"It falls in love and it is Miss Cava"

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The social game for the cellular phone that the female in one's twenties team plans and is operating is a smash hit that wins three million users. "It falls in love and it is Miss Cava" that aims at Miss popular person cabaret club.

Ikemen is served and KLabGames of the social game manufacturer (Crabgamuz) is providing it by picking up one's paycheck, enjoying dating, and ..avatar.. dressing up by "mixi" "Moba gaiter Un" "GREE" in the game that can play.

"Let's make the game that even I can do. "――Up to now, Kikuchi sub-clothes producer (26) of this company that serves as the reader of the project is Iu , saying that "Having not played by may say by you complete the game". The finish calositas seems to have gripped this generation's user's mind to the game that wanted to play even as for such me.

- Ikemen, Otaku, the appearance dressing up, love, and growth

It falls in love and Miss Cava is a maiden game that enjoys love, the breeding game that aims at Nambarwancaba, and the avatar service that enjoys dressing up.

The player ..his avatar.. dresses up and goes to "Shop".  Level "Cabaranc" as Miss Cava is raised while doing the other party of various guests who visit the shop such as "Otaku" and "Fat white-collar worker. " , "Yankee", and "B system" (hip hop system street fashion) ..in addition to Ikemen of various careers such as IT presidents...

Having made "Non-Ikemen" such as Otaku appear, too : because it thought, "The woman has the trend that mentions the hated one". It is possible to enjoy when actually playing by the sense whose only Ikemen is more real and more familiar than an appearing general maiden game, and the attachment boils in the character of non-Ikemen.

The guest comes to a store at random, and there is a pay item to raise the rate of coming to a store of Ikemen of the favor, too.
Because the clientele is different according to the shop, and the favor of the fashion is also different as the IT president often visits Roppongi depending on the guest, a popular model should devise the coordination of the avatar in the store in Shibuya according to the shop and the guest who wants to capture it.

- It falls in love and Miss Cava mixi version top page http://alp.jpn.org/up/src/normal1040.jpg.

- All seven people (the project and the management team) are women in her twenties. Front rank..left..Kobayashi..Mr...Sanda..Mr...Kikuchi..clothes..Mr...rear rank..left..Tachika.

- itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/1007/23/yuo_kyabajo_08.jpg http://image.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/1007/23/yuo_kyabajo_09.jpg http://image.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/1007/23/yuo_kyabajo_10.jpg http://image.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/1007/23/yuo_kyabajo_11.jpg

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