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The Crieitiv core puts studying of NINTENDO DS English word of a specialization high-level lingua soft "TOEIC(R) TEST English word speed mastering DS" on the market to the TOEIC examinee on April 30, 2009.

The occasion that needs English has increased surely, and there might be a lot of people who are busy and give up the English conversation school expert unpleasantness self-study, too. Having been made for such people is English study software of NINTENDO DS that fills "Light-hearted" and "Learning effect" at the same time.

"Everyone's DS Zeminarlcampeki English word power" that acquired the English word of the basal level in July, '06 was put on the market, and in this company, "It was efficient" was able to study in a limited time of busy modern people for a more high-level TOEIC examinee, and the study software from which "It was early" result came out was pursued this time though the hit product that exceeded about five shipment number Manmoto after half a year.

"TOEIC(R) TEST English word speed mastering DS" is software that can assume best-selling English word collection "TOEIC(R) TEST English word speed mastering" (written by Hisashi Shigenari J and research publication) to have exceeded 300,000 now to be a source, and study 3000 English word words that happen frequently by TOEIC such as "Life term" used in daily life of "Business-related word" used in the international society and Europe and America by high pace.

"Check & answer function" that can do the confirmation of an ambiguous word is features. The weakness can be considered in changing the method "It is voluntary" selection by "It is confident" and "It is not confident" when the answer is chosen with the touch pen, and a careless mistake and the misunderstanding be decreased. Moreover, the graph function to understand my proficiency is installed.
The data updated at each study not only improves the accuracy of the following studies further but also the score will be extended by the voice's by the native speaker being collected in a short term.

The optimal software in the TOEIC examinee.

The price is 3990 yen.

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