"iPhone" apple 3Gの最近のブログ記事

CRI and middleware understand, and 30 percent of the game developer owns iPhone 3G/iPod touch from the consequence of implementation lingua "Report of the iPhone/iPod touch application program development", and it has been understood that 90 percent or more is interested in iPhone 3G/iPod touch.

The implementation lingua of the investigation on the this company site for until February 20th - March 11th for the game developer who centers on a domestic game and a business game. The number of valid responses is 102 people.

It has been understood that the more than half has tested some application programs from the finding, and 70 percent or more tested a pay application program sooner or later. Interesting excluding iPhone 3G/iPod touch and smart a phone divided greatly by Android and Windows Mobile.

About the interest in the application program development, the developer of 84% was already the experience of development or was being interested in development. Schedule of enterprise moreover of 34%'s of the whole start to development that 38% develops in the future

The person who answered, "Game development department hilum for family-use game machines" became the development of the application program of iPhone 3G/iPod touch about the charge division, and "Application program development division for the cellular phone" became and "Game development department hilum for a portable game machine" became 20%26% by 32%. In the development manday, the percentage of those who chose "2-3 man.months" is 60 percent. As an important marketplace of the application program, North America was enumerated with Japan, and the person who assumed 450 yen or more accounted for the price decision of the developed application program for 64%.

The most interesting sensor in the application program development is "Multi touch. " (59%). 80 percent of game developer wants to suppress capacity of application program, and it is "Graphic" (45%), and "Sound" (31%) that proportion that occupies it in data is large

There were a lot of answers of the puzzle, the action, and the music system, etc. in the game system when the genre of the application program that wanted to develop was heard. It ranges widely excluding the game, and convenient tools of utility and the work efficiency improvement, etc. are paid to attention. Attention has gathered in can easy sales to all over the world, and a portable machine, and there is a function only of iPhone such as the multi touch and acceleration sensors about the points felt attractive when the application program is developed.
On the other hand, there were a lot of people who felt that the sales method in a new mode like the sales forecasting and marketing and promotion, etc. was difficult, too.



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