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Event of Christmas of KONAMI 'Love plus' and "Mereprasmas 2010" by ten Hano party Executive Committee sponsoring of high school Christmas were held in the Tokyo midtown on December 23, 2010.

First of all, it is establishment of "Love plus production" that the surprise was announced at the end of the event. It is near "Kojima production" and "Winning eleven production" as the location.
It is a generalization producer of 'Love plus' series, and when the educational institution and the work that makes love and communications a theme are handled here, it is Iu according to Mr. Akesato Uchida who takes leading the love plus production. You bet it is, and the title of love plus first production becomes 'Project love plus for Nintendo 3DS'.

I hear the concentration on the point "It comes to transmit the air feeling by the depth" from it though there is an expression that the character shoots out because Mr. Ishihara reason, and 3D in being.
The main body is collected to the scene where it plays sidewise by possession as another scene where it is pathognomonic in the process variable.
To this for the reasons that 3D cannot be displayed if you do not make it to the lateral. Because the Tatenomo play to You bet it is until conventional is collected, possession of the main body might divide Cawa by the scene.
There is a scene where Manaka's skirt can be turned over a little in the process variable because of the wind, and it is sounded to trigger a camera here. Something "It doesn't want you to overlook it" seem to be the Mr. Ishihara reason and here.

The function that uses the camera installed in the main body of NINTENDO 3DS is prepared in this work. This is the one that Canojo remembers the face of Careshi (player), and when the reaction "Which is?" is shown when the person who is not Careshi plays (the alias "Careshirocc"), it is Iu.

Mr. Ishihara declares, "Complete new work". When it becomes most in the past, the recording time of the voice is Iu. Moreover, it is Mr. grinding stone field who is hanging out the theme as for ""Canojo" today is the loveliest". It started being appealed to the user, "It wants you to try to fall in love with Canojo again in this work though there might be a person who was mannerism, too".

Additionally, it introduces the element of interlocking of the map and the arcade where collection of enough new work of a dream event, and "Welcome city" are drastic reformed to the concept. And, the anxious publication day also obviously : at the end of presentation.  ...... doesn't become it. However, because the message "(2011) 2.26" was screened to the screen, no Rontitaitol of NINTENDO 3DS is a positive way.

・As for the menthol candy "Horlz" of CAD ..Bally.. Japan, known Anegasaki is produce ..a throat favorite candy... It begins to sell it as "Horlzpincgrapfluts taste" on January 31, 2011. Moreover, appearance schedule also of feature lingua package version of Mr. to in June, 2011.

・VISA card of the design Coraboed with Canojo of 'Love plus' is born. The design is Mino * tallow Shiega coming, and goods of fan coveting that becomes a student certificate.
When restrictive goods that can be exchanged with the admission privilege and the point are prepared, it is Iu. Moreover, the remark that becomes a nature "Various services in the future are ......" from Mr. Ishihara also :. Annual dues at the first year are starts free of charge from this winter as for the offering receipt.

・It is a decision lingua that one original new song following 'Eternal diary' and 'Photograph with a smile' is collected besides the detail of nine horn cover tune is clarified.

・Plural new information of 'Colorfulness Clip of the love plus arcade' and 'Love plus Happy Daily Life' developed in the amusement facilities were announced.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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