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Think Media Service that is sponsoring GDC, too brought the latest finding of "Game Developer Research" that was the established custom every year together. The questionnaire of the game developer done on magazine "Game Developer Magazine" and Web site "Gamasutra", etc. and the latest sales data and the Meracritic score, etc. are the assessments, and whats made a list as for 150 based companies.

In standing in this investigation top, Nintendo, and the blizzard and 3rd place were consequences named Yubeisoftomontoriorlstageo in 2nd place continuously last year. Hereafter, it introduces it to 50th place.

1. Nintendo  26. Game freak
2. Blizzard  27. Square Enix
3. Yubeisoftomontoriorl  28. Digital illusion
4. Roccstarnors  29. Success
5. EA Canada  30.  Ready At Dawn
6. KONAMI 31 . Atlus
7. Valve 32 . Cliterion Gamus
8. Epic Games 33 . Tose
9. EA Tiburon                    34. Mythic Entertainment
10. Treyarch                     35. Firaxis Games
11. HAL laboratory  36.  Volition
12. Capcom  37. Sega
13. Travelers tail  38.  SCE Japan studio
14. Bethesda game studio  39.  Ironclad Games
15. Insomniac Games 40 . Marberasentartament
16. Bandainamucogamus  41. Yucs
17. EA Reddouddoshoarz  42.  SCE Rondon studio
18. CoA  43. Visual concept
19. Kojima production  44. Interijentoshistemuz
20. Harmonics music systems  45.  ω-Force
21. Media Molecule 46 . Monolith Prodacshonz
22. Lion head studio  47.  Funcom
23. Vicarious Visions 48. SCE studio San Diego
24. Macshis  49. Rhea americana
25. Nebarsoft  50. Treasure

The impression that the manufacturer in Japan has been reviving comparing last year's finding.

The finding is sold directly by 2995 dollars in the detailed one that extends to 180 pages or more.


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It was announced that a popular group and SMAP performed to CM of software 'Those who defended in starry sky of dragon quest IX' and (Square Enix) for NINTENDO DS of the sale by all members on July 11 the 16th.
As for CM, a story comical as Katori Shingo is enticed by the man who is fishing is progressed.

SMAP performs to CM of 'Dragon quest' series in the past.
The one advanced like the documentary by the story over Katori to which it suddenly disappeared and the member who was dying to play a game as soon as possible attracted attention by a unique contents like the setting etc. that became "Finger" why.

The sale adjournment according to the trouble of software of 'Dragon Quest IX' that becomes a numbering title latest work though the sale was scheduled on March 28 this year.
People and popular group piles up the new work of people to whom the sense of starvation of the fan culminates game software.

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It was announced that NTT broadband platform (NTTBP) and metropolitan area new city railway (TX) developed "NINTENDO zone" service of the information notice assignment service for NINTENDO DS in cooperation with Nintendo on the 15th.

The start service day on June 19.

The information access needs of on people's life traffic lines are the highest in NTTBP, and the installation of the public wireless LAN antenna equipment of about 7000 base stations is completed in the whole country centering on the station, the airport, and the cafe, etc. , and the area enlargement is advanced drastic (at the time of of the end of March in 2009). In NTTBP and TX, as the approach for the creation of the rough rack use scene by the destination of DS, "Tsukuba express" and implementations of "NINTENDO spot" trial of the information notice assignment service for DS in cooperation with Nintendo for the period on May 27th - December 28th of last year. As a result, it is Iu when used with about 10,000 DS in a unique number that exceeds assumption for the period drastic.

This time, "NINTENDO zone" that develops "NINTENDO spot" as formal service is begun at a fast station of "Tsukuba express" (Akihabara, new Okachimachi, Asakusa, Minamisenju, Kita-Senju, Minaminagareyama, and Nagareyama crust Takano forest, Moritani, and home at each station in Tsukuba and examination of tickets front matter Kon's concourse). "Application to service. " , "ID for the connection and input of the password", "Setting of the internet connection", and "Disbursement of the charges of utilization" ..if it brings it in.. can be used in situ for the area where DS can be used at once as all is unnecessary. The passenger who has NINTENDO DS (NINTENDO DS, DS Lite, and DSi) can use the wireless LAN, and access information such as information on "Tsukuba express" and "Fortune-telling" and "Sportscast" free of charge.
It becomes Sports Nippon news and today's fortune, R25, TX information, the Wi-Fine editorial staff, the Boctits premium, and public wireless LAN information as contents for DS. The download of other DS soft trial version and the download of the application by the connection to the DSi shop, etc. are also possible.
I hear that the sticker with the logo mark of "NINTENDO zone" was pasted to the place that can be used. Contents for DS can be downloaded even if it moves to 11 stations other than in the car 2000 affiliates (alternating-current/direct-current train that connects Tsukuba Station from Akihabara Station) and a fast station in the state of starting up the screen in the NINTENDO zone and continuation Shite inspection, and DS soft a trial version be downloaded.

- Tsukuba express "NINTENDO zone" logo

- Procedure of connection

- Example of delivered contents

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It puts it on the market to Square Enix of the game major on the 16th and July 11.
A finished symposium of "Dragon quest 9(Dragon Quest)" series latest work "Those who defended in nine starry skys of Dragon quest 9" was held at the Tokyo internal hotel.
The sale is postponed by three degrees at 07 year-end of the first schedule due to the trouble etc. of software, and it becomes new after an interval of about five years from the preceding crop.

It is put on the market for the first time in this series for portable machine "NINTENDO DS".
Plural players' being able to play together by communication feature is features.
The sales price is an including tax 5980 yen. After it puts it on the market of 86 years, Dragon Quest ships more than 4700 Manmoto in total.

The source
Http://www.asahi.com/culture/update/0616/TKY200906160168.html Square Enix http://www.square-enix.com/jp/

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The game machine that was able to enjoy ..high resolution picture.. image was clarified as the number of the domestic sale of Xbox360 also exceeded one million besides the number of the domestic sale of PS3 exceeded three million more overwhelming than conventional, and the hoof kipper at last including the spread was clarified and the development cost of the corresponding game software was clarified.

It seems to become six times or more the forehead very much compared with PS2 of the previous life fee machine.

The detail : as follows.
(PDF file)Accounts for the year ending March briefing question and answer executive summary http://www.magicalir.net/7844/streaming/090521/20090521faq.pdf in 2009

Average development cost of software for PS2 seeming is five-60 million yen according to the question and answer executive summary of the results briefing that Marberasentartament that widely worked on the animated cartoon and the game, etc. held.

I hear that the about three times were needed in addition in the development cost of software for the power system planning program besides about 120 million yen for a high-end game machine named PS3 and Xbox360 etc. and.
In a word, do development cost to be become 360 million yen or more?

