In my home though PS2 that puts on dust.

It is in March, 2000 on ten previous states of year or more that PlayStation 2 was put on the market. There is still the demand for PS2 now though PlayStation 3 that is the succession machine is a mainstream.

Very, it seems to have sold as many as 500,000 or more only even for the period of last year's year-end sales battle in the world.

Excerpt of part from press release of "PS2 is achievement stripes ....real.. sales.. lingua that records sales steady around young countries such as Eastern Europe, the Nakachika easts, and South America and Southeast Asia, and exceeds 500,000 for the period of year-end sales battle" SONY computer entertainment.

By the way, this figure of 500,000 is the same as the figure sold in about three weeks after PS Vita is put on the market in Japan. The machine of leaving untouched put on the market for ten years or more ago cannot sell only the latest, portable game machine and the same and conceal surprising.

PS2 is a moderate price to You may depend on it, and the enrichment charm of software. The game debs can call the optimal game machine in the future if it thinks.

I hear Care: the year-end sales battle period was "Japan and November 18th - December 31th in November 21th - December 31th of 2011 and Europe and PAL region in North America of 2011 in Asia on November 21, 2011 - January 5, 2012" according to SONY.

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Entarbran that publishes the game professional journal is the 26th.
It was announced that the domestic total numbers of sales of portable game machine "NINTENDO 3DS" of Nintendo had exceeded four million.
The overlay lingua of one million from three million achievement in only two weeks.  the log last week's (19-25) number of the domestic sale as for most in 510,629 and the past
100 sales Manmoto was exceeded for year-end sales battle as the software of infusion lingua "Super Mario 3D land" and "Mariocart 7" became complete, and sales of 3DS were pushed up.

President Satoshi Iwata showed the outlook of arriving from the sale in February this year to four million within one year, and became the achievement of the front loaded for two months.
Sales of 3DS launched out into even the price cut by weak sales are recovering rapidly.

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It was announced that dee Enu Ay (DeNA) and NetDragon Websoft (NetDragon: A Chinese name is a technological Fukien Ami computer network Cara Macot limited company) agreed to the establishment of the joint venture to develop the smart phone game for Chinese version "Mobage" and to manage it on January 17. The new company establishes in 4th quarter in fiscal year 2011, and aims at operation by 30 people or more.

In DeNA, the strategic alliance with NetDragon is announced in April, 2011, and it has already done while providing the application program of Chinese version Mobage in the application program store of the NetDragon group.

It manages it with localize for Chinese market of the each country game application program in the new company.
It is a popular game title that becomes the object of localize etc. that the manufactured by oneself game by the DeNA group and the developer in every country in the world developed.

The localize lingua application program is scheduled to be developed with Chinese version Mobage, and to be delivered in the application program store etc. of NetDragon Websoft.
The future, it is discussed to develop MMORPG originally for the Mobage user in the world including China.

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- DeNA
2012/01/17 Mutual agreement stock price to DeNA, the Chinese online game major net dragon, and the joint venture establishment. scode=2432

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