The King of Fightersの最近のブログ記事

Making into a film is The King of Fighters that the decision and the present taking a picture are advanced in Hollywood following the street fighter and the fist.
Promorshonalimage of appearance Cast was newly open to the public though it had introduced the interview image of the movie set last time.

It is three villains of Lgarl (Ray Park), Mature (Monique Ganderton), and stock vice (Bernice Liu) that announced this time.
Clothes and atmosphere are quite different from the original, and "What?" : though it is always the street to think
How other characters including sea fire Ma that Maggie Q performs have changed is very anxious.

The movie seems to schedule opening in 2010 to the public in North America.

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On, :Mature, Mr. Lgarl, and Mr. stock vice of photograph taken from life
The under:Mature, Mr. Lgarl, and Mr. stock vice of game

The interview article is here.

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