Moreover, to recover development cost, minimum seems to squeeze to the title that can do the deployment in world wide after the multi-platform of PS3 and Xbox360 is required to reduce the risk because sales more than ten Manmoto are necessary and to advance development.

By the way, soft development by a lower cost might come also for a mainstay manufacturer and a small-scale manufacturer to enter easily by possible and the bird clapper in the future if it thinks assumption as two-300 million yen that soft development cost at the PS2 sale this time hits 4-5 times now, and SONY are working on the reduction in development cost.


- Marberasentartament http://www.mmv.co.jp/ The accounts for the year ending March briefing of H2 for one year. (↓ The sound is emitted. Please give care to me. )

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Making into a film is The King of Fighters that the decision and the present taking a picture are advanced in Hollywood following the street fighter and the fist.
Promorshonalimage of appearance Cast was newly open to the public though it had introduced the interview image of the movie set last time.

It is three villains of Lgarl (Ray Park), Mature (Monique Ganderton), and stock vice (Bernice Liu) that announced this time.
Clothes and atmosphere are quite different from the original, and "What?" : though it is always the street to think
How other characters including sea fire Ma that Maggie Q performs have changed is very anxious.

The movie seems to schedule opening in 2010 to the public in North America.

【The source is the following ]

On, :Mature, Mr. Lgarl, and Mr. stock vice of photograph taken from life
The under:Mature, Mr. Lgarl, and Mr. http://gs.inside-games.jp/_files/images/9133.jpg stock vice of game

The interview article is here.

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Sega decided "Business pain car" that drew music software "Hatsune Miku" to be turned on to the business car that ran in Tokyo around Akihabara. The production site was open to the public on the 11th in saitama prefecture Sayamashi.


Production has been decided to "Business pain car" by the request from development and business in the part of the promotion of game for the power system planning program "Hatsune Mikuprojectodeva". The package illustration of the game was treated in reception desk part "Toyota COROLLA Fielder", and the logo of deformation character "Mic" of Hatsune Miku and "SEGA" was drawn on the side. Tokyo and Akihabara are mainly used on the 15th if it is early by actual business.


The game musical plays a game of the dance of "Hatsune Miku" of the character according to various musics.

There is a function such as obtaining clothes of Mic when the controlled condition is filled, too. It is scheduled to be put on the market for 6090 yen on July 2.


- The vehicle for business of Sega that the lapping is done to the design of "Hatsune Miku".



- Sega http://www.sega.co.jp/


- Source



McDonald・s Co., Japan Ltd. announced that service that provided information on the campaign and the nutrition education, etc. for portable game machine "NINTENDO DS" of Nintendo free of charge in the store began on the 19th on the 14th. It is possible to use it in about 3200 nationwide stores. The collection guest who centers on the family layer is expected by the inside of a store restrictive service.

In this service "DS in Mac", when the client goes into a store, the exclusive use homepage can be inspected from the icon "NINTENDO zone" on my DS via the wireless communication network. The download of the image of the discount voucher and the popular animated cartoon character is also possible besides the nutrient balance etc. can be learnt while enjoying playing a game.

- Source

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Which is only the wave of digital download crowded, and no of the game shop?

The retail majors such as the inside, Wal-Mart Stores, Target, and GameStop that the Internet notice assignment trader keeps growing up are confronted with the problem of such dollar dimension.

In game trade fair "E3 2009" held in Los Angeles last week, each retail company such as Target displayed a big booth, and it promoted the sales of a new game of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" of Activision.

However, the game player in play and the how to buy play a game, and in particular, the appearance of the change among PC game players. The number of users who download the online gaming, and use streaming notice assignment and use the worth method has increased more than it visits the shop.

Leader Dave and Perry of the game industry segments are played, and for instance, the PC game player can buy the game by way of the Web browser, and play the game by streaming notice assignment in developed online system "Gaikai" no download of contents at all.

「Our policy that it doesn't enter the competition of SONY, Microsoft, and Nintendo. It is likely not to come to increase the number of new clients for the game publisher even if such a thing is done. Our strategy is the one of devoting from it to the ally of the publisher and the game hardware manufacturer. It aims to develop the client whom each company has not reached up to now, and to provide it. 」With Perry.

In digital download of the game, the small is still a business in fast growth in the dimension.
According to research company NPD Group, the one by digital download is 17% and Iu among the games that the PC game player bought in 2008. Microsoft and SONY think that it wants the video game player who is making obtaining music and the movie as digital data through the service such as iTunes of Netflix and Apple a custom to come to download the game.

Sales of the game downloaded online this year are the outlooks and Iu according to the analyst and Mr. Michael Pactar of Wedbush Morgan Securities who accounts for about 2%(about 400 million dollars and the entire industry segments). This Mr. doubles demand for several years from now every year, and the top line is 800 million dollars in 2010, and is expected the expansion in 2011 to 1.6 billion dollars.

It is this Mr. , saying that "Dissolution such as download and the cloud computing ..reality.. will become a increment further more in the future as the penetration of broadband advances, and the internet connection environment spreads to the living room at home".

This Mr. continued to "Download came to account for 20% of the marketplace within five years, and, perhaps, would reach about the marketplace in ten years 50% near" Tosa et al.. This outlook is the one that the growth rate of the entire marketplace of 5-10% in the annual rate was taken into consideration and Iu.

- Source

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The top line of the U.S. video game industry segments in May is serial for three months and the setback linguas. The demand dropping of family-use game machines "Wii (Wee)" of Nintendo that had pulled the industry growth up to now in addition to the lack of the hit product of game software (tendon In) sounded.

The top line of hardware, software, and accessories of the game in May became 863.3 million dollars of the this moon proportion 23% previous year decrease (about 84 billion 336 million yen) in the United States that was the world's largest video game marketplace according to the announcement of U.S. market research company NPD group on the 11th. The top line of hardware is 302.5 million dollars of 30% decrease.

The numbers of sales of Wii is a setback lingua of 287,000 and the previous year of the this moon proportion 57%. "PlayStation 3 (PS3)" of SONY was 131,000 of 37% decreases, and "Xbox360" of Micro Soft of U.S. was 175,000 of 6.2% decreases.

The top line of the entire industry segments has expanded from calling in the game user with a new popularity of Wii last year by 19%.

The game charge analyst and mike Hickey (Colorado Greenwood village in service) of Janco Partners showed the perception that the price cut of Wii and PS3 was necessary to return to the growth track. (Adam Satariano)

- Http://www.business-i.jp/news/bb-page/news/200906130094a.nwc at 07-June 13,

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The horse : to the loveliness vesical surface only by four modalities.


I want you to play an unfamiliar mama and the girl Japanese chess. --The popularity of "Animal Japanese chess" (1200 yen) that a female Shogi player of Japanese chess devised has extended. 600 sets marketed at the end of last year have already been sold all, and the reservation is successive, too.


