Nintendo ..consumer electronics trade fair "User electronics show.. opened a part of demonstration machine of new game machine "Wii U" that scheduled the sale within the year of the world's largest to the public in (CES) for media while holding it in U.S. Las Vegas.

Externals of the main body of the game machine are not very different from the present machine.
However, the touch screen of 6.2 inches is installed in the controller large-scale with 27 centimeter ×17 centimeters. Remaining same game screen Osono it as the television can project it onto this screen (Even present Wii remote control is possible the manipulation).

For instance, at tag game "Chase Mii" prepared for the demonstration
The player who is using the Wii remote control of the old model is good at on TV screen his character as for running only at the view.
However, the map that shows that my character seems to start on the controller screen of Wii U other players' whereabouts arranges and it is projected.

The function to which the map was moved by one Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. between TV screen and the controller screen was announced in the demonstration of "Zelda's legend" though it was not possible to actually operate.

As for the price and the publication day, it is scheduled to be announced in the latter half of this year.

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Japan is good country!
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The waist is shaken intensely before and after and the galop to walk to the habenula in http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2009/08/nintendo-seat-08-11-09.jpg nunchakus by a gradual center of gravity movement.
Scheming the Wii remote control to all places such as the pedal of the bicycle, glasses, and the inside of the body of Teddy Bear than before even if it trains : Nintendo as knowing.
The Virtual Boy route just prays not to achieve the undeletion Shite general-purpose delusion supplementation terminal with the next generation machine.



Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
Nintendo clarified that title "Wii Sports Resort" for Wii was put on the market in Japan in June on April 9.

Wii Sports Resort is a sequel of popular game "Wii Sports". Wii Sports played baseball by the motion sensor controller by the player, and contributed to the sales promotion of Wii in the game that was able to play tennis etc.

In Wii Sports Resort, the player can throw a Frisbee out to a virtual dog, and duel with other players and swords. It is put on the market outside the country in July.

Log Shite descending and NINTENDO DS of this company surpass the power system planning program of SONY who is the rival, and stand dominant in the portable game machine marketplace sales that exceed (PS3) Xbox 360 of Microsoft and PlayStation 3 of SONY.  Wii of Nintendo

The stock price of Nintendo hardly reacted to this news, lowered 2.8%, and became 27,940 yen. Nikkei Stock Average is 2.9% advance lingua.




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