Biohazard 5の最近のブログ記事

  and the blog of the supervision blazes up from PlayStation 3(PS3) to Wii in "Transfer the register" momentarily of the announcement that the latest work of 'Metal gear solid' is Xbox360.

A present game machine marketplace exists five models (Wii, NINTENDO DS, PS3, the power system planning program, and Xbox360), and is incompatible in software. Therefore, a complete version comes out with another game machine when the game machine is bought for a certain game, and it doesn't lack the tragedy very much.

The criticism goes up from overseas Business People to such a current state. Mr. Dennis diode Ac switch who is the president of game company Shiriconnaits criticizes for it for the model of the multitude to exist and to slow down the development of the game field.
It is talked that "Universal media" (versatile game machine by which all the games can play) is necessary for not avoiding the vision to which the game machine unites into one, and becoming of the game the art following the movie.

When present game industry segments are in the state of "It tries to supply the game more than the user can consume it" oversupply, and sales are decided by the amount of the advertisement according to the contents of the game, it is Iu according to Mr. diode Ac switch. Moreover, when "Real gambling" whether to put out the game with which model has been forced, the game company is Iu because there are a lot of modalities of the game machine.

Shiriconnaits is a game manufacturer that keeps defeating at this gambling. It annuls a contract immediately before Nintendo becomes "Winner" and to Xbox360 though the game such as "Eternal darkness" is put out in the GameCube age when Nintendo was "Loser" and it receives high acclaim.

There is the bitter past of not going well, putting the huge cost after all, and having become Hame developed by itself from 0 though the game engine (fundamental portion and development environment of the game) is bought from the other companies to make development with a new game machine efficiency.

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Ulshi Takeuchi whose Capcom is a producer of "Biohazard 5" of the sale schedule for Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 talked about the reason why this work is not developed for Wii.

When > we began the production of "Biohazard 5", > Wii was not the best choice to make it to the most terrible game. We feel this selection happy because we renew after > making this game though it is likely to have had to make to Wii if it sees from the angle of the business.

On the other hand, a negative comment is drawn to the producer's judgment in Go Nintendo , saying that "The manipulation of Wii version bio 4 was popular among a lot of people though I heard an especially negative opinion on the manipulation side about bio 5".
As the production side, because the alternative named Wii enters , considering the number of the spread and the manipulation, etc. , too it is not possible did suffer and to know the judgment though it becomes Xbox360 and PS3 if Sao is ..graphic side.. real pursued about biohazard 5.
However, when sales of bio 5 are not fragrant, the one might be put on the market as for "Biohazard 5 Wii edition" because Capcom variously has the precedent.


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