Japanese girl professional Japanese chess association belonging of both (35) = round Mr. (29) Kitao and designs of female first grade of Maiko Fujita of the first female class to devising "Animal Japanese chess". When the occasion guided to children is a lot of, and it was thought, "Is not it taught easily and plainly?", Mr. Kitao is Iu when it is heard, "I want to design lovely Japanese chess that also can enjoy by mother, wants to buy also by the girl, and becomes it" from Mr./Ms. Fujita also who is three-years old child's mother, and the wish agreed.


"Animal Japanese chess" originally simplifies 81 Oncorhynchus masou' surface of the boards to 12 Oncorhynchus masou (4×3).

A position each other was made to draw the illustration of the sky and the forest on the board of A4 size, and to be understood at one view.

The horse is * lion (king)*(To)*(corner) Four modalities of * chicken (pawn).

The seal of the illustration was put, and the balloon was put on the direction advanced to understand how to move it at one view.


It stuck to the smell, touch, and the color by using the domestic production Thuja obtusa material etc. for the horse. The nominal size of pump can make to four-centimeter corner, have easily even by the infant, and play like the block. The seal is put, and "Deficit when thinking about the time of work" and Iu Shogi players' filing to a wooden horse voluntarily.


"Let's capture the lion with the companion in the forest. " in "Animal Japanese chess" though there is a tight expression such as "Strike it", "Beat", and "Kill" in the Japanese chess term, too. Mr./Ms. Fujita includes "A quite Japanese chess rimless person seems to be able to be interested, too" and the expectation.


Purchase : in online shop (https://www.joshi-shogi.com/ec/) of this association.

There is a time-consuming case from the order to the delivery of goods.




- How of "Animal Japanese chess" to play


Four horses are displayed to the convex, it indicates alternately, and it advances it. Advancing of and the inclusion : only by one Oncorhynchus masou.

Only the chicken turns inside out when entering the other party position (the first step), and transforms to the Gallus gallus var. domesticus (money).

Iwakami can use the horse that took it again.


Other party's lion is taken or if my lion enters the other party position, it becomes a win (It is defeated to be taken immediately after having entered). The interior is deep when becoming accustomed to the rule while lions are captured shortest by three hands. "The sense where the horse takes and is taken can be experienced at once"'s (Mr. Kitao) is features.


- Animal Japanese chess



- "Animal Japanese chess" Japanese girl professional Japanese chess association (LPSA) official recognition formula HP http://doubutsushogi.jp/


- Source


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Ulshi Takeuchi whose Capcom is a producer of "Biohazard 5" of the sale schedule for Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 talked about the reason why this work is not developed for Wii.

When > we began the production of "Biohazard 5", > Wii was not the best choice to make it to the most terrible game. We feel this selection happy because we renew after > making this game though it is likely to have had to make to Wii if it sees from the angle of the business.

On the other hand, a negative comment is drawn to the producer's judgment in Go Nintendo , saying that "The manipulation of Wii version bio 4 was popular among a lot of people though I heard an especially negative opinion on the manipulation side about bio 5".
As the production side, because the alternative named Wii enters , considering the number of the spread and the manipulation, etc. , too it is not possible did suffer and to know the judgment though it becomes Xbox360 and PS3 if Sao is ..graphic side.. real pursued about biohazard 5.
However, when sales of bio 5 are not fragrant, the one might be put on the market as for "Biohazard 5 Wii edition" because Capcom variously has the precedent.

What is the reality that "Plain moment" that lurks in "Biohazard 5" graphics course (first volume) Cata character for Nishikawa Zenji's 3D game fan invents?

> The HDR(High Dynamic Range) rendering adopts the pseudoHDR rendering to each LDR(Low Dynamic Range) buffer of RGB of eight bits (RGB:888) > usual.
In > Xbox 360, RGB is shape matched to PS3 to arrange externals with > PS3 the edition though it should be able to use each 7e3 (index three bits and significand seven bits).

As for the publication day of Tacticalaction for PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 to which the sale is postponed "Truth and Mikuni no congruence 5 Empires", company limited CoA is a decision lingua on May 28.
The price is 5,040 yen for each without the amendment. The CERO rating is B(Object by 12 years old or more).

"Empires" latest Composition of series who added simulation .."Sangokumusou 5 Empires".. element "..country.. ..theft.." in exhilaration one feels for one this millenary of "No congruence" series.
In "Competing mode" that becomes the main of this work, the general characters completely changed by "Truth and Mikuni no congruence 5" can be manipulated, and it enjoy a story different from "No congruence" series main knitting furthermore by one monarch as an Ichibu general.

Moreover, a new element such as an original general's up to 100 the greatest people come to being able to make it in the editing mode is being added by Imasaku besides a new element that moves special techniques such as "Falling rock" and "Honooha" and "" when combatting is added.
I hear that action of fighting of the masterpiece of SEGA "
oratorio tangram Ver.5.66" appeared in the XBOX Live arcade.
The sale time is about April, and the price is 1200 Microsoft point.
(One Microsoft point is roughly 1.5 yen. )

As for a domestic transplant of Oratan Ver.5.66, this time is first though Ver.5.45 was transplanted to the Dreamcast before.  :)

The element added by the transplant is as follows.
The main additional element

* Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. arrangement optimized to controller of XBOX360
* Network fighting
* Class system
* Score attack mode
* Zantedeschia aethiopica K.Spreng. amendment mode
* Improvement download of replay data


Nintendo clarified that title "Wii Sports Resort" for Wii was put on the market in Japan in June on April 9.

Wii Sports Resort is a sequel of popular game "Wii Sports". Wii Sports played baseball by the motion sensor controller by the player, and contributed to the sales promotion of Wii in the game that was able to play tennis etc.

In Wii Sports Resort, the player can throw a Frisbee out to a virtual dog, and duel with other players and swords. It is put on the market outside the country in July.

Log Shite descending and NINTENDO DS of this company surpass the power system planning program of SONY who is the rival, and stand dominant in the portable game machine marketplace sales that exceed (PS3) Xbox 360 of Microsoft and PlayStation 3 of SONY.  Wii of Nintendo

The stock price of Nintendo hardly reacted to this news, lowered 2.8%, and became 27,940 yen. Nikkei Stock Average is 2.9% advance lingua.

June 3, 2009(The United States time. Future Dou)At the held KONAMI conference of, the hidden-ball play title of the Kojima production was announced.
I hear that Japan-domestic was aiming at the operation within the year by the release schedule in all parts of the world of the debut first of all ..arcade version of 'Metal gear online' and 'Metal gear arcade'...
In addition, being able to put 'Metal gear solid rising' open to the public in the Xbox 360 E309 media briefing on June 1 on the market also with PlayStation 3 and PC excluding Xbox 360 obviously :.

