy a beautiful graphic like the practical vehicle that made the best use of the production technology of a current "Grantsurismo" (GT) series (*2) work and real behavior anytime and anywhere.

The user who touches this series for the first time to say nothing of the "GT" series fan is a contents according to a sensorium lingua game design and various play modes that can experience the driving enjoyment that the "GT" series advocates for sports and wonderful of the car as for the characteristic and the facility of variegated cars who exceed 800 models that become most series and portable game machines, too.

Moreover, the play value extends further by bringing together with the companion of the exchange of the communication fighting that uses an ad hoc function of PSP(R) and the won car etc. and playing.
Please see the attached paper for the merchandise executive summary in this work.

SCEJ provides an attractive game work in the future, and promotes the creation of a further computer entertainment.

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SONY announced "PSP Go" that became PlayStation portable the least version in game trade fair "E3" (electronic entertainment Exposition) (PSP).

Japan is scheduling November 1 to North America and Europe on October 1 at the sale time.
The sales price is an expectation of 249 dollars.

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"The moving image is a defluvium before it announces of new model 'PSP Go' of the power system planning program. ",2000056025,20394074,00.htm
New model PSP"PSP go" that Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced on June 2 omits the UMD drive of a power system planning program original system, and the game is a mechanism obtained by download.
The voice of the doubt "Cannot the UMD software that has been bought so far be used?" and "The shop becomes it very. " and "Cannot an individual developer develop software?" ..on the net.. rises to the pillar of "Network" of the following growth though the deployment that seems to be the SONY group that wants to raise it.

As for the UMD game that a conventional power system planning program user bought, is PSP go method Hanai who enjoys it?
It is assumed, "I want to discuss it positively though it is not possible to say for the present", and there seems to be a possibility of working out the measure that the UMD game assets need not be wasted when having heard it from the SCE Public Relations Department.

Now, a power system planning program conventionally at the time of installed the UMD drive schedules keeping sales. However, if the UMD software is lost in the future, and everything becomes downloading basic, the sold power system planning program software is lost in the game shop.
The announcement of PSP go is received, and the manager of game shop "Gamuzmarya" (Edogawa Ward, Tokyo) : in the blog. 「'Shop' is already ..unnecessary.. thing. It is not necessary. 」The rough crocodile lingua of the sense of crisis.  solve

Downloading a part of access point "PlayStation Spot" is set up in the store now, and the game for the power system planning program is being provided according to SCE. However, this is chiefly for the trial version download.
The possibility that there seems to be not a plan of expanding PlayStation Spot after PSP go is put on the market, and either the shop is related to downloading soft circulation for PSP go seems to be thin.

SCE cuts the price of the game development tool for the power system planning program drastic according to the PSP go announcement. The skirts of a mountain of development was expanded at a dash, and the strategy that expanded the number of titles was come up with.

The platform including hardware is expanded by lowering the barrier of soft development, and supplying a lot of software from the third party by way of the net. ――Same structure of Apple of strategy as App Store and iPhone/iPod touch.

Software can be produced not only the enterprise such as the game manufacturers but also privately and be sold for App Store.
Only the game manufacturer : can the development of software at present for the power system planning program. However, it is assumed, "The future, I want to discuss the possibility of affranchising it to the individual", and there seems to be a possibility that an individual developer comes to be able to develop the power system planning program game in the future.

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