Sonic/PUYO PUYO/Mega-driveの最近のブログ記事

Company limited Sega announced that they would progress various projects that commemorated coming of "Sonic" series and "" series of the 20th birth anniversary in 2011.

The first crop list that "Sonic" series should commemorate is "Sonic the Hedgehog" put on the market for 16 bit game machine "Mega-drive" in 1991. Sonic was popular in the speedy movement and a cool character at the same time as putting it on the market. Afterwards, "Sonic" series has sold more than 7,000 all parts of the world total Manmoto so far as software for family-use game machines.

The other "" series puts the first crop list in MSX2 and the family computer disk system, etc. on the market in 1991. Seven works "Expert" (1994), "SUN" (1996), "-" (1999), "Fever" (2003), "Fever 2【 Chew ]" (2005), and "7" (2009) have been released as the main series at the following.

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