CRI and middleware understand, and 30 percent of the game developer owns iPhone 3G/iPod touch from the consequence of implementation lingua "Report of the iPhone/iPod touch application program development", and it has been understood that 90 percent or more is interested in iPhone 3G/iPod touch.

The implementation lingua of the investigation on the this company site for until February 20th - March 11th for the game developer who centers on a domestic game and a business game. The number of valid responses is 102 people.

It has been understood that the more than half has tested some application programs from the finding, and 70 percent or more tested a pay application program sooner or later. Interesting excluding iPhone 3G/iPod touch and smart a phone divided greatly by Android and Windows Mobile.

About the interest in the application program development, the developer of 84% was already the experience of development or was being interested in development. Schedule of enterprise moreover of 34%'s of the whole start to development that 38% develops in the future

The person who answered, "Game development department hilum for family-use game machines" became the development of the application program of iPhone 3G/iPod touch about the charge division, and "Application program development division for the cellular phone" became and "Game development department hilum for a portable game machine" became 20%26% by 32%. In the development manday, the percentage of those who chose "2-3 man.months" is 60 percent. As an important marketplace of the application program, North America was enumerated with Japan, and the person who assumed 450 yen or more accounted for the price decision of the developed application program for 64%.

The most interesting sensor in the application program development is "Multi touch. " (59%). 80 percent of game developer wants to suppress capacity of application program, and it is "Graphic" (45%), and "Sound" (31%) that proportion that occupies it in data is large

There were a lot of answers of the puzzle, the action, and the music system, etc. in the game system when the genre of the application program that wanted to develop was heard. It ranges widely excluding the game, and convenient tools of utility and the work efficiency improvement, etc. are paid to attention. Attention has gathered in can easy sales to all over the world, and a portable machine, and there is a function only of iPhone such as the multi touch and acceleration sensors about the points felt attractive when the application program is developed.
On the other hand, there were a lot of people who felt that the sales method in a new mode like the sales forecasting and marketing and promotion, etc. was difficult, too.

In the software giant, Micro Soft of U.S. (MS) is the first.
It was announced that a new game system that read the movement of player's body with the detector with built-in camera and mike had been developed. It becomes unnecessary in the new system when playing by video games etc. conventionally though the controller was necessary.

In the new system, the detector reads the movement of the player "Kick" and "Punch", the character in the game is told, and the character operates just like the player.

The detector reacts to the voice. For instance, the player can play and to play, how of quarterback Tona of the conning tower post of enjoying playing a game while issuing instructions to the team mate in the game in the voice in the game of the American football.

Movie director's Steven Spielberg, former Beatles member's Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr's both mens appeared in the symposium held in Los Angeles, and the hall was boiled.

MS is clarifying neither the sale time nor the price, etc.

New game system (image) that http://www.47news.jp/CN/200906/CN2009060201000354.html * Micro Soft of U.S. announced on the first Http://img.47news.jp/PN/200906/PN2009060201000355.-.-.CI0003.jpg
'Netoge the disabled' author and Mr. Ashizaki rule who searches for serious net game dependence

・There is a language "Netoge the disabled". It is Iu in case of the abbreviation of "Net game the disabled". The poisoned patient with such an online game dependence comes out one after another in South Korea, China, and Russia, etc. , it becomes a social issue, and also in Japan, the net game dependence is serious.

Mr. (55) Ashizaki rule of the author who published 'Netoge the disabled' (Readers note)「There were plural examples of the withdrawal of the remainder that became crazy in the game near oneself, and how it became it, the realities started covering. At that time, there was already a language 'Netoge the disabled'. 」It speaks.  

 「It might be Netoge disabled' graduates that gave according to coverage. More serious people do not go out of home to the outside. 」With Iu.
 「It was different though such people had had the image of liking animated cartoon in Shota and the shyness. There were a lot of women in her thirties on the inside. It was also unexpected that there were a lot of housewifes. 」The impression after it covers is talked about.

Mr. Ashizaki says, "It is used in discrimination in the game player , saying that' 'Because of already abolition he" though "Disabled" is shock languages.

Off-the-beaten-path for the net game dependence is a reality. The process of coverage is Iu when there is a conversation not to understand the distinction of a virtual world of the reality of real and the world of the game, and it embarrassed it. However, the world of the net game is not only necessarily bad but also "As for the world of the net game, it has been understood that there is a person who is requesting something to live for there in the world that can move to the liberty, too for a physically handicapped person. "

It will be Iu also in the country when the future when potential of becoming a bigger social issue is hidden when indication and "Cannot they be handled in a real society (It not employable?)?" are frank impressions that Mr. Ashizaki met them.

Because up-to-the-minute information reached the gadget communication from Square Enix, I will tell it though 'FINAL FANTASY XIV' (hereafter, FF XIV) that became a surprise announcement. This time, everyone announcing the official site, too and accessing it became possible in the hall though it became opening only the title, the image illustration, and the promotion Movie to the public.

Moreover, it can be said that the every one and the sale time etc. of a detailed game developer are announced, and it entered time when information on 'FF XIV' enters fast more and more in full scale. The sale of 'FF XIV' is anxious how about 'FINAL FANTASY XI' becomes it impatient from now. By the way, it is like the false report though reported the PS3 monopoly sale on blog site 'GIGAZINE'. The confirmation was good that development was advanced by the press release that reached from Square Enix for PS3 and Windows.

Herr, Do: PLAYSTATION3 & Windows
Language:Japan is North America, Germany, and France. (simultaneous release)
Sale time: 2010

Producer: Hiromichi Tanaka (FINAL FANTASY I, II, III, XI)
Director: Nobuaki Komoto (FINAL FANTASY IX, XI)
Art director: Akihiko Yoshida (Vagrant Story, FINAL FANTASY XII)
Music: Nobuo Uematsu of SMILE PLEASE (FINAL FANTASY series)

Full text and source
"Ultimateness and video game top 100" The Britain Empire magazine announces.

・British movie magazine Empire announced the ranking of "Ultimateness and video game top 100".

It was put on the market by the summary of the voting accepted from the reader in Shi official sites as four "Super Mario Brothers" series of Nintendo crop lists, and smash hit action game "Super Mario World" that sold more than 2000 Manmoto all over the world shone to 1st place. Additionally, "Final Fantasy 7" in which the movie version is produced and "Street fighter 2" are the rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus in top 10.

It chose in "Bio shock" and 39th place, and in 100th place, it chose in "Tumuradar" and 54th place and "Guitar hero" etc. were chosen as "Silent pictures Hill" and 70th place the choice in "Metal gear solid" and 26th place the choice in 20th place.

Top 10 is as follows.

