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Sceni is notice assignment for making to the game and DSi as for Kimutac starring drama "MR.BRAIN".

After "CHANGE" broadcast last May in Fuji Telecasting Co.-affiliated
Serial drama starring work of Takuya Kimura who becomes it after an interval of about one year "MR.BRAIN" (May 23 TB S system/-).
Square Enix makes this work a game as "MR. BRAIN-Brain" though post "Encephalon scientist who cannot read air" that Takuya Kimura challenges and a gorgeous regular & guest performer are works of the topic. It will deliver it for NINTENDO DSi wear on May 27. The price is 500DSi point.

"MR. BRAIN-Brain" is an encephalon tray game of an easy rule enjoys while rotating the encephalon to encephalon scientist Sana shell that is Tacyafn Kimura full.
Three horn mode of "Judgment encephalon", "Calculation encephalon", and "Correspondence encephalon" is prepared, and the encephalon level is diagnosed according to the score of each game.
Moreover, it is also possible to enjoy the score attack that aims at Haiscoa.

Ayase "MR.BRAIN" greatly besides Takuya Kimura, and regular appearance of Toatus Matsumoto, Mao Daichi, and Teruyuki Kagawa Mune ..becoming it.. , of Hilo Mizushima and Hiraizumi Shidara (Musa sapientum man) and Juhan Yamazaki, Masaljusai Kinoshita, and Yuji Tanaka (bursting out laughing problem)
Besides, Ebizo Ichikawa, Ryoko Hirosue (the first story), Gackt, light snow (the second story), and Kazuya's Kamenashi (the third story), etc. appearance is decided as a guest of every story.



前のカテゴリはMonster hunterです。

次のカテゴリはPokemon/Pocket monsterです。