In U.S. GameSpot, the prototype of next generation carrying game machine "NGP" that SONY had announced on January 27 was able to be obtained though little time.

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In U.S. GameSpot, the prototype of next generation carrying game machine "NGP" that SONY had announced on January 27 was able to be obtained though little time.
Of the demonstration of "Uncharted" and "Little Deviants" of the NGP version is already open to the public as our impression article., I want to see sid=6287035&mode=previews&tag=stitialclk%3Bgamespace of hardware in this article.
The impression with the founder power system planning program and a lot of common points from the photograph and the moving image etc. of NGP in the weight and the texture might be received. However, a complete different thing actually.

The display has the majority of the terminal to NGP in the surprising lightness.
The brightness of the screen is enough.
The arrangement of a Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. and an analog stick is the sense of incompatibility and is comfortable.
The texture of the stick is also good. It was felt very much that the apt expression though SONY was calling this "Micro analog stick". "PlayStation 3" Operational feeling like an analog stick of the "DualShock" controller of (PS3) has been achieved.
There was no obstacle in the manipulation though the shoulder Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. received some feeling slight from the founder power system planning program.

The touch function functioned well though took while it was a few until becoming accustomed. The touch screen of the vesical surface did not show dirt more than it was thought that the reaction was good.
After we had used the terminal, the screen was not too dirty though the staff of SONY had been preparing the dirt blowing made of the microfiber.
The light touch seems to react to the touch pad of the dorsal surface well than to touch, that the experience is necessary, and strong.

NGP inherits the tradition of SONY that installs the technology that is amazed because of the hand-held device if it says for the screen. The screen of NGP surpasses the founder power system planning program in a lot of points besides the resolution. Field Of View of the OLED screen is more equivalent than the latest, high-end cellular phone.
A color, a contrast, and a black level that was more excellent than any product that had been seen up to now as long as we saw had been achieved if it dared to run the risk and it said.

The prototype was covered and after the conference, the SONY affiliate was able to cover us besides touching.
Detailed information on this game machine was acquired further through the coverage.
The game for NGP is scheduled to be provided by two horn method.
One is download notice assignment by way of "PlayStation Network", and another one is "New Game Media".
Either of New Game Media preserves the game in the hardware of a certain kind of flash base by the one like the cartridge.
NGP was not announced at a press interview though was able to regenerate music and the moving image to a similar power system planning program.
"Near" that is (The user's activity is pursued)Demonstrating on the platform of the conference cooperates with utility the inheritance of PSN ID to NGP, and the correspondence of the peer to the trophy function of the game.

In conclusion, the impression to our NGP was tolerable. As for the screen, the design of this game machine is very refined, and a beautiful, surprisingly wonderful function is packed.
The point about which it is anxious most in current states is prices. Will you be sold very much?

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!





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