1st place "Super Mario World" 2nd place "Final Fantasy 7" 3rd place "World of war kraft" 4th place "Call Ob duty 4" 5th place "Shidomaiyarz civilization" 6th place "Street fighter 2" 7th place "Dum" 8th place "Ocarina when it is Zelda" 9th place "Super Mario 64" 10th place"Golden Polygonum tinctorium Lour. 007"

The concert event popular "Video play a game live" in Europe and America that plays popular game music in the full orchestraThe CD album that reproduces live of the mobilization lingua topic all over the world as a CD work by 100,000 spectators or more is finally put on the market by Japan.

"Video play a game live" has performed all over the world in the tour centering on North America since 2005, and known most as a concert of a large scale and the succeeding video game in the worlds.

The Jac wall and Tomy Torarico who is the collaborator of live this edit the album 'Video play a game live'. The excitement of live this is reproduced by a high quality while exchanging a live sound source centering on collection with the Abbey load studio.

It is game music of the satan castle Dracula, Kingdom Harts, MYST, Halo (Haror), and Tetris, the god Ob war, and medal Ob Honor, etc. that is collected. The performance is Srovakia national orchestra, and Martine Roing with the becoming it alias also participates in "Video game pianist" again.

Release schedule of Japanese board (TOCP-70794 including tax 2,500 yen) on July 1. An overseas board had been put on the market last year.

Please see Cotira about other detail.

Official site of video game live
Nippon Farcom that produced game software and the related product and sold it did "Fal coal oil mixture musical free declaration" that was able to use the music that this company sold at the 2 secondary on the fifth.
The music rental doesn't have the necessity of the permission motion free of charge either. The user who has already had the music of this company or the cash dispenser is bought, and the tune is bought and used on the online music distribution site.

In Nippon Farcom, the management of music is not consigned to the music copyright management group, and all musics are managed by itself. The number of music as of June is 3453. For instance, sound track etc. of game "Hero legend" and "Es". being said "Up to now, there was an inquiry that it wanted to use it from the inquiry and the TV station such as wanting to use the tune in child's symposium with BGM of VTR of the variety show"
In that case, when gratis use was admitted, it is Iu. Music
The confirmation can be done by this company site "Fal coal oil mixture label cash dispenser general catalog". The audition and purchase are also possible.

The reach is good at the confirmation by "Use example" on the site of "Fal coal oil mixture musical free declaration".
It is possible to use it in individual radio including the event and the home video, BGM of telecast and CM, etc. , broadcasting in public or the commercial facility, and store BGM, etc.It is also possible to use a part of music for the production thing (cash dispenser, DVD, software, and Internet contents, etc.) that is distributed and opened to the public free of charge.
The third party : music when using it as BGM of the web site and the blog.
Not putting into the state that can be downloaded to the liberty becomes a condition. It is prohibited to deliver it with the net like pay sales, use to the game, and a no processing, etc.

Moreover, the copyright mark of specification is needed at the music utilization time.

Fal coal oil mixture musical free declaration
To sustain the power of Wii, Nintendo is making efforts to increasing the Wii game by external publishers of the combat game and the sports game, etc. for the hard core game player.

The president of the this company United States corporation of Reggie fill zoo Aim talked though the proportion of the game made of the third party of the game lineups of Wii was 55% in the coverage on May 26 now that it wanted to expand this to about 70%.
And, when the proportion of the game made of the third party becomes it to the same extent as NINTENDO DS, it is Iu.

This Mr. also clarified that the price cut of Wii was not scheduled. The price of Wii has not changed by 250 dollars after it puts it on the market. 「The price cut is a short-term incentive. Software that is pleased with the player is necessary in the long view. 」

After it puts it on the market of November, 2006, the world total numbers of sales exceeds 50 million as for Wii. The casual game that Nintendo had developed chiefly pulled popularity.

For instance, "Wii Play (first Wii)" by Nintendo became selling top.
This software sold by 1070 Manmoto in the United States according to the investigation of NPD Group. Three of "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock" of Activision Blizzard that sells by 290 Manmoto times or more sales

However, Nintendo is making efforts further now to the press of the development of the game for Wii to the other companies to secure the stable supply of various games. Mr. fill zoo Aim says, "The game of all genres should appear on the market to attain hard sales of the healthy trend".

The countermeasure of the exception of perceiving two sports games that use peripherals that Electronic Arts(EA) is new released as part of the approach one month or more before the sale of the signboard game of Nintendo is taken.

As for EA, "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10" that bundles Wii MotionPlus is scheduled to be put on the market in North America and Europe.
Wii MotionPlus is an attachment that improves the accuracy of a wireless controller for Wii.
Moreover, this company puts "Grand Slam Tennis" on the market in Europe.

Both of these games appear in advance of game "Wii Sports Resort" of Nintendo that uses MotionPlus in the beginning of June. The sale of Wii Sports Resort is the latter half of July. CEO John Rikkitiero of EA says, "It likes the performance of MotionPlus".

Such a countermeasure is especially important for Nintendo. The lineup of the game made of the third party had been comparatively limited until recently for this company. There is one of the reasons by most game developers and it is predominantly in a throw of the resource at the title for Xbox 360 of PlayStation 3(PS3) and Microsoft of SONY by thinking it not is with the bird clapper Wii.

Being thought that the success of Wii had brought the favor to the title of not the game made of the third party but Nintendo was a severe wound for this company. When an unfair advantage is obtained because it is possible to know Kao 1 who appears what kind of Wii peripherals ahead, and the game that can use new peripherals to its maximum can be made, Nintendo expresses dissatisfaction in the game publisher secretly.

The most much selling as the platform of the game made of the third party mentioned the data of NPD that it was Wii, and ..such perception.. objected in March ..president Satoshi Iwata of Nintendo...


President Satoshi Iwata of Nintendo talks that "A new portable game machine had already been developed" was going not to announce this.

I hear that a new portable game machine of the kipper and Nintendo was frozen though it had already been completed three years ago by the place where CNBC interviewed president Satoshi Iwata. In such an example, president Satoshi Iwata is not the first time but kipper good if not having talked about any detail for the frozen portable game machine.

New GB not put on the market of clarifying by GDC

"Whether it was possible to maintain one's momentum when new hardware was started up was important", and, apparently, the frozen portable game machine seems not to have filled this condition according to president Satoshi Iwata. The movement of NINTENDO DS is still like continuation though it is recent of the longevity of the current generation game machine being said.

President Satoshi Iwata makes remarks, "Do not plan at all" on the price cut of Wii. "Strong software" is assumed to be "It is confident to obtain power again" by the turn-on in the latter half of this year. 「The effect of the price cut is limited though it talks about the price cut as if it is almighty arms. Power falls at the level before it cuts the price continuously though sales go up in the history of the video game immediately after cutting the price. 」The effect of the price cut is doubted.

Nintendo announces the new work 'Wii Fit Plus' 'Wii Sports Resort' "Wii Vitality Sensor" 'Super Mario Galaxy 2' , 'Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again', and 'New Super Mario Brothers Wii' with E3.
Especially, the lineup where eagerness to "Strong software" looks there are a lot of 'Mario' system titles.

Such a situation has already been predicted for SONY and Microsoft's having introduced the motion control, and the assertion of the view of no blue Ocean (marketplace in whom no contender Noi) and being becoming it.
It is a still good in case of under survey kipper whether to make the game machine of a new polarity or to make a high performance version of Wii.

President Satoshi Iwata : for the difference of the marketplace in Japan-U.S..
「US market was skeptic whether to sell though was not able to know whether to challenge ('DS training of the adult that strengthened the encephalon' :). It still doubted and people in the United States were deep though they obtained the result in Japan. (They :. )The one of Japan that cannot be brought to the marketplace in the United States (Thought). 」It made remarks.  
It is said that the game field is becoming an overseas initiation the remark of president Satoshi Iwata might show the still fight even in the overseas market as long as it has the conception power though leaves for a while.


At the conference at which Sony Computer Entertainment America had opened according to E3 on June 2(local time), "Final Fantasy XIV" (FFXIV) that became the latest numbering title of "Final Fantasy" series of Square Enix was announced.

It schedules it the sale as online RPG(MMORPG) following "FFXI" in 2010.
It corresponds to PlayStation 3 and Windows. The price of the package and the play fee are undecided.

The producer is Hiromichi Tanaka who handled FFXI. Nobuo Uematsu takes charge of the BGM composition.

The teaser site can be open to the public, and the attention of the Japanese version trailer be done.

The source

A part of the image from Gigagen


Nintendo announced the new color of game machine "Wii" of leaving untouched and portable game machine "NINTENDO DSi".

I hear that being put on the market was Wii of the lacquer black and crimson NINTENDO DSi, a vivid Zantedeschia aethiopica K.Spreng. both from conventional, and was provided "Monster hunter 3" Wii soft of the sale bundled packing on August 1.

Moreover, the wear privilege is clarified "Monster hunter 3" that had been notified before ahead, too.

The detail : as follows.
The new color is put on the market about "NINTENDO DSi" and "Wii". | Press release: June 4, 2009 http://www.nintendo.co.jp/corporate/release/2009/090604.html

Nintendo seems to add the Guangchi specification in portable game machine "NINTENDO DSi" newly according to this release on Saturday, July 11 and to add adoption lingua "Red". The manufacturer suggested retail price is the same conventionally 18,900 yen.

This is "Red. " of NINTENDO DSi. The Guangchi specification in conventional coloring without.

And, an additional sale of "Clo" has been newly scheduled to unredeemable type game machine "Wii" since Saturday, August 1, and the manufacturer suggested retail price is the same conventionally 25,000 yen.

Sale schedule of each controller of "Clo" version on the same day. The Wii remote control is 3800 yen.
Http://gigazine.jp/img/2009/06/04/black_wii/black_wii02.jpg nunchakus are 1800 yen.
Classic controller PRO (clo) is put on the market for 2000 yen. Sale schedule of here of "Ciro" on the same day.

Packing to which Wii of "Monster hunter 3" and "Clo" version and "Classic controller PRO (clo)" are bundled seems to be put on the market on August 1. The price is 33,000 yen.
Sale schedule of packing to which "Monster hunter 3" and "Classic controller PRO" are bundled for 8490 yen.
Here is "Clo" version.
The wear privilege http://gigazine.jp/img/2009/06/04/black_wii/black_wii07_m.jpg "Ciro" version http://gigazine.jp/img/2009/06/04/black_wii/black_wii08_m.jpg and "Monster hunter 3" ahead turns out. Either of one adheres among figures that reproduce three kinds of cephalon of Clpecco, Ragiacls, and Rioreus.
By the way, the advertisement moving image of "Monster hunter 3" has been open to the public in formula fan site for carrying "Part of Han Mon" since today.


Microsoft was expected very much, and threw a wonderful moving image clip from "Beatles:Rock Band" that would be put on the market soon, and decorated the beginning of event of the symposium for this press.

"I want to embrace closely. " "She Said So" In this game, "I saw her standing there" "Day Tripper" "Taxman" "I am the Walrus" "Back in the U.S.S.R." "Octopus' Garden" of Beatles The music of 45 total such as "Here Comes the Sun" "Get Back" has been covered.

Afterwards, Mr. Paul McCartney and Mr. Ringo Starr appeared on the stage, it had a big surprise, and it was received.
Mr. Starr「Seeming this game Hasuba. We before concluded successfully ..big... 」It talked.  

Mr. McCartney made a jest , saying that Who expected that it did so and we received the end as an android though "".

It is Mr. Tony Hawk that appeared continuously on the stage who is a famous skating border in worldwide.
Mr. Hawk announced skating game "Tony Hawk:Ride" that the controller who has made the shape of the skateboard was pathognomonic, and new. The game player can exactly enjoy even experiencing on the skateboard like getting on genuine compound movement Kito (In some measure), skating though he or she is "Get on".

Obviously, this new controller associates "Valence Wii board" of Nintendo.
Such a kind of product was necessary for Xbox. However, it is a doubt whether a wide correspondence application is prepared in a new skateboard controller like Valence Wii board of Nintendo.

As the demonstration that became a big eyeball, Mr. example of Konomu Kitase of Square Enix and Mr. Motomu Toriyama showed up continuously, and the first preview of "Fainalfandaga XIII" for Xbox 360 was opened to the public. The both men clarified the aim of 2010 Toshiharu as the release time of this game.

To introduce the contents of the game naturally with the developer of the new for Xbox platform game series, Mr. John Shcappert of the corporate vice president of Microsoft is sparing the continuing 20 minutes.

Perhaps, it was expected most, and "Halo 3:ODST" will be enumerated new Xbox. This game is a story that goes back from the story of Halo 3 in front of the week, and the player can enjoy playing in the role of the new face soldier who is isolated from the force.

"Halo 3:ODST" is a release schedule on September 22.

However, the fan of the Halo series will be able to expect many or more. Bungie Studios that is the emerging industry advances the development of another series game software "Halo:Reach", and is supposed to be released by the end of 2010. As for the player of "Halo 3:ODST", a special invitation to new "Halo:Reach" comes to be received.

The press conference with E3 of Microsoft doesn't end without a lot of new announcements to You bet it is related to "Xbox LIVE". Mr. Schappert clarified the point to pay the effort so that Microsoft might attempt a series of amelioration by this service not to change Xbox LIVE and never to make the user who kept favouring it disappointed.

First of all, Mr. Schappert announced the partnership conclusion with new Last.fm, and described to the member of Xbox LIVE that millions of musics would be provided. If it is a member of "Xbox LIVE Gold", using this new service free of charge becomes possible. Which charges of utilization did not be imposed on new service for the user of other rate schedules, and it be mentioned especially (Editorial staff note: CBS Interactive that CNET News is in the subsidiary, too owns Last.fm).

Next, the user of Xbox LIVE becomes accessible from the console to "Facebook" and "Twitter". It comes to be able to share the friend on Facebook with the photograph through Xbox LIVE, and to check the friend list of Xbox LIVE and Facebook at the same time.

The user of Xbox LIVE comes to be able to contribute the mutter from the console directly for the function for Twitter even if there is no PC.

However, big news is announced at the end though is the usual.

A new controller that perceived the movement it was possible to do the manipulation by using the whole body for Microsoft Hatsui was announced.
New technology to which the codename of "Project Natal" is fixed can be set up next to the main body of the console of Xbox 360, and the user control media for the game, the movie, and other Xbox without touching any hardware.

The appearance in which the player waved, it jumped up and down up and down, and it enjoyed an interactive manipulation of the game and the movie only doing other movements by using the body, and without feeling after the controller at all was projected in the video presentation.

It was clarified to being able the model Natal that had already been sold in the past, to be able to be the model Mr. Don Mattrick who was Xbox division of Microsoft senior vice president that would be put on the market in the future, and to correspond to Xbox of all models.

The source full text

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) (*1) is "PlayStation portable" exclusive use of PSP(R) real driving simulator I will put 'Grantsurismo' (GT) PSP(R) version on the market on Thursday, October 8, 2009.

'GT' The PSP(R) version becomes "GT" series latest work that can enjoy a beautiful graphic like the practical vehicle that made the best use of the production technology of a current "Grantsurismo" (GT) series (*2) work and real behavior anytime and anywhere.

The user who touches this series for the first time to say nothing of the "GT" series fan is a contents according to a sensorium lingua game design and various play modes that can experience the driving enjoyment that the "GT" series advocates for sports and wonderful of the car as for the characteristic and the facility of variegated cars who exceed 800 models that become most series and portable game machines, too.

Moreover, the play value extends further by bringing together with the companion of the exchange of the communication fighting that uses an ad hoc function of PSP(R) and the won car etc. and playing.
Please see the attached paper for the merchandise executive summary in this work.

SCEJ provides an attractive game work in the future, and promotes the creation of a further computer entertainment.

This concludes my report.

http://release.nikkei.co.jp/detail.cfm?RelID=221767&lindID=1 detail (related material) Http://release.nikkei.co.jp/attach_file/0221767_01.pdf
Recently, Seta known in "Super-real mah-jong" series etc. received the decision of the special clearance start from Tokyo District Court according to Teikoku Data Bank. The business continuation was abandoned due to depression of the pachinko marketplace though the pachinko peripherals were manufacturing sold in the Aruze subsidiary.

Knowing by super-real mah-jong and "Morita Japanese chess", etc. , and shop opening of share (present JASDAQ) in 1997 to the public.
Aruze entered the capital contribution Shite subsidiary in 99. The consequence and the JASDAQ listing in which the ratio of the stock holdings was improved so that the fraudulent accounting procedure may be found, and Aruze may keep the accounts for the year ending March credit worthiness in 2007 were abolished though the integrated circuit card system etc. for the pachinko pinball-style slot machine machine were sold.

Because sales did not recover by the marketplace depression afterwards, and it was likely to fall into excess of debt, dissolution was resolved in general meetings of stockholders in February this year. Aruze was stating the special clearance procedure as "The transparency is given to the clearing procedure".

It is Iu when there is a possibility of varying drastic though the debt is about 3 billion 187 million yen at end of the period of March, '08.

The source
SONY announced "PSP Go" that became PlayStation portable the least version in game trade fair "E3" (electronic entertainment Exposition) (PSP).

Japan is scheduling November 1 to North America and Europe on October 1 at the sale time.
The sales price is an expectation of 249 dollars.

- SONY Code/http://www.sony.co.jp ..6758.. ..../

- Source

- Reference image

- Reference moving image "PSP GO - QORE JUNE 2009 - HQ" Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJfZ6TjU1WQ

- Reference articles other than source article
"The moving image is a defluvium before it announces of new model 'PSP Go' of the power system planning program. "

If it is a person on the office or my computer with who has made work, Tetris will been heard. Will it be born in 1984, and this classics puzzle game that causes the sensation in the world in less than no time become Renaissance at a certain present age of the seed.

In industry segments from which a large sum of development cost Oka grider game doesn't sell at once, and the pop culture is not caught, Tetris. ――Game for player to rotate block, and to make it bond――Na Isao is continued the peel.

Computer scientist Aleksei Pagetonof at the Moscow science academy makes, and game entrepreneur's Mr. Henc Rogers has developed Tetris as a business. It sells after completing the first version on June 6, 1984 more than 100,002,500 Manmoto.

Supporters of Tetris are groping for the method of sustaining the road of the victory now.
Smart phone that expands after finding player of multitude with portable game machine and desktop computer of Game Boy etc. of Nintendo――Multimedia terminal equipped with touch screen of big Zantedeschia aethiopica K.Spreng. like iPhone of Apple――The field is paid to attention.

Mr. EA Mobile division international publishing accountable person Adam Susman of Electronic Arts(EA) says, "The difficulty for us is to keep promoting the growth of the Tetris series".
「It is expected for this business to evolve to a smart phone, to move to the mobile application program store, for people to find Tetris there, and to buy it. There might be more a lot of people who buy Tetris. 」

EA has the monopoly license of Tetris for commuting and the mobile device on which a lot of people are playing while taking a rest.
Tetris is in top 10 of the well selling application program after it appears in App Store of Apple in July, 2008.

It is far that Pagetonof thought at the Tetris development this time at this success.
This Mr. developed this game as a means to test Electronika that was the leading edge computer of the Soviet Union at that time.

- It contrasts it with a violence game.
Pagetonof looks back on the beginning of the 1980's when it came to work by using the desktop computer in Moscow recently. 「The development of the puzzle and board game was started. ――I have enjoyed it through life. Tetris was the one. 」It talked.  

This Mr. is Tetris. ――It is difficult to master it though it is easy to play. ――Isao's of ..drinking.. Na reason is said the point in the world in contrast to a game the violence it is.

「In Tetris, there is a creative psyche instead of the fracture that the player does in the shooting game etc.The player invents something. 」It solves and this Mr. talks. 「The player sets up in order and combines blocks that drop at random. It makes it ..conceit.. do very much. 」

The roil tea is obtained from Tetris now though Pagetonof made another like "Pandora's Box" "Hexic" etc. and the game afterwards. Mr. Rogers . to manage Tetris brand with Blue Planet Software

Mr. Rogers talks that there is an unlimited potential in Tetris. When he works on online gaming "Tetris Cup" of worldwide Tetris like the Olympics, this Mr. is Iu.

Tetris Cup will start next year, and the rally is held in the big city. This Mr. is planning finals, and the venue might become Hawaii on this Mr. base ground.

The profit goes out of Tetris still according to this Mr., and the cost of a lot of enterprises (This Mr. refrained from the dissemination) is much fewer than the forehead thrown out in Los Angeles this week in game exhibition E3 of holding.

「The terrible one. To develop one game, they are throwing out 10 million-20 million dollars. It prays for their good fights. 」

The source
I hear that Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo said, "Do not worry at all" the motion control of SONY and Microsoft.

Mr. Miyamoto : to the interview of BBC. 「It tries to pull the game player from the sofa by both companies and the motion control and to peel off. The body is seen, and be to try to make the movement Shite game controlled, and this to see we were Wii. 」Do..same..direction..toward..honored..think..make remarks.

I hear the assessment at this point for being in "Initial stage" when the announcement is seen for the motion control technology of both companies as no arrival to produce the experience with the depth provided with Wii Motion Plus.

I hear the comment on 'New Super Mario Brothers Wii' moreover, "Quite new game no mere transplant of 'New Super Mario Brothers', and all new contents and without the same side either", and "It is thought that the one that we have not seen in adding the element of four player element of a classic game and new interest to 'Super Mario Brothers' series arises".

E3 by which all of the main game manufacturer announced approach concerning motion control.
Nintendo who is technically the originator of movement is going ahead by one step.

The source
New model PSP"PSP go" that Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced on June 2 omits the UMD drive of a power system planning program original system, and the game is a mechanism obtained by download.
The voice of the doubt "Cannot the UMD software that has been bought so far be used?" and "The shop becomes it very. " and "Cannot an individual developer develop software?" ..on the net.. rises to the pillar of "Network" of the following growth though the deployment that seems to be the SONY group that wants to raise it.

As for the UMD game that a conventional power system planning program user bought, is PSP go method Hanai who enjoys it?
It is assumed, "I want to discuss it positively though it is not possible to say for the present", and there seems to be a possibility of working out the measure that the UMD game assets need not be wasted when having heard it from the SCE Public Relations Department.

Now, a power system planning program conventionally at the time of installed the UMD drive schedules keeping sales. However, if the UMD software is lost in the future, and everything becomes downloading basic, the sold power system planning program software is lost in the game shop.
The announcement of PSP go is received, and the manager of game shop "Gamuzmarya" (Edogawa Ward, Tokyo) : in the blog. 「'Shop' is already ..unnecessary.. thing. It is not necessary. 」The rough crocodile lingua of the sense of crisis.  solve

Downloading a part of access point "PlayStation Spot" is set up in the store now, and the game for the power system planning program is being provided according to SCE. However, this is chiefly for the trial version download.
The possibility that there seems to be not a plan of expanding PlayStation Spot after PSP go is put on the market, and either the shop is related to downloading soft circulation for PSP go seems to be thin.

SCE cuts the price of the game development tool for the power system planning program drastic according to the PSP go announcement. The skirts of a mountain of development was expanded at a dash, and the strategy that expanded the number of titles was come up with.

The platform including hardware is expanded by lowering the barrier of soft development, and supplying a lot of software from the third party by way of the net. ――Same structure of Apple of strategy as App Store and iPhone/iPod touch.

Software can be produced not only the enterprise such as the game manufacturers but also privately and be sold for App Store.
Only the game manufacturer : can the development of software at present for the power system planning program. However, it is assumed, "The future, I want to discuss the possibility of affranchising it to the individual", and there seems to be a possibility that an individual developer comes to be able to develop the power system planning program game in the future.

The source

The signboard software of game machine "PlayStation (PS)" of SONY has entered game machine "Xbox360" of Microsoft in succession. In world's largest game exhibition "E3", it was announced that it would put it on the market as ..latest Composition.. game of "Metal gear solid (MGS)" that ..about 3000 Manmoto.. sold for "Xbox360" by all parts of the world in North America and Europe. A domestic game starts becoming the age of Nintendo and Microsoft by the crustal alteration of such a game industry segments though it is thought that it is because the game software manufacturer changed the strategy.

- "Metal gear solid" The latest work :. 「Xbox360」

It was announced that the Hideo Kojima supervision of popular game "MGS" of Konami put latest work "Metal gear solid rising" of "MGS" on the market as a game for "Xbox360" by the stage of "E3" that had been held in United States Los Angeles in North America and Europe on June 2, 2009. "MGS" is a smash hit series that arose from "PS" of SONY. Therefore, the hall was encompassed by the eddy of the surprise.

"PS" Movement that the popular game series that must be the restrictive flows to "Xbox360" is sudden. Simulataneous were put on the market to series latest work "Biohazard 5" that Capcom shipped to all parts of the world by 4000 Manmoto for "PS3" and for "Xbox360" in March, '09. Up to now, it had not been put on the market for "Xbox360".

Latest work "FF13" of "Final Fantasy (FF)" of Square Enix that it sells in the series more than 8500 Manmoto is put on the market for the first time in North America and Europe only for "PS3" for "Xbox360" in the winter of 09 years though is a sale schedule. Moreover, online gaming "FF14" put on the market in 2010 is announced development another for "PS3" and for "Windows" of Microsoft, and whispered when "Xbox360" and some cooperation are only in the same company.

Microsoft is bolstering one's self-confidence about the deployment of Xbox360 in the future of the appearance of a popular series that arose from "PS" in "Xbox360" , saying that "Arranging the lineup that users can be satisfied has advanced the enrichment of software for the idea of our missions". Other Sony Computer Entertainment (this company announcing to public) assumes it.

- Software is supplied to the selling game machine.

   "PS" gains power in the latter half of the 90's before though the domestic game marketplace in all parts of the world that are one company rule of Nintendo, and SONY carries everything before one the world in "PS2" put on the market in 00. Sales of "PS3" put on the market in 06 have not been increased though it was said the generation change with Nintendo. In the accounts for the year ending March for 09 years of SONY, the top line of the game division is 1,053,100,000,000 yen of 18% decrease.
The operating profit and loss was a deficit of 58.5 billion yen. When the all parts of the world numbers of saleses of each game machine company announced recently are compared, Nintendo "Wii" is about 50 million. "Xbox360" is about 30 million. Water is being greatly opened to "PS3" by 22.7 million and 2 companies.

   A well informed journalist about the game specifies that it is natural that popular game software flows to a stronger game machine because high performance "PS3" and "Xbox360", and the strategy like the net deployment etc. is common. Moreover, it is a fact becoming of the power of an overseas game manufacturer powerful actually, and stagnation of the game software of Japan though Japan is called a game large country. Overseas sales are hardened so that the game software manufacturer in Japan may also try to recover from a setback in the meantime.
To it「'PS3' Because naturally, it is more advantageous to unite 'Xbox360' selling'Xbox360' will strengthen further, and might pull out 'Wii' some time because powerful software gathers. 」It speaks